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Vanishing Honeybees Mystify Scientists

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My daughter goes to Cal Poly SLO (graduating in june ! :laugh: where IS the "happy dance" icon?) and I got our monthly update newsletter with a note about one of their profs doing research on this mite.

Professor Working to Save Bees from Mystery Disease

SAN LUIS OBISPO -- Professor Scott Jeffreys, campus beekeeper at Cal Poly and in charge of the Cal Poly Honey project, is working to genetically select mite-resistant queens to repopulate California beehives -- and save the state's bee industry.

Bees in California and throughout the United States are falling victim to a mysterious mite. “In the last year we have identified queens that express a resistance to the mites,” Jeffreys says. “We plan to breed these queens to create new colonies that will not be as susceptible to the colony collapse disorder.”

Link to article about the research.

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