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Maine, Glorious Maine

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Just back from our 8 day sojourn to Rockland Maine and points beyond. Our first evening we dined in Portland at Vignola and had a delicious meal and fine service then drove off to Rockland and lobster roll heaven.

The first day we took the ferry to Vinalhaven for some quarry swimming, bike riding and lobster rolls at the Harbor Gawker. The roll was lovely, the lobster meat was tossed in a touch of mayo, lemon juice, salt & paprika and served on a butter toasted top loading bun. This was the best roll we would have all week.

The following days we had rolls at Miller's, (was that in Thomaston or south Thomaston?) the Dip Net (Port Clyde), Waterman's (Waterman's Beach) and the Brass Compass in Rockland. All of these places had really good rolls with Waterman's probably my least favorite. The loster was really fresh and finished with a bit of butter and salt but it was served on a hamburger bun that was toasted on the outside without butter! The pies (blueberry and coconut) at Waterman's were heavenly though and were the highlight of the trip.

Miller's was good but their pies suffered terribly from way too much corn starch in the strawberry and peanut butter. The lobster rolls were served on a top loading dog bun that was toasted and buttered and the lobster was tossed with a touch of butter and lemon but I believe there was some Old Bay in the cooking water.

The Dip Net was the low point...chowder and lobster stock were fortified with packaged soup base or stocks and the lobster bisque was devoid of lobster meat.

The calamari were good but hardly local, the fries were soggy but the steamed lobster was tender and fresh.

The Brass Compass was probably the most circumspect of places we dined but I was hungry and the kids were off playing pin the tail on the Puffin so I walked in and got a roll to go. If they had used a bit less mayo it would have been perfect but it sure was good.

We also ate plenty of steamed lobster at our place and had 2 enjoyable meals at Cafe Miranda and an amazing meal at Primo.

Our last night in Portland we dined at Fore Street and it was as good as Primo, not as formal, perhaps more enjoyable since we had the kids.

We returned to Greenville on Monday afternoon and a high temperature of 95 degrees.

Our kids, tired from the long flight, both agreed they want to go back to Maine next summer.

John Malik


33 Liberty Restaurant

Greenville, SC


Customer at the carving station: "Pardon me but is that roast beef rare?"

Apprentice Cook Malik: "No sir! There's plenty more in the kitchen!"

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pin the tail on the Puffin
They say them's good eatin'! :raz:

John, so glad you and the kids had such a great time. I just got a good sized Gift Certificate to both Vignola and Fore Street. If you can remember, write a line or two about the menu and your meal's highlights.

"I took the habit of asking Pierre to bring me whatever looks good today and he would bring out the most wonderful things," - bleudauvergne

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