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Stuffed beef heart and K'lia recipes?

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After watching some episodes of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, I'm now on a quest to either find, or prepare the most foriegn, and exotic foods available within the United States.

The two I want to try? Beef hearts stuffed with rice and currants, then grilled (and marinated?)

And K'lia, which is some kind of meat that is preserved in it's own fat.

If anyone has any experience with these recipes, please share!! :biggrin:

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Khlea (alternately khili) is a kind of Moroccan lamb confit. It is very similar to the Lebanese version, qawarma.

Khlea Recipe (from Saveur)

There's also a recipe in Paula Wolfert's Slow Med. Kitchen.

As for the stuffed beef hearts, I've seen it done, but don't have a specific recipe. Check Roden's "New Book of Middle Eastern Food" maybe.

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