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Cookie Cookbook

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Sweet Maria's (Maria Bruscino Sanchez) Cookie Jar and Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie Tray -- everything I've tried has been wonderful!

Some of the Better Homes & Gardens and Williams-Sonoma books on cookies are very good as well, but my heart is with Maria...

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I can't believe that no one has mentioned Maida Heatter yet. She has several books of cookies that are out of print and a newer one that has a bunch of the recipes from her older books. If you can find the out of print ones, I'd recommend buying those. There's a thread about her books here.

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Anyone interested in cookies would do well to peruse this blog:

Cookie Madness

I think it's the definitive spot for cookies on the web.

And maybe in the entire universe. :wub:

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I don't understand why rappers have to hunch over while they stomp around the stage hollering.  It hurts my back to watch them. On the other hand, I've been thinking that perhaps I should start a rap group here at the Old Folks' Home.  Most of us already walk like that.

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I would like your opinion on Cookie Cookbooks. I'm looking to buy a few and would like your input.

Nancy Baggett's cookie cookbook is very good. I've cooked from it with good success.

I second Nancy Bagget. She did both The All-American Cookie Book and The International Cookie Cookbook - I have them both and always end up baking from them.

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Some of my all time favorites : The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle and Great Cookies by Carol Walter. Carol Walter is my new favorite baking author, delicious recipes, well written and fully realized. Not had one recipe that didn't act and taste as written. Also think that the Flo Braker book: Sweet Miniatures is good. I do not personally own the King Arthur Flour cookie book, but have heard rave reviews of that one as well.


Thought for Food

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I have always had sucess with Great Cookies by Walter. I have made the Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal (with different addons of my on choosing such as dried cranberries, another with unsalted peanuts and chopped up mini reese's peanut butter cups), Peanut Butter balls, Peanut Jumbles, and my favorite: Walnut Orange Merinque Mounds

Another good book is Got Milk Cookie Book By Cullen. I have enjoyed the many variation of Chocolate chip cookies. Probably written for the begininng baker but I found the book useful.

Alice Medrich's Cookies and Brownies is out of print but a definite favorite. Using her recipe I finally made a White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookie I liked. My version was always greasy. tThe recipe in the book used pulverized oatmeal which took care of the greasiness problem. I also liked the Espresso swirl brownies, Robert's Chocolate chip cookies and New Classic Brownies using a technique called Steve's ritual. I made Oatmeal cookies out of the book and was in a hurry. So I accidently combined the Oatmeal cookie recipe and the Cashew Cookie recipe on the previous page. I made the best Oatmeal cookie I ever made. The cookies were crisp and caramelly with a yummy saltiness. They were ugly though. I took them to work and people fought over them! One coworker told me the next day she dreamed about them. I tried many times but could never duplicate them again.... :sad:

"A few days ago, I heard a doctor talking on television about the dangers of stress. It can kill you. It can cause a heart attack or stroke. The doctor listed many ways of coping with stress. Exercise. Diet Yoga. Talk a walk. I yelled, "Bake cookies." I often talk to the television. I yelled it again and again. The doctor went on with his list of 12 ways to reduce stress and he never once mentioned my sure-fire treatment......"

Maida Heatter

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I really like the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion. It's a good resource in that it gives you tips, techniques, and also a whole lot of cookie recipes (the book is huge!). Also, the cookies turn out as described, which is always a good thing.

The Cupcake Chronicles

(Because of course I have a blog...)

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I'm surprised no one's mentioned RLB's Rose's Christmas Cookies. I've had it for years; there's not a dud in it; and I couldn't get through December without it.

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You asked for book recommendations, but how about a cookie recipe website hosted by eGullet member and Pillsbury Bake-Off Grand Prize winner, Anna Ginsberg?


She bakes cookies everyday and posts her favorites in her blog.


“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

– From Fox TV’s “Family Guy”


Tim Oliver

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I thought I'd posted on this topic previously, but I must have forgotten? :blink:

Betty Crockers Cooky Book has great recipes for all the time tested favorites.

My copy is a 1963 First Edition which contains, as a bonus, several dozen cookie recipes cut out of magazines by my Mother. :wub:

SB (has to remember to tape the cover back together one of these years :biggrin: )

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