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Dining in Claremont, CA

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The wife tells me that Aruffo's in Claremont (the village) is good Italian.

A quick search on the web reveals some good press.

Sorry I cannot make a more personal recommendation.


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Located in beautiful uptown Burbank

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The Sycamore Inn in Cucamonga had been good for me in the past, having grown up near there. Very good steaks, comprehensive wine list with Cucamonga Valley Zins on the list and a nice setting. This is relatively (in SoCal terms) close to Claremont. Whatever you choose let the rest of us know.

"I drink to make other people interesting".

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I wonder if it is too late to comment for your benefit. You didn't give much to go on as far as price range or if you are dining alone.

Despite the college presence, the area is basically suburban and dining is generally not of the calibur one can expect if eating more toward LA. I've found most places generally pedestrian, but at least there is some charm in the Claremont 'Village' area, immediately next to the colleges, and there are some independently run restaurants. I have not eaten around there enough to be definative. My relatives there are divided between the adventurous aunts and the Uncles who think it's a ripoff if you don't have gigantic portions.

There are many restaurants in the Village and many more opening in the newly constructed area just past it, across Indian Hill Blvd. I have not been there recently but I can mention:

Viva Madria - solid Spanish Tapas. This was one of my favorite meals there. Tiny, cramped and noisy, and no res, I think, but a solo diner can eat at the bar. Big menu of small plates and I think some big plates too.

Tutti Mangia - Italian. A memorable nice antipasto plate that was too large for the two of us and completely unmemorable entrees. One of the fancier places in the area.

Harvard Square - another fancier place. Can't remember if the food had a particular focus. I don't remember the food so much as the funny server who kept comping up wine and desserts for his errors. We had a good time and outdoor dining in nice weather.

Walters - an institutuion for breakfast and lunch with large menu. More casual, great patio for lunch and inside is a bit nicer at night at dinner time Popular for salads and such but has a few Afgani-flavored items that are mildly interesting, esp if they come with the cilantro sauce (in squeeze bottle.) But nothing like a full-on Afgan restaurant that I've been to that was great. Looks like they have a pastry chef and nice desserts. You can get something small or a big dinner here.

The Press - restaurant and bar with music. You can eat at the bar. We heard something pretty good there with no cover. There are lots of vegetarian and 'world cusine' items on the menu, but I've not tried the food. Nice place.

A short drive away, about a mile, is my favorite destination and if you are a chowhound type you should hit it.

Sanamluang - Thai, really, really good authentic Thai. It's a cute clean place tucked into a incongruous strip mall anchored by a Mexican Grocery store. There is another branch in thai town in Hollywood. I always avoided Pad Thai until I had it here, it's a revelation. I love the grilled beef salad (there are 2, I like the one without the lettuce) but it can be extremely spicy. Last time they told me I can ask for a bit less spicy. I like the fish cake appetizer. The General's soup is a Chinese style soup with a bit of everything, pork, shrimp, meatballs, thin wheat noodles. I think the duck noodle soup too. Big menu, many things to try and fresh juice drinks too. I think they have beer. 1520 Indian Hill Blvd, not too far across the 10 freeway, Pomona. Open late.

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