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Grilling and BBQ in Western Canada

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That is the place. Thanks for the website! That explains where they are from too. Excellent! I was wondering. The place doesn't look like much at all, but they really do the ribs well. I wish they did brisket. But alas the world ain't perfect.


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For those in and around Vancouver, the Vancouver Home and Garden Show is on this weekend. At the show is the Outdoor Enterntainment Stage where there are a number of local cooks and chefs demonstrating cooking techniques and recipes emphasizing local suppliers. Here are the highlites:

Girls with Balls! – Angela Murrills, Caren McSherry

BBQ at its Best – Memphis Blues

Trendy Outdoor Eats – Cactus Club

Sizzling Wild BC Salmon – Karen Barnaby

Best of BC – Aurora Bistro and Hazelmere Organics

Elegant Outdoor Dining – Provence Restaurant

Perfect Outdoor Brunches and Lunches – Tomato Fresh Food Café

Wild from the Ocean and Fresh from the Farm – Watermark on Kits Beach

The Steaks are High – House of Q

Oysters! Oysters! Oysters! – Joe Fortes

Ultimate Outdoor Dessert – Schokolade Café

And of course, Colin and Rick from Just Here for the Beer

Dates and times are posted at: BC Home and Garden Show

Hope to see you there!


Brian Misko

House of Q - Competition BBQ


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Even though the forcast is rain and potential for snow this weekend, summer IS going to come soon and that means bbq competitions are back.

There are a few BC competitions scheduled:

- Trail, BC - May 9-10

- Vancouver (EAT VCR) - May 24-25

- Kelowna, BC - June 14

- Whistler, BC - August 1-3

- Langley, BC - Sept. 6-7

Also some in AB:

- Strathmore, AB - August 1-3

- Calgary, AB - Aug 30-31

Alot of the details are posted at the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association

All competitions are open to the public and all highly encourage teams to get involved with the hobby/sport. For Trail and the Langley competitions, I will offer any new teams that have never competed before to be a mentor... that means, how to cook the entries, how to do a judging tray, what to bring, what not to bring and all that... any takers? If interested, drop me a line.

Also for those that simply just like EATING bbq, there will be a judging class held at Well Seasoned in Langley this summer. For those that go through the class you get invited to judge at the competitions in and around the Western Canada.

Cheers and bring on the sunshine!

BBQ Brian

Brian Misko

House of Q - Competition BBQ


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Great thread Brian.

Just wondering, how's your Q holding up?

I'm resisting the urge to buy a Q220 with rolling cart ... but I think i'll cave in soon. I just saw someone in the local park with one and asked him some questions and, of course, he gushed all over it - not literally mind you.

I am also looking at the Napoleon series portable ... but they are not so common and i'd like to see one in action first.

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Hey Bill,

My Weber 200 is still holding more than it's weight in dollar value. I continue to push it as hard as I can and it still responds to me... so what does that mean?

Well, I usually leave the temperature on high, nothing less. It does lose alot of heat quickly when the lid is open or something has been placed on the grill... it takes a bit to recuperate. This can be expected with a 12,000 BTU burner and it being a portable gas grill.

When cleaning it, as many know, let it burn off the residue... however with this grill there is a catch... literally. If the drip tray is full of stuff and you have a greasy grill, the whole thing can catch fire. I've done this a couple of times without melting any of the internal parts (or external for that matter) however it does result in a few scary moments. Long story short, just keep on top of cleaning it.

That aside, I have cooked 40 lbs of steaks on it in just over an hour or so - all medium rare of course - that was a task and stuffed jalapeno's for 300 people as well.

I don't know much about the Napoleon one but as you mention, it's not as common.

Good luck grilling Bill!


Brian Misko

House of Q - Competition BBQ


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Thank you Brian for the response ... that would have been something to witness seeing the grease trap catch on fire!

I'm just so mentally stubborn because I know various places sell the Q series ... but i've been researching prices over the 'net and back East the Q220 is literally 30-40 bucks cheaper out there plus you can stack a 10% off at Home Depot or get it price matched at a place like Johnstones etc ...

Also, thanks for all the info about classes at wellseasoned ... because my bro-in-law is getting big into bbq and he competed at the old BC Pavillion area a couple of months back which increased his interest in bbq. I'll pass on the info about judging etc to him since he lives in the Valley and it would be much more convenient for him.

I know we're not back East but just knowing that info behooves me. :D

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