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Polycarbonate round truffle molds in Melbourne

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Having a suprisingly difficult time trying to track some down in melbourne. Anyone seen someone who stocks them?

There's a good place opposite the South Melbourne market - the Chef's Hat, I think it's called.

They had a fire recently but are open again.

But tell us more about the truffle shells...

Website: http://cookingdownunder.com

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Pat, im a little scetchy with what im after exactly. I can only remember using them in a place i worked in when i was an apprentice. They are basically polycarbonate moulds, with about 30 truffle moulds per sheet. It would allow you to make round truffle 'shells' and allow you to come back once they had set and fill them with the ganache/fillings of your choice. I know you can buy the shells pre made but pfff to pre-made stuff.... Theres 15kg or so of Valrhona and then another 8kg of Callebaut :P:raz: someone went a bit crazy. Definatly know that chefs hat wouldnt have them.... Essential didnt have them....and Cake Deco didn't know what i was talking about...when i can get up to Savour school next week and see if they have the ones im after, ill post you a pic.


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John DePaula
formerly of DePaula Confections
Hand-crafted artisanal chocolates & gourmet confections - …Because Pleasure Matters…
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aussiebarracuda - check the Savour website for a catalogue of their moulds. If you're after the one John is referring to above, I'm not sure if they have it but they may be able to source it.

Otherwise you can overseas order from chocolat-chocolat (I've dealt with them before and they were great):

http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/c210036.2.html (scroll a little way down)

If you're looking for other sources, try the Pastry and Baking section which has some great chocolatiers always ready to lend a hand.

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