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Hi fou... long time!! Hope you're settling in after what...almost a year now in Melbourne??

Anyhow, I digress... greetings all from Guangzhou, China..

I remember a place on St Kilda Rd, near 441 St Kilda Rd (don't ask me why I remembered that number, long story) on the Albert Park side of the street... Barbarino's... great ribs, but I don't know if it's still there...

"Coffee and cigarettes... the breakfast of champions!"

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Any particular part of australia? It's a pretty big place...

There is one in brisbane called The Bull and Cactus on logan road i couldn't vouch for it's authenticity. For all I know it may be cheesy as hell but anyway, thats what they claim to be. The food was pretty good, however seeing as I've never been to the south of the US I can't really make a legitimate call on that.

"Alternatively, marry a good man or woman, have plenty of children, and train them to do it while you drink a glass of wine and grow a moustache." -Moby Pomerance

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There's an American restaurant bar literally across the street from me here in Brunswick (Vic). It's called Highway 31, is big with the aging and affluent Harley crowd on weekends. I've never been in, but looked at the menu when walking home once, and the list (if not the food) is pure americana.

No idea as to how close to home the food might be, or if any of the items you mentioned are on the list, but I do remember being surprised by things like gumbo, jambalaya and hushpuppies listed. I think I remember ribs on the menu but not sure.

I'll have a look this weekend if I remember and let you know. Just because they offer it on the menu, doesn't necessarily mean it will be any good. But you never know til you try.

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