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Foxley Bistro: Any reviews?


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I did a search on here for the new Foxley Bistro at 207 Ossington, south of Dundas, but didn't find anything. Apparently, the owner/chef is the same one that used to run Tempo on College (trendy sushi joint in Little Italy).

Just wondering if anyone has been there yet? I just called them and they don't take reservations (from what I've heard it's quite small, so I hope the wait won't be too long tonight)... they also mentioned that they're opening a huge backyard patio in about a month.

From what I've read on-line, they are offering a tapas-style menu -- Latin with Asian influences.

Would love to hear about particular menu recommendations, if anyone here has had the Foxley experience...

Thanx. :smile:

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Would love to hear about particular menu recommendations, if anyone here has had the Foxley experience...

Thanx.  :smile:

Looks like I went on the same night as you did. As usual, I've posted my comments on the experience on my photostream. :wink:

Of the items we ordered that night, my dining companion and I agreed that the skate was the real winner, the ribs were alright, while the duck breast and scallop ceviche required a little work (in the case of the duck, less work in the cooking aspect).

I'm curious to hear about the items you ordered.

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Looked for you after your kind msg, Renka, but we got there a lot later than expected -- sorry I missed you! :sad:

I was happy to see that there was no wait at all, it being the long weekend and plenty of folks having fled to their cottages (the waitress said it had been packed the previous night, Friday).

Overall, I was quite happy with my experience at Foxley and would definitley return for more tapas, if not for more wine by the glass tasting (a great selection and they're going to be adding even more). I was pleased to see a good mix of Spanish, South American, Australian, German and Ontario wines on the list (almost all available by the glass -- I love the chance to try different ones throughout the night).

The menu was as I had heard and expected -- Latin with Asian influences -- and it really worked. I loved the variety (Renka's photostream above has a pic of the actual menu).

A run down of our tapa selections:

.:bluefin tuna tartare w/crispy capers and avocado salad (super-fresh, excellent)

.:grilled lemongrass-stuffed jumbo shrimps with mango salad (delicious but only ideal for two people -- one huge shrimp for each person to peel and really get your hands dirty with; they thoughtfully brought a bowl of warm lemon water after the shrimp experience)

.:lamb and duck prosciutto dumplings (great combo of ingredients but just a little too crispy/overcooked for my liking)

.:grilled sideribs with caramelized shallot glaze (a winner at our table, really tender, you need to enjoy somewhat sweet sauces for this one, and again, ideal for only 2 people to dig into)

.:stewed beef cheek in tomato, cinnamon and salsa verde (very tender and delicious combo of ingredients -- cinnamon and salsa verde? it works)

.:braised duck leg in pomegranate reduction (another winner at our table, only complaint being that it's not really the ideal "tapa" serving -- it's not conducive to sharing)

.:all 3 sides of asian greens and steamed rice (excellent flavours all around)

The service was friendly and very professional. For a place that just opened last week(!), I was very surprised at how smoothly the entire evening went.

The ambience was cozy and just what I expected from a local neighbourhood bistro. The decor is simple, while being warm, inviting and modern. I love the contrast of the exposed brick wall with the modern finishes throughout the space. Rustic v.s. modern chic -- and a great use of the long narrow space (reminiscent of many of the small bistros, bars and retail spaces in Soho, NYC).

I enjoyed my Foxley experience and would definitely return. Especially since they'll be adding more wines to the menu and opening a large patio out back in about a month. This is really a great new addition to the West End -- and definitely ideal for bar-hopping in this up and coming 'hood (some ventured in for drinks at the bar and the high tables at the back after 10pm).

I doubt it will be long before Foxley is packed every weekend. Just remember that they don't take reservations (though the bar is great for checking out their wine selections while you wait!). :wink:

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I had an amazing meal at foxley - sea bream ceviche with yuzu and shiso was awesome as was his mussel ceviche and marlin ceviche aswelll. The ribs and pork belly were good too....however I found the ribs a little too moloasses like for my tastebuds. All in all though your bound to have a good meal there. Tom is an excellent and talented chef.

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