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Seattle newspapers

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We're moving to Bellingham, WA and plan to take one of the Seattle newspapers as well as the local Bellingham Herald. What are the general differences between the two Seattle papers? And which has the better food and gardening sections?


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The Seattle Times is considered the more conservative of the two. I think it has a better food/wine section on Wednesdays. Although you do not have to choose; the full content of both the Times and the Post-Intelligencer are available for free on the Net.


Michael Lloyd

Mill Creek, Washington USA

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Why don't you look at them online for awhile before buying? I like the PI on-line better, the Times in print. Both of those sections are readily available.

The Times has Valerie Easton for gardening - she's excellent.

I like Nancy Leson's restaurant reviews - and her more personal essays (Times.) Providence Cicero, too.

They also have Greg Atkinson in the Sunday Magazine (and sometimes Matthew Amster-Burton, one of the early eGullet members/organizers.)

The PI has a temporary reviewer, Leslie Kelly, who is pretty good.

Hsiao-Ching Chou is getting out of the paper biz very soon - so if anyone claims she makes the difference, it's a moot point.

Both have good wine columns - I prefer the Times.

The Sunday paper is all one - the same with either subscription.

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I agree about reading the Times and PI on line first before deciding which newspaper to subscribe to in print.

When I moved here, we flipped a coin as to which newspaper we'd subscribe to, and it was the Seattle Times. However, I read the P-I on line right after reading the print version of the Times. Also, there's the Everett Herald and Tacoma News Tribune available on line.

Both papers have pretty good food and gardening writers. I personally prefer the Times over the P-I for both as the Times has a section in their Thursday supplement with restaurant reviews, and a special Saturday home/gardening supplement. As far as editorial slant - well read both papers for a while - then decide for yourself!

Another newspaper source to consider are the Vancouver newspapers. Just across the border from Bellingham lies a wonderful and vibrant culinary scene which often gets mentioned in the Seattle papers.

And, don't forget to regularly check out the PNW section e-gullet. The on-line community of PNW eGulleteers are a thoughtful, always entertaining bunch of folks quite passionate and knowlegable about food in our region.

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