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University of Nebraska Beef Myology Website


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For a number of years, I have schmoozed with small slaughter houses, meat packers, processors, locker plants and the like. The goal is to get that special cut of beef steak, some caul fat or leaf lard. The problem has always been describing where the butcher will find the hanging tender or oyster steak.

A few weeks ago, I was allowed to go into the room with ten steers hanging from the ceiling. I pointed at the very spot that contained 12 ounces of wonderful oyster steak. It was wonderful and now I have a picture.

The Oyster Steak is that small circle of meat in the hump above the backbone. (click on the photo below the drawing) I still don't know the name of the muscle.

The University of Nebraska's website U of Nebraska Bovine Myology includes a treasure of information on beef. This includes muscle descriptions, bone descriptions, cross sections, 3D/rotating pictures, fabrication videos and more. It is a wonderful educational tool.

Take you laptop with you the next time you visit your local slaughter house.


ps: I wonder if there are comparable sites for hogs?

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