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Aperitivo Americano

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As I mentioned I intend to serve the Lindberg's baby at a party (tomorrow night) and so I've done some pre-party drink testing, and now I've got a little more feedback.


Caveat: I've not yet tried it with Marie Brizzard Apry. I've tried 3 local liquor stores to no avail.


The first time I made it, I used some kind of peach Italian syrup (Monin? Torani? I don't even know because I drew on some I had in the back of cabinet, which I had transferred to a smaller jar a few years back). It was wonderful! But a key thing is that this syrup has, besides sweetness, a nice peach tartness to it. Since then I picked up a small bottle of Mathilde peche and tried that. I remembered the Mathilde from maybe a decade ago as having a nice peach tartness also, but either they've changed it or I remember wrongly because this does not, and it really didn't work for me.


Finally tonight I bought some Giffard Abricot, as the closest thing to the Brizard I could find and tried it against these other two. On the first trial, with equal quantities of each, the syrup won, the Gifford came second, and the Mathilde a distant third. With the Gifford I missed the tartness of the syrup. The apricot flavor of the Gifford is also quite strong--wonderful but overpowering. So I backed off on the quanity, and added a small squeeze of lemon juice, and it was even better than the syrup.


So the upshot for me is that just a little tartness makes a big difference. If the Brizard has such a tartness then perhaps I am just making up for that. If it does not, then might I humbly suggest trying it with just a little bit of lemon juice. It may be that it turns it into a slightly different drink, and I'm just tuning it to my own taste buds, but I'd be curious what you think.





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Cocchi Americano is at the center of my first original of 2017, which I'm calling the Fragola Rock
by Craig Eliason, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)

1 1/2 oz Aromatized wine, Cocchi Americano
1 oz Gin
3/4 oz Strawberry shrub
10 dr Salt Solution
1 oz Soda water (to top)
1 twst Grapefruit peel (as garnish)
1 Strawberry (as garnish)

Stir all but soda, strain onto big rock in a DOF (or onto cracked ice in a wine glass), top with soda, briefly stir, express grapefruit twist and garnish with it and/or a strawberry.

Kindred Cocktails | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community

IMG_2637 1.png

Citrus juice (lemon and grapefruit) comes through though it's not present! This is accessible and tasty. The strawberry flavors are very subtle; the vinegar comes through more strongly, though there's enough sweetness (and a little bitter from the americano) to hold it in check. 

I made the shrub a while ago from the Serious Eats cold-process recipe. Can't recall if I used cider vinegar or red wine vinegar or a combination of the two. 

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