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Where to buy in SE Michigan/Detroit Metro?

Linda Rose

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I’m relatively new to the Detroit Metro area and have been looking for the best/cheapest places to find cookware, tableware, specialty foods….anything for the kitchen.

I’ve found Birch Run with the Le Crueset, Calphalon, and Corning/Revere outlets. I found some restaurant/food service supply houses: Gold Star on Coolidge in Oak Park, Peoples Rest. Supply on Gratiot, Williams Food Equip in Windsor(absolutely great store).

Of course there’s the Warren/Schaefer area in Dearborn for everything Middle Eastern. (We have Shatila’s baklawa shipped to friends as gifts—yum) And the Eastern Market with R. Hirt for ANY cheese. Oh, and I just found Penzey’s on 13 Mile at Southfield!

Yes, there’s Ikea, BB&B, L&T, Home Goods, Marshall’s, TJMax, like there is in most major markets.

So what have I missed? Where are the Asian and Indian connections? Are there any places you go to find inexpensive or specialty tableware that I need to see? The restaurant supply stores here seem wanting—where’s the Wal-Mart of restaurant supply?

I need a foodie shopping fix. Help me!

P.S. What about Ann Arbor...anything there? :unsure: I'm willing to travel for my fix.

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I dimly recall that there are a couple of Indian markets in Canton, a couple of miles west of Ikea. It's been a while since I shopped there, though, so I can't speak to their quality (or even their continued existence).

Especially for cookware, you might try Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor. It's a consignment shop, but I often found great pieces there--and sometimes even vintage linens. The prices are great and it's 3 floors of fun browsing. Amazing what people will discard!

Did you search the Heartland forum? A lot of these region "where can I find..." questions often crop up there.

Good luck!

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I've found Peoples to have a pretty good selection and they can and will order things for you. Plus they have great prices too and will usually break case-quantities if you ask. Granted it is mostly restaurant-quality.

Alcomos on Schaffer near Michigan in Dearborn is a great Italian market/deli. They were the only place in metro Detroit to carry veal bones when I needed them a couple of years ago. There was also a fantastic fish market right next door called "Fish Market," but I'm worried because they closed for renovations over a year ago and have not reopened.

Down Schaffer past Ford Road is Joe and Eds, Lebanese market. There is a pretty good Asian Market, called " Redford's Asian Market" on Joy Road, one block east of Telegraph in Redford. Just around the corner on Telegraph, south of Joy is a Pier One outlet store whose prices, I don't understand why, can sometimes be higher than the actual store.

Down Ford Road near Inkster road in Garden City (I think) are a couple of Indian markets. Unfortunately I don't recall the names but the phrase "Indian Market" is in there. I assume you've been to Rafals Spices and Rocky Peanut in Eastern Market; both pretty good although they can be expensive for some items.

On Vernor near Clark in Detroit is the heart of Mexican Town with several great markets and bakeries. On Rochester Road in Troy are several additional Asian Markets as well as good Dim Sum at East Lake Chinese Restaurant. Also, Avalon Bakery on Willis at Cass in Detroit near Wayne State is great source for hand crafted breads.

Also look for Dandee Donuts somewhere near Pontiac for the best donuts. I can't tell you where it is because I can never find it, but an internet search will generate a map.

Don’t' forget Costco and Trader Joes.

Merchants Wines in Dearborn, Royal Oak, and one other location is my favorite wine shop and twice a year they have mix and match case-sales, 20% off any twelve bottles. They also have a pretty good gourmet food section. Also Holiday Market in Royal Oak is pretty good. For higher end foods both prepared and shelved is Papa Joes on Telegraph in Birmingham.

In Ann Arbor-Zingermans. You just need to go if you haven't already for remarkable specialty foods.

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I just got back from Treasure Mart and made a stop in at Zingerman's. Both great stores. Got a platter for my neighbor who collects Franciscan Ware--$3.00--cheap!

BeJam, thanks for those ideas, I'll have to make a day of it to look all around town.

Any one else have shopping sources?

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Another hit-or-miss bargain-hunting mecca is Kiwanis in Ann Arbor. It's open on Saturday mornings only. It's like one gigantic garage sale.

Kitchen Port is a good kitchen shop in Ann Arbor. The prices aren't bargains but the selection is good and they are very helpful. Everyday Cook is in Kerrytown - last time I was there they were re-vamping their selection, so I'm not sure what their current status is.

There are lots of ethnic markets in Ann Arbor - a bunch of Middle-Eastern markets on Packard between Stone School and Carpenter, and several Asian markets. Tsai Grocery is in the shopping mall just south of Target and across the street from Meijer - I think they are the biggest and the cleanest. There is another big one on Washtenaw towards Ypsi - I can't remember the name but it's in a former Toyota dealership. I've heard that there is a new Polish market on Main St. in the little shopping plaza near the train tracks.

In Detroit, there is a really good Mexican market called Honey Bee Market. It's on Bagley at 17th St.. It's newly renovated, and very clean. They have excellent fresh tortillas for less than $1 a package.

One more that might not be obvious to a new person in town - there are two excellent locally-owned grocery store chains in the area (west side of Detroit including Ann Arbor) - Busch's and Hiller's. I like Hiller's better - they have excellent produce and meats.

Editing to add one more in Ann Arbor - Morgan & York, which was formerly Big Ten Market. Look for the CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE neon sign on Packard near Stadium. They have an amazing cheese selection. Sign up on their web site for their e-mail newsletter and find out about special events and sales.

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I am down in Toledo, not far from you Linda and I adore Zingermans!!! The chocholate-cherry bread is heaven. I am going to have to look at a few of these places when I move to furnish my own kitchen cause ususally I just do Williams Sonoma. I already bought my knives, and I will be in the market for some new cookware. I am going to do a combonation of Le Creuset and All Clad.

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I have shopped at Advanced Restaurant Equipment in Dearborn a couple of times - it's kinda divey, but fun to visit. Don't know how it compares to other restaurant supply places in the area. But their aluminum half sheet pans are $5.40, which seems like a great price to me!


As others have said, Ann Arbor has a plethora of ethnic markets. In addition to the ones Ann Arbor Foodie mentioned, there's a little Korean market that I found very handy when making a lot of bi bim bop last year.

You should post an ISO in the Heartland Forum when you come to Ann Arbor next - we could have a little foodie get together!

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