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Amy Eber

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I had to look to see where they were opening when you mentioned that the location was cursed. I thought you were crazy.

Then I saw that it's the location of the old Ground Round.

That place IS cursed! :laugh:

Sure hope they make it though. If the restaurant is that good, it should rise above the curse!!!

As for the Bomber Group, that place didn't have much of a chance. I went there when I was in College, and the cops used to make it a point to break up the crowds and harass the patrons. They'd give out tickets, tow cars, arrest people, etc. It seemed like they did it just for the action as that was the only place in town at the time that was doing a decent night business. It's always a shame when cops abuse their authority out of sheer boredom.

Anthony is back!

Crave is coming to Fairfield!

I just worry about the location; that place is cursed.  The past occupants have seemed to be gone after a few years.  :-/

Jim - not only has the 94th Bomber Group closed the building was knocked down.  Sorry.

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Yeah, I remember the Ground Round... it went up when I was a kid, then came down. Then came Look See, then that left, and if I remember correctly, there was a restaurant before the last occupant, Tuscany Grille. All this in the span of 15 years... not really a location renowned for permanence. I think the orientation could have been a lot better if more of the restaurant had a view of the airport. It ain't the Manhattan skyline, but Cessnas and Pipers are definitely fun to watch take off and land.

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Nice article about Chef Lo Pinto here!

ETA: Link fixed (I hope...it worked when I originally put it in!) Thanks rooftop!

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Try here


oh well that doesnt help either :huh:


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Nice article about Chef Lo Pinto here!

ETA: Link fixed (I hope...it worked when I originally put it in!)  Thanks rooftop!

The Record makes it very difficult to link through to a specific story.

Try this link to Bill Pitcher's blog, and click the first link mentioned. That should work.

Lo Pinto Primed

I stopped by for a look the other day. The dining room is beautiful. October 1 is the projected start date, subject to construction and licensing, etc.

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