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Desserts for upcoming bachelorette party!


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Hi all: I've been asked to provide some desserts for a bachelorette party for 20 coming up and I have been having problems coming up with some good ideas. I was thinking of doing a 'naughty & nice' kind of theme with lots of suggestive desserts (there are lots of penis-shaped cake molds out there but I am not sure if i want to invest in them as their shape is quite 'specific' :raz: and i couldn't see myself pulling out those molds for anything else except maybe valentine's day (depending on the clientele)...

Does anyone have any good ideas they'd like to share? I'm currently thinking of doing iced cookies (like naughty gingerbread men), something with whipped cream (maybe ice cream sundaes)...

"Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where all the fruit is?" -Frank Scully
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Iced cookies? Make sure there's plenty of Royal Icing. Hee. Yes, I went there. :laugh: If those sundaes aren't going to be a hassle to serve mid-party, perhaps you'd like to embellish them with a single banana each. In my country there's a senorita variety that grows only to a manageable 4-5 inches.


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Probably wasn't what you are looking for, but you gotta have Jell-O shots!!

Also, how about making penis shaped meringues? :biggrin: You could pipe them into shape and let them dry. Or maybe do the same thing with ganache and then dip them in chocolate. :rolleyes:

I'm sure I'll be back with other ideas...

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Chocolate eclairs are classic, delicious, and have the shape you are looking for, and then there is the filling... Because they are classic, guests who choose not to notice the salient features can ignore them easily, and those who are looking for a salacious giggle can comment on them. Plus, they have chocolate. You are talking about a party for women. Chocolate is mandatory.

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Thanks for the ideas. I never thought about éclairs or shaped meringues. and that cake site is hilarious although I'm not sure if I would ever have the nerve to make some of their cakes. and I think I'll definitely be doing something with ice cream... perhaps mini bananas with ice cream "balls" sundae. hmm...

keep 'em coming!

"Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where all the fruit is?" -Frank Scully
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keep 'em coming!

Have you looked at the Cookie Sutra? I have a picture up on my site, plus an extra credit one i photoshopped, but is totally do-able.

Another recommendation is the cookbook Naughty Cakes. I have links to pictures from the cookbook up also. They're funny- some cheesier than others.

I'm not even going to post my pictures of pussy cakes I made awhile ago. The marzipan is a bit blush inducing :laugh: Besides, not sure if your Bachelorette party swings that way :wink:

flavor floozy

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