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Tasting Notes on 2001 Borsao Reserva Campo de Borj

Don Giovanni

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Tasting Notes on 2001 Borsao Reserva Campo de Borja

Red wine a product of Spain:

First impression, the nose: very lightweight rose nothing special, some spice, lavender

The look: thin legs, with the glass tilted so the wine can run up to the rim, the color of the edge closest to the rim had a bit of color light Ruby. In the glass with good light and a white background the color was medium to slightly dark Ruby red.

After the first sip: Why did I buy this? Mild spice on the lips and on the tongue, very neutral homogenized wine, probably wound not cook with this wine nor finish drinking it a real bummer.

Mouth feel: green stems, unripe tannins, and astringent aftertaste no pleasant hang time, OMG a moment of tin.

The producer should be ashamed to call this a Reserva !

Alc 14.5 By Vol more like 12.5%

Cost $14.99 should not have been released, maybe good for making cheep vinegar.

RS 1%

Grenache 50%, Tempranilla 25% and 25% Cab Sav.

Grading a,b,c,d,f, this one is a D for dud. Avoid this dog of a wine.

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