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Looking for George Clooney

The Cynical Chef

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So George Clooney is in town making a movie and he has eaten everywhere but the best restaurant in town, 33 Liberty. So I have made a short web movie to document my struggle. Click on my link and watch my quest to find George Clooney.


John Malik


33 Liberty Restaurant

Greenville, SC


Customer at the carving station: "Pardon me but is that roast beef rare?"

Apprentice Cook Malik: "No sir! There's plenty more in the kitchen!"

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Definitely worthy of an Oscar nomination for you, John! :cool:

Your hair has been cut and you are ready for the Red Carpet ...

The envelope please? The winner of Best Meal in Greenville is Liberty 33!! (applause)

Your food is certainly ready for Prime Time as well .. hope he drops by and that you'll comp his entree ... :huh:

Melissa Goodman aka "Gifted Gourmet"

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