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Good, reasonably-priced provencal food in Paris


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I seem to notice a lack of good provençal restaurants in Paris and would like to hear from some of the well-knowledged here at eGullet. The only 2 I can personally recommend are Les Olivades in the 7th and Bastide de l'Odeon in the 6th. Neither one is cheap but depending on your definition, perhaps reasonable.

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There are some Corsican restaurants in Paris but not many Provençal restaurants.

A few addresses, without recommendation since I have never been to any of them:

Le Bistrot d'Opio on rue Guisarde (6e).

La Table des Oliviers, 38 rue Laugier, 17e.

Au P'tit Panisse, 35 rue de Montreuil (11e)

Les Cigales, 127 rue Cardinet (17e)

I feel more secure with Le Quinson, 5, place Etienne-Pernet in the 15e (tél. 01 40 60 33 66). The specialty is bouillabaisse.

All in all I think you'd be luckier with Corsican restaurants.

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Like Pti I cannot vouch for these:

Les Jardins De Provence, 55, Rue de Provence in the 9th 01 42 81 59 88

La Petite Provence, 8, Rue Pot de Fer in the 5th 01 43 36 89 24

Restaurant Petite Provence, 69, Rue des Dames in the 17th 01 45 22 03 03

but maybe someone else can.

John Talbott

blog John Talbott's Paris

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