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Looking for Nashville sugestions


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Our next-door neighbors are moving to Nashville at the end of May. He will be a resident at Vanderbilt. I would like to give them a gift certificate for a restaurant in Nashville, but I have never been to the city.

They have a 3 month old baby, so I am not interested in high end dining. They are not very fond of ethnic food, but would try something like tapas. They like steakhouses, pizza places, great bbq, seafood and down-home cooking.

They are not big drinkers, maybe a glass of wine or beer with the meal, so I think I want a place where they could get a nice meal for $20-$30 a person.

The house they bought is near Vanderbilt, so something in that general area would

be great.

Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you and be silent. Epicetus

Amanda Newton

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for things nearby vandy:

tapas = rumba

steakhouse = ruth chris, jimmy kelly's or nick & rudy's (never been to any of them, but they're all in the area)

pizza = the pizza around vandy sucks. period. the closest good pizza (and i mean traditional red sauce pizza) will be mafiaoza's, which is in the 12th south area near green hills, belmont and lipscomb.

best bbq in the area, and right near vandy too is hog heaven. in addition to great pulled pork sammiches, they're known for their white sauce on chicken or turkey.

seafood - there's a place right near the med center called crescent cafe or crescent city cafe. there's also a place called batter'd and fried in east nashville. iirc, it's received meh reviews.

down home cooking - monell's. it's in the germantown area, so not really "near" vandy, but it kicks you know what.

you could also look at patrick's which is nearby in the vandy/midtown and serves po boys, jambalaya, etc.

oh, and you should consider egullet poster whifflechef's place, tayst. it's mor or less in the hillsboro village area, which borders the med center property.

edit: oh, and if you send me a pm with an email addy, i'll send you the 45 page nashville dining guide i made last year for a friend who was moving here. it's a little out of date now as some places have moved/closed and new places on the scene - but it will give them a good start to getting familiar with the areas and offerings.

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Thanks for the plug carpetbagger esq.

Unfortunatly Patricks has closed.

I don't know if you can wait but the nashville originals are soon to be coming out with a gift card that will work in all thirty of its restaurants. It is probably 4 - 6 weeks out but will be a great product. You can also check www.nashvilleoriginal.com for a restaurant that might work for you

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You can also check www.nashvilleoriginal.com for a restaurant that might work for you

This is great timing for this thread - I'll be in Nashville (Brentwood) in early May.

I tried the website you mentioned - should that be Nashville Originals?

www.nashvilleoriginals .com

Yes, its nashvilleoriginals.com. I'm better with a knife then a keyboard.

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