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Haloumi Cheese

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My Sister, making best use of her MA in Philosophy/Latin, is working in a new deli/market/catering business. This means treats for me when she visits. :smile:

This past Sunday we met at our Mother's. One of the items she brought was Haloumi Cheese from Cyprus.

I found it mentioned several times in eGullet discussions, and also read about it on several other food/recipe sites. I wonder if anyone has some personal experience with this cheese. I did notice that it has a very high melting point.

SB (Haloumi Pizza? :hmmm: )

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Saganaki is most excellently philosophic and delightfully delicious at the same time.


"In some United States restaurants, after being fried, (saganaki) is flambéed at the table (typically with a shout of "opa" in themed restaurants), and the flames then extinguished with the juice of a fresh-squeezed lemon"

I have emailed the saganaki link to my Sister, and can pretty much promise this WILL be incorporated into the 4th of July celebration at my Cousin Dr Mike's this summer! :biggrin:

Caseus ... Mucro .... Flamma! :laugh:

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I've done haloumi on the BBQ on skewers with some good olives and cherry tomatoes. Very nice. The cheese has a mild slightly salty flavour and it browns up nicely without dripping at all.

Sounds great!

Saganaki grills up delicious as well, place on the edge of

the grate and turn once or twice...

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on my last trip to Cyprus i came across the most innovative use of halloumi cheese ive seen, and it was quite delicious.

the chef at a restaurant i ate at stuff halloumi in squid bodies that had been marinated in olive oil and lemon and grilled them over very hot charcoal for a really short period so the squid got charred and the cheese inside melted without overcooking the squid. he then drizzled them with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. they were quite magnificent.

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I like haloumi and I'm glad to see this topic because I've been meaning to post to find out what others do with it.

I dust it with a bit of flour, fry & drizzle with a caper, lime vinagrette over greens. Recipe here. (I add a lot more greens underneath than shown in this recipe)

I've seen halloumi cut up in small, thin squares, fried and then topped with things and served as appetizers (so the halloumi takes the place of a cracker or bread)

Here's a page with several different halloumi recipes.

Also does anyone have any favorite brands - I like it, but sometimes I find it can be almost too salty or rubbery and am thinking mabye expirementing with different brands could be good.

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Haloumi has a "rubbery" texture, but when it's served warm and not overcooked it's really good.

Cut the haloumi into thin slices, and fry on a nonstick pan until golden each side. Lay them out on a plate and drizzle over some EVOO to which you have added finely chopped red chillies. The chillies give a lovely colour, and a nice little kick to what is basically a fairly bland cheese (I think the recipe is one of Nigella Lawson's).

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(Haloumi Pizza? :hmmm: )

It turned out great! :biggrin:

Because it's so expensive, I only used the Haloumi Cheese on about one-fourth of my pizza. The Mozzarella on the other part browned faster at 450 degrees, but overall it was very good.

I also tried substituting one-half cup of Farina in the 3 cups of flour for my crust dough, and that worked well too, as did using a nice locally produced Porketta Sausage as a topping. :smile:

SB (quite full of both himself and pizza! :laugh: )

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