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Found 520 results

  1. Ouch. Talk about world domination. The 'bucks is currently expecting to have 14,000 stores worldwide by the end of 2006 and has now upped their estimate for long range plans to a level 10,000 stores more than they had previously projected. Starbucks Expansion Plans The bizarre aspect of this - to my thinking - is that half of the new stores will be in the US. That makes for 18,000 additional Starbucks in the US. I guess the old standup comic's joke (was it Carlin who said it?) about opening a Starbucks inside a Starbucks was not too far off. It's both bad news and good news for independents. Bad news because Starbucks will cut buying contracts for more beans than ever - thereby reducing the supply of some of the better-than-commodity level beans currently used by most independents (and driving up prices in the process although if the coffee farmers and their families see the bulk of the extra money it then becomes a good thing). But the good news is that they can't possibly improve quality and it may decline even more than it has in recent years - when you operate on that massive a scale it's inevitable that quality has to suffer a bit. That opens even more doors for quality driven independent operators to distinguish themselves and gain more customers and more loyalty. And here's the cartoon that makes more sense than ever after this news update. Starbucks Relativity
  2. birder53

    Starbucks Burr Grinder

    I picked up my grinder last night - can't wait to use it this weekend! The regular price was $125. The sale price was $99 and they threw in a free bag of coffee. A sign in the store said the sale was going on through March 16, 2004.
  3. Fresser

    Chris King Machinist's Blend

    I'm a cycling nut from the Heartland as well as an avid coffe drinker. So I'm curious to know if anyone has tried this coffee: http://www.chrisking.com/store/coffee_beer..._directory.html King Cycle Group (KCG) is a high-end cycling parts manufacturer in Portland, OR. Folks at KCG openly say that while they love to ride, they do so primarily so that they can enjoy more sweets, munchies and fine coffee drinks. So I have to wonder: is the Machinist's Blend any good?
  4. Geetha

    India Coffee Bar

    I've been ever experimenting the ways in which to prepare coffee the way my mother makes it at home. I am never tired of it and even though I have a stable version of coffee available, I not completely at home Pleasae give me some way of preparing coffe the way it used to be at home. I think this especially goes for the people of south India. I know many others too have a love of coffee, but nothing beats the home coffee. Please share your tips for ethereal coffee land today...
  5. Carolyn Tillie

    Coffee and Tea

    I know purists that will roast their coffee beans immediately prior to grinding their cup of coffee and drinking it immediately. If a shot of pulled espresso sits around at a Starbucks for more than 30 seconds or a minute, it gets dumped. However, I have a brother-in-law who will walk into my house and if there is cold coffee still sitting in my pot and there are no moldy floaties on top, he'll drink it. As I write this, I'm still sipping on a latte that Shawn made for me when I left for work this morning. He pulled the shots at 7:15 a.m. and it is now 1:30 p.m. I consistently make an entire pot of tea and re-heat cups out of it for a day or so afterwards, despite the fact that I PREFER it fresh, just having it made and ready to heat is often easier on a busy morning. What about you? How old is too old for you?
  6. Gifted Gourmet

    Coffee and wine:

    Very nice article from Wine Spectator
  7. goldie

    Mobile Coffee Cart Food

    We are starting a mobile cafe and selling fresh roasted, prepared coffee to commuters from our AirStream located south of Boston. We are trying to think of the best food to sell from the cart. One thought is muffins, scones, or "real" bagels (not easy to get here). Obviously, relatively neat, premade, quick, and easy to hold in one hand and eat on the train is the objective. The branding is cool and hip so the food needs to match and be of high quality to match the coffee. Does anyone have any thoughts and ideas? Really, any ideas are welcome so let your imaginations fly. Thanks so much! Goldie
  8. cupojoe

    Cuban Coffee in East Midtown

    Anyone know of a place to get real cuban coffee near Grand Central???? I'm from Miami, and I miss it so. Note: moved to the Coffee and Tea forum in hopes of getting a response for "cupojoe"
  9. What is supposed to be so great about them? And don't they make it very difficult to get the coffee into an espresso cup?
  10. phaelon56

    CT Index - Cooking and Dining

    Cooking and Dining Good Coffee in Expensive Restaurants - why not? Espresso and Haute Cuisine - is espresso taken seriously? Hard Coffee Drinks - what do you add? Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  11. melkor

    Personal Blends

    I've long been on the quest for the perfect cup, my current blend is pretty well to my liking. Unfortunately the blend is made of the scraps of green coffee that were sitting around - some I have more of, others I'll substitute for. It's got a light chocolate tone to it, some fruityness, a little earthyness, and a fair amount of body. It's roughly made up of 10% aged toraja, 30% kenya, 30% yemeni moka, 30% Kona. I'm roasting it at a low temp (350 or so) for 25-30 minutes until it just hits second crack, blended before it goes into the roaster. It's brewed in a bodum eSantos electric vac-pot. I'm really pleased with the end result. What are the other home roasters using for their daily cup? What blend? How dark? Which roasting/brewing method(s)? edit: spelling.
  12. Monica Bhide

    Spiced Coffee

    We visited some Ethiopian friends a few weeks ago and they made this awesome coffee -- regular filter coffee spiced up with pounded cloves, cinnamon and black pepper.. It was one of the best cups of coffee I have ever had This is my first post in this forum so forgive me if this is really a novice post.. but man that coffee was really good and I had to share! Do you all spice your coffee? What do you add to it? Are there spices that should not be added?
  13. ned

    Manual pavoni

    Feeling a little drowsy before heading out for a late dinner engagement, I decided to make myself an espresso. In the mornings I use a double shot insert, but for this job I figured I only needed the strength of a single shot. So I switched out to the smaller one. . . but as I pulled the shot I started thinking. The proper shot of espresso requires (among other things) a proportionate relationship between an amount of coffee and the amount of water that’s run through it. I think, and herein lies the reason for this post, that the manual Pavoni always runs the same amount of water regardless of the size of the insert—single or double shot. While it doesn’t so much seem to effect the quality of the shot, I can only conclude that the machine will pull only a single single and a single double or a double single and a double double. Anybody know which it is?
  14. phaelon56

    CT Index - Espresso Techniques

    Espresso Techniques Frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  15. Richard Kilgore

    Rocky Use and maintenance

    I just got a used Rocky (doser) and after using it a few times have a few questions. I use it for French Press coarse grind currently, so I put a mini pie pan under the machine to catch the ground beans. Is there a minimum quantity of beans I should grind at one time? Does a certain amount of the beans from a grind stay in the machine and then come out the next session, or does all the grind get dumped? How do you folks go about cleaning your machines of the grind residue. Each time? Am I going to want a dosserless model down the line? Any recommendations for green beans to buy to roast for the French Press, for a Mokka, and for Vietnamese Iced Coffee? I likely will be using a popper as a roaster first (as soon as I can find one).
  16. Magus

    Happy to Serv you

    I am from NY and I am opening a restaurant in Michigan. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get thoes coffee cups " We are happy to serv you" Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  17. adegiulio

    Specialty coffee?

    OK, so I am checking out this forum and see a nice banner ad for this company specialtycoffee.com. Has anyone tried this company? Reading their website, I really like their attitude. I normally order from Peets, but am tempted to give them a shot when my coffee runs low...
  18. Okay just finished my 4lb stash from a trip last year comprising of peabery from both UCC and Greenwell farms. Personally felt that Greenwell had a much superior product vs. UCC. Looking to restock, does anyone have any other roaster recommendations, I'm going to just do mail order instead this time round. Might give the Greenwell Special Reserve a go...
  19. carpetbagger, esq.

    self-heating wolfgang puck lattes recalled

    original article Looks like the worlds most beloved slightly wonky Austrian chef extraordinaire is soon to have a PR fiasco on his hands. Those self-heating single serving Wolfgang Puck branded packs are being pulled from the market faster than you can say Spago. Puck's namesake company demanded brand-licensee BrandSource Inc. pull the products from stores nationwide after complaints of incidents where the cans overheated, leaked, or the calcium oxide found its way into the hot coffee beverage, resulting in some severely burned consumers. It gets sticky though, because BrandSource only licensed the name; OnTech was the company who provided the cans, and they apparently shoddily subcontracted, which has resulted in litigation between the two companies over some very shady dealings. In other words, if you see one of these cans, steer clear, people. The silver lining is, of course, that the recall couldn't have happened at a better time, what with spring officially sprung, and summer just around the corner. Perhaps Wolfgang should start looking into self-cooling Frappucino knockoffs, eh?
  20. mikeycook

    Coffee Maker Question

    When my wife were in Washington, D.C. earlier this year, we ate at an upscale Chinese restaurant called Mr. K's (I know there is also one in New York, my hometown). When dessert came, the waiting brought a device that was essentially two glass balls that stack on top of each other (with a tube connecting them) and sit over an open flame. The water is put into the lower glass ball, the coffee in the top. When the flame is put under the lower ball, the water heats and rises into the top chamber, brewing the coffee. Once all the water is in the top ball, the open flame is taken away and the water drains back into the bottom ball as coffee (with the grounds remaining in the top ball). Can anyone tell me what this device is called and where I might buy one? It made one of the best cups of coffee I have ever had (and it would be fun to use at home).
  21. srhcb

    Free Refills ....

    A topic on another thread branched off into This Discussion which I thought might be of interest here? We're not talking about the "bottomless cup" at the Country Kitchen, or a Maple Macchiato at Starbucks, but good coffee as an after dinner beverage in a fine restaurant. This question is, should a free refill be offered/expected? I feel it's a nice and appreciated gesture, while another opinion is that it somehow cheapens the experience. (pardon me if I didn't state that position clearly) While we're at it, what would you expect to pay for a cup of coffee in this circumstance? Also, could you please identify whether you speak from the trade or a customer's perspective. SB
  22. I post this mostly in jest but because I just had a rather amusing experience. I typically drink one quad shot latte per day and if I'm drinking straight coffee, rather than espresso, rarely exceed two mugs per day. Sure.... I know I'm hooked and if I stop drinking it for awhile, which I do on occasion, I'll get a minor caffeine withdrawal headache on the first day of abstinence. I suppose that the more significant fact is my devotion to the glorious bean. I talk about it, write about, ponder coffee and espresso related issues on a regular basis, and accept it as an integral part of my daily experience. Despite the fact that I roast at home and make excellent espresso drinks in my kitchen, I stop at a favored local espresso café several times each week, in part to show my support and also because it's a part of my social ritual.. The combination of a busy schedule and some temporary financial impediments has restricted me to making and consuming drinks only at home for the past two weeks. So.... Sunday afternoon I'm busy puttering in the kitchen and there's a knock at the door. I open it to find the smiling face of the espresso café owner, who hands me a stack of "free espresso drink" cards and says "We've missed you - is everything okay?". I laughed because it's a bit like the local drug dealer giving you a free sample or two when they think you're contemplating entering a rehab but on further consideration... I was genuinely touched and felt it appropriate to share the tale here. It's only by chance that she even knows where I live (her sister lives in the neighborhood) but I was blown away by this act of kindness and caring. She may have surmised that my reasons for not appearing were in part financial but her actions went far above and beyond the call of duty. I suppose this whole notion deserves a separate thread in General Food topics.... what has some restaurateur, grocer, café owner or other food/beverage person perhaps done for you as an an unsolicited act of kindness that startled you and affirmed your faith in people's fundamental goodness? I'll start a separate thread there on the topic but felt that I should share here first.
  23. skipper10

    Making Coffee for multitudes

    Every Sunday my family "volunteers" to make coffee for our community for 50 to 350+ people. We use those old fashioned electric coffee pots that take forever to brew 90-100 cups and clean-up is a real pain you know where. We are considering modernizing, installing a built in restaurant type coffee machine system that would produce large quantities of coffee in minimum of time. If you use an efficient coffee system you can recommend, would you, please share the information. Thanks in advance.
  24. fredbram

    How to get my Espresso Fix

    OK, it's not all desert, but this is my dilemma. I drink espresso and milk drinks exclusively, as far as coffee goes--I was not a coffee drinker until I discovered good espresso, so I just haven't ever drunk "cup of joe" for my fix. I am heading out on a road trip through mostly small towns in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and I'm trying to figure out if there is a relatively uninvolved way of producing something I want to drink in the morning, assuming that I have access to a kitchenette most mornings. Those Turkish metal pot thingies? Or something else?
  25. phaelon56

    30 minutes to get a latte?

    A coffee business discussion thread I'm involved in elsewhere on the 'net raised an issue that warrants discussion. Nearly anyone who's made good espresso at home or observed the process of grinding, packing, tamping, pulling and milk steaming in a well run cafe most likely realizes that it's much more labor intensive and time consuming than "pushing the buttton" on a Starbucks superauto and waiting for the counter person to pour off some milk from a giant pre-steamed pitcher that's been sitting on the counter for awhile. But at what point will a long wait time prompt you to go elsewhere or switch to some other kind of beverage on that occasion? How long a wait can you tolerate on weekdays? Five minutes... ten... a bit more? How about weekends? Perhaps a bit longer than that? And would there be value in having an "express line" that was for orders consisting of drip coffee only? (assuming that the rule was strictly enforced).