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Beer Pops Illegal?

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Associated Press Writer

McLEAN, Va. - It might be one of the great alcoholic innovations of the 21st century - the frozen beer pop, served by an Alexandria restaurateur and bar owner in a variety of sizes and flavors like "Raspbeer-y" and "fudgesicle."

But state regulators say the beer-sicles run afoul of rules governing the serving and pouring of beer.

The story of the frozen beer pop began last week at Rustico Restaurant, where executive chef Frank Morales began selling the frozen treats to customers looking for a more adult way to beat the heat.

After weeks of testing several hundred beer varieties to find flavors that taste good on a stick, Rustico finally settled on three flavors: "Raspbeer-y," made with a Belgian, fruit-style beer; "Plum," made from a Belgian Lambic brew; and the "Fudgesicle," made with a stout with bittersweet chocolate undertones. He plans to offer other flavors on a rotating basis.

The beer pops sell for $4 in the six-ounce size, shaped like a traditional Popsicle, and $6 for a larger "beer cone."

That's it? It's just beer, frozen? I'd love to make some of these. A hacker-pschorr and lemonade -sicle would be top notch! Obviously Lindeman's or Liefmans would work....

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