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High quality desserts near Bergen County

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My friend has just taken a job at a high profile country club and he is need of a quality dessert and pastry provider. He knows what he wants, very demanding and really wants QUALITY, homestyle is not his thing. I did pastries for him in Long Island, He is an excellent chef and needs people he can count on. Please let me know who's out there in Bergen County New Jersey

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Chocolate is food for the soul, The soul has no weight, therefore no calories" so said a customer, a lovely southern woman, after consuming chocolate indulgence



550 East Meadow Ave. East meadow, NY 11554


Brian Fishman

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There's an amazing French bakery in Bergen Co., and I can't remember the name! Have you tried the NJ board? Someone there will know right away. If not, I'll track it down.

Edited to add: Got it: Patisserie St. Michel in Teaneck. Good stuff.

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