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The BEST wedding food in NJ?


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The Newark Club does have a beautiful view, which I'm sure is even lovelier now that the Newark skyline is more lit up! BUT...having run/been to a few events there, I'll tell you my biggest complaint, and that's the sight lines in the room. I realize that the layout/setup for a wedding may be different than what I've seen, but check it out if you're seriously considering the place. Nothing like having (insert annoying relative here) complaining that they can't see the couple/other annoying relatives!

"I'm not eating it...my tongue is just looking at it!" --My then-3.5 year-old niece, who was NOT eating a piece of gum

"Wow--this is a fancy restaurant! They keep bringing us more water and we didn't even ask for it!" --My 5.75 year-old niece, about Bread Bar

"He's jumped the flounder, as you might say."

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