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Am I not using the term "straight up" properly?

jlo mein

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I have never had a problem until last night. I usually can order a cocktail like a Manhattan or Daquiri straight up, and the bartender will stir/shake it with ice and then strain it into a cocktail glass.

Yesterday I went to the Granville Room in Vancouver, where they have a very nice drink menu with some real cocktails ($9 a pop too I might add). I was thinking of a daquiri, so I asked for one straight up, and the waitress said "ok...we normally serve them on the rocks, would you like that?". I replied "I would like it straight up in a martini glass please".

She came back with a chilled/shaken daquiri in a cocktail glass, with a tumbler on the side filled with ice. She said "I'm not sure exactly if you wanted to add ice yourself".

Am I not using "straight up" properly? Am I supposed to specify "shaken/stirred" first?

When I order a cocktail I usually only specify the drink, liquor used, straight up/on the rocks, and any garnish used. I'd feel rather picky if I specified the ratio. :raz:

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She basically gave you what you asked for with the "rocks on the side", a request that a lot of customers make for exactly the reason she detailed.

If you want a drink chilled but without ice ask for it "up". If you want it "straight" (i.e. unadulterated) ask for it "neat".

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