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Found 518 results

  1. Ouch. Talk about world domination. The 'bucks is currently expecting to have 14,000 stores worldwide by the end of 2006 and has now upped their estimate for long range plans to a level 10,000 stores more than they had previously projected. Starbucks Expansion Plans The bizarre aspect of this - to my thinking - is that half of the new stores will be in the US. That makes for 18,000 additional Starbucks in the US. I guess the old standup comic's joke (was it Carlin who said it?) about opening a Starbucks inside a Starbucks was not too far off. It's both bad news and good news for independents. Bad news because Starbucks will cut buying contracts for more beans than ever - thereby reducing the supply of some of the better-than-commodity level beans currently used by most independents (and driving up prices in the process although if the coffee farmers and their families see the bulk of the extra money it then becomes a good thing). But the good news is that they can't possibly improve quality and it may decline even more than it has in recent years - when you operate on that massive a scale it's inevitable that quality has to suffer a bit. That opens even more doors for quality driven independent operators to distinguish themselves and gain more customers and more loyalty. And here's the cartoon that makes more sense than ever after this news update. Starbucks Relativity
  2. srhcb

    Free Refills ....

    A topic on another thread branched off into This Discussion which I thought might be of interest here? We're not talking about the "bottomless cup" at the Country Kitchen, or a Maple Macchiato at Starbucks, but good coffee as an after dinner beverage in a fine restaurant. This question is, should a free refill be offered/expected? I feel it's a nice and appreciated gesture, while another opinion is that it somehow cheapens the experience. (pardon me if I didn't state that position clearly) While we're at it, what would you expect to pay for a cup of coffee in this circumstance? Also, could you please identify whether you speak from the trade or a customer's perspective. SB
  3. Here's the article on MSN: "Bad buzz: Chinese bloggers bash Starbucks" Starbucks bashing isn't new. But that it's happening in China is new.
  4. Honkman


    Finally we bought a superautomatic espresso machine (Jura Capresso F7) and are now testing different coffee beans to find the ones we like most. In the moment we are trying the "standard" one like Illy, Lavazza but I would be curious to hear what kind of coffee beans you like (preferable not to oily, the machine won't like it) and which online shops/roasters you can recommend.
  5. carpetbagger, esq.

    self-heating wolfgang puck lattes recalled

    original article Looks like the worlds most beloved slightly wonky Austrian chef extraordinaire is soon to have a PR fiasco on his hands. Those self-heating single serving Wolfgang Puck branded packs are being pulled from the market faster than you can say Spago. Puck's namesake company demanded brand-licensee BrandSource Inc. pull the products from stores nationwide after complaints of incidents where the cans overheated, leaked, or the calcium oxide found its way into the hot coffee beverage, resulting in some severely burned consumers. It gets sticky though, because BrandSource only licensed the name; OnTech was the company who provided the cans, and they apparently shoddily subcontracted, which has resulted in litigation between the two companies over some very shady dealings. In other words, if you see one of these cans, steer clear, people. The silver lining is, of course, that the recall couldn't have happened at a better time, what with spring officially sprung, and summer just around the corner. Perhaps Wolfgang should start looking into self-cooling Frappucino knockoffs, eh?
  6. Darren72

    Information about Beans?

    I'm curious what your sources are for learning about the latest coffee beans to try. I begain reading The Coffee Review (http://www.coffeereview.com/) a few years ago and was struck at the time that coffee beans are much like wine in that there can be significant year-to-year variations in the taste and overall quality of a given bean, from a given region, imported and roasted by a particular company. The Coffee Review reviews beans as they come on the market, and it's been fun to try a few of the things they have recommended (but I'm not always excited about shipping costs...) Most of the time I buy Allegro beans from my local Whole Foods because they roast them in the store and I know I'm getting beans that are quite fresh. I also buy Intelligencia, sometimes Small World, and perhaps a few others. But I'm mostly shopping rather randomly...so, ah, what seems good this week? I'm interested in trying a wider variety of beans. But coffee isn't sold in stores similar to wine shops that have hundreds of different bottles and knowledgeable sales staff. So I'm curious what other sources you have for learning about new beans to try out. I live in Chicago, so there are some roasters in town (Intelligencia), but do you buy most of your small roaster beans via the internet? (Owen, I'm especially interested in your take.) Thanks!
  7. Andrew

    Best home pod machine

    I know many are anti the coffee pod machines but leaving that aside what is the best system? I have had a Lavazza Modo Mia although it is now 6 years old and it is reaching the end of its life. All the reviews seem to put Nespresso top of the list with the machine I have second. I'm thinking of moving and would be interested in any views. Andrew
  8. DanM

    "Best From" Dates?

    I decided to try a new local roaster today and picked up a bag of Carlos Ernesto Guerrero Lara Apaneca El Salvadoran coffee... whatever that means. What caught my eye about the bag is that they note the roast date (4/22), best from (4/25) and to (5/9) dates. I am confused about the from date. Why would I wait 3 days after roasting before drinking? Thanks! Dan
  9. Varietal: Mao Xie Oolong English Name: Hairy Crab Oolong Harvest: Fall, 2009 Growing Region: Anxi County, Fujian Roast: Heat dried, no roasting Vacuum Sealed into 50 gram portions eG Society member Greg Glancy at http://www.norbutea.com is contributing 7 gram vacuum packaged samples of a new Fall 2009 Mao Xie, also known as Harry Crab for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. Greg has provided four samples of 7 grams each, and I will mail three of them to the eG Society members participating in this Tasting and Discussion. This is the first of the last three Tea Tasting & Discussions for this year. However, several interesting Tea Tasting & Discussions in a new format are already slated for the first part of 2010. If you subscribe to the eG Coffee & Tea forum you will be among the first to know when one is posted. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least ten substantive posts in the eG Coffee and Tea forum, preference will be given until midnight (EDST) Monday, November 16th to those who have not participated in the last two tastings. Although many teas brew well both gongfu style aand Western style, Greg says this one really needs to be brewed gong fu style, so samples will go to those who will brew this tea gong fu (which means "with skill") style in a gaiwan or Yixing teapot. The three free samples are available to members who also 1) will do at least one gongfu style brewing session with multiple infusions from the sample, 2) will report on their experience and participate actively in the discussion, and 3) who have previously posted at least ten (10) substantive posts (questions, answers, comments that add to discussions) in the Coffee and Tea forum. As always, everyone who does not receive a sample is welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion. So, please PM me now for details if you would like to receive one of the the free samples and participate in the tasting and discussion. Here's more information on this special Oolong tea from the Norbutea.com website. (Used with permission.) I have known Greg for several years since a presentation he once gave on a trip through the tea markets and farms of China fed my growing interest in learning more about fine teas. Since then Greg has become a tea friend and we drink tea together and trade teas and tea stories from time to time.
  10. What is supposed to be so great about them? And don't they make it very difficult to get the coffee into an espresso cup?
  11. Hi, I've never posted to this forum before, but since coffee's starting to become more important to me, I thought I'd better get some information. I'm not particularly fussy, liking an occasional capuccino from Starbucks or local coffee houses. But while shoveling the driveway after the last snowstorm, I kept thinking how nice it would be to go back inside and make my own capuccino. I'm not looking for great, just decent. At least mine would be consistent, which I can't say about Starbucks. So I want a cheap starter espresso machine. The Melitta 15 bar pump machine sounds like a good deal for the money. http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/sr=1-...asin=B0000645Z2 Anybody have it, try it, or know about it? I'd appreciate your experiences, or suggestions for other machines. Remember, cheap... my husband is a hard sell! Thanks.
  12. NWKate

    Coffee Crisis!

    We have been losing power off and on all day and finally lost it for good around 11:30 this morning due to a tree on a power pole. Generally, I have enough freshly ground coffee to get me through but not today. After standing vacantly at my coffee grinder for over a minute, I knew I was in trouble. No problem, I thought- after all, how long can it take to cut down a tree? After 4 hours, I was getting desparate! Finally, I dumped some beans in 2 layers of paper bags and started whacking them with my rolling pin. At this point, my teenage son walked in, took one look at me and said, "Um, Mom, are you okay?" (always a good question when faced with a menopausal woman with a raised rolling pin!). My point is, I have now ground enough reserves ( and safely placed them in my freezer) to get through a prolonged outage. What lengths have you gone to to get your fix? Kate neo-Luddite
  13. does anyone own or had any Krups espresso machines ? The one I am looking at is a XP4050. I looked it up on Coffeegeek.com and the 2 reviews were split. So can anyone help ? What also would a comparable machine to this one ? Thanks
  14. viaChgo

    yerba mate

    Just tried yerba mate for the first time yesterday. I liked it. The flavor is not my favorite among teas but it was still enjoyable. Maybe I wasn't sure what to expect. And it had a nice, pleasant caffeine kick that was different from a coffee or black tea. Other than being from South America, I don't really know anything about yerba mate.
  15. Honkman

    Movenpick coffeee

    I am looking for a online shop in the US to buy Movenpick coffee (a swiss brand). Weren't successful so far. Anybody with suggestions where I might find such coffee ?
  16. Recently, I was sent a coupon to get a free B&D Home Cafe brewer. Yep, a free coffee maker. I guess they're trying to get more of these in more homes so they can sell more pods. Whatever. After a bit of experimentation, I have found only one brand I like, and I have to mail order it. So not only am I paying for a more expensive cup of coffee to begin with, I'm paying shipping and handling on it, too. I'm not sure I can get excited about that, despite the wonderful convenience. My husband and I work different shifts, so we're not drinking coffee at the same time, and the idea of a one-cup-at-a-time brew is very appealing. Which brings me to the do-it-yourself pods. They are plastic and mesh, and are refillable. You can use any kind of coffee you want. Has anybody tried these? Any hints or tips? Brand preferences?
  17. CharityCase

    Second Cup's Rwanda "Cup of Hope"

    I have a longstanding beef with Second Cup for their unwillingness to step forward as a non-fair trade but still canadian coffee chain. For a long time I've felt that by opting to support Foster Parent's Plan and ignoring the fair trade debate altogether they were doing themselves a disservice, and undersestimating the knowledge their customers had on the subject. Not that Foster Parent's Plan is a bad thing, just that it's an apples and oranges thing. That said I walked past the local second cup the other day and noticed a poster for something called the Rwanda Cup of Hope. This is a new coffee that they've begun to source from Rwanda and sell in whole bean and ground form. My first instincts told me this was a marketing ploy and that was backed up on three visitsd to three stores seeking information on the bean and promotion itself. [i wish I was making this up] Visit 1: Me: "Hi. I saw your poster and was wondering if you have any information on the Rwanda Cup of Hope?" Barista: "Sarah, do you know anything about that? No? Well all I know is that it's a medium Roast" Visit 2: Me: "Hi. I saw your poster and was wondering if you have any information on the Rwanda Cup of Hope?" Barista: "Well, no. All we have are the big posters that are on the wall. Do you want one of those?" Visit 3: Me: "Hi. I saw your poster and was wondering if you have any information on the Rwanda Cup of Hope?" Barista: "No, but all of the money goes to Rwanda" Me: "You mean all of the profits? What for?" Barista [puzzled look on her face, looking at other staff for confirmation]: "To...help the genocide?" Visit 4: Me:"Hi. I saw your poster and was wondering if you have any information on the Rwanda Cup of Hope?" Barista: "Ok, here's the deelio. Second Cup's finally found a coffee in Rwanda that matches our flavour profile. By sourcing it directly from the country we're helping to support the local economy" Yes, she really said deelio. Now I'm wondering what to make of this whole thing? There's a big part of me that is thinking of rallying Oxfam and other fair trade activist groups to send a resounding letter of shame to Second Cup's Management, asking for either a re-investment of these funds in their communities (which I doubt is the case as that's the sort of thing they'd explicitly state" or better clarification about their simple and essentially meaningless act of buying Rwandan coffee. Several fair trade purveyors have been offering Rwandan Coffee for years, under FT restrictions and with assurance that their sourcing of it is sustainable and long-term. Have these assurances been made by Second Cup? What if this time next year the "flavour profile" changes and SC starts selling the Nicaraguan cup of hope? This seems like the appropriate forum for this so let's open it up and talk about whether I'm unnecessarily flying off the handle about this, or whether there are some concrete actions that could be taken to get this into the public spotilight a bit more. I know there are fair trade supporters and negators here, but let's look at whether this is shameless marketing or just a lightly unclear promotion
  18. Vic Cherikoff

    Coffee ain't coffee, Sol.

    Coffee, coffee everywhere but none you'd like to drink. On a recent trip across the USA which started in New York City, went on to Newport, RI then over to Chicago and fianlly on to the left coast to San Diego it became patently obvious that you just can't get a decent coffee in at least 4 States. That celestial chain would have to rank amongst the worst culprit serving a beverage closer to the water left over after washing a stack of very dirty dishes in a lot of water (not that I've ever drunk any but it smells the same). Little wonder it's common to add sickly sweet syrups - anything to hide the taste. I tried brewed, espresso, cappuccino, filtered, regular, double and triple shots - all undrinkable for someone who comes from a coffee culture. Here in Australia we seem to have discovered what the Americans still don't know. You don't just burn the beans for flavor. You can't cook the bejeesus out of the aromatics and expect to end up with any taste you'd enjoy. What I will do next time I'm in the US is go to a roasting establishment, teach them when to stop roasting and introduce the coffee drinkers of America to the rich, deep noted taste of a wider range of aromatics than you can expect from near ashen beans. Good coffee is meant to be enjoyed. You stop. Sit down. Take in the complexity of flavors. Notice the chocolate notes. The toasty roasted characters with their hint of bitterness. There's a fullness of mouth-feel, almost a creamy texture which adds to the satisfaction of drinking coffee. It is certainly missing from the thin, lacklustre swampwater and what Americans call caufee. No wonder they buy it in a rush and swallow it while dashing to work or a meeting or just because life's always in a hurry. I suppose it's also recommended to drink and drive because if you spill some, you don't have to drink as much.
  19. ned

    Manual pavoni

    Feeling a little drowsy before heading out for a late dinner engagement, I decided to make myself an espresso. In the mornings I use a double shot insert, but for this job I figured I only needed the strength of a single shot. So I switched out to the smaller one. . . but as I pulled the shot I started thinking. The proper shot of espresso requires (among other things) a proportionate relationship between an amount of coffee and the amount of water that’s run through it. I think, and herein lies the reason for this post, that the manual Pavoni always runs the same amount of water regardless of the size of the insert—single or double shot. While it doesn’t so much seem to effect the quality of the shot, I can only conclude that the machine will pull only a single single and a single double or a double single and a double double. Anybody know which it is?
  20. adegiulio

    Specialty coffee?

    OK, so I am checking out this forum and see a nice banner ad for this company specialtycoffee.com. Has anyone tried this company? Reading their website, I really like their attitude. I normally order from Peets, but am tempted to give them a shot when my coffee runs low...
  21. Geetha

    India Coffee Bar

    I've been ever experimenting the ways in which to prepare coffee the way my mother makes it at home. I am never tired of it and even though I have a stable version of coffee available, I not completely at home Pleasae give me some way of preparing coffe the way it used to be at home. I think this especially goes for the people of south India. I know many others too have a love of coffee, but nothing beats the home coffee. Please share your tips for ethereal coffee land today...
  22. Schielke

    Intelligentsia Black Cat

    I recetly picked up some Black Cat blend for the first time while I was up in Vancouver recently. My wife and I totally love this coffee and see the supply dwindling. I know you can order it from Intelligentsia online, but would like to find something similar and local. We used to use Vivace beans exclusively, but the Black Cat is so much better suited to our Drip Machine. Any suggestions for Seattle? Thanks! Ben
  23. The coffee machine in the office or one of my companies is beginning to leak, and repair costs indicate its time to replace it. It serves around 20 people, but being in high-tech compter industry good coffee is vital. The current machine is a Jura X90 bean to cup machine, and its done well. Suggestions please on its replacement. Should we continue with a) a bean to cup machine, or b) Seperate grinder and expresso (potentially messy: these are programmers, not barristas); or c) Conventional pour-on and paper filter (many options here) d) Instant sachets, like Flavia (ugh!) e) Other.. Your opinions please on make and model, or just sound off about office coffee... Of course this is not as famous as that other Cambridge coffee machine, The Trojan Room coffee machine, the world's first web-cam. The coffee machine was sold on ebay, and bought by Spiegel Online, reconditioned, and is once more online.. I was a student and then faculty member at the time in the Computer Lab, and knew the original. It made awful stewed coffee...
  24. Carolyn Tillie

    Coffee and Tea

    I know purists that will roast their coffee beans immediately prior to grinding their cup of coffee and drinking it immediately. If a shot of pulled espresso sits around at a Starbucks for more than 30 seconds or a minute, it gets dumped. However, I have a brother-in-law who will walk into my house and if there is cold coffee still sitting in my pot and there are no moldy floaties on top, he'll drink it. As I write this, I'm still sipping on a latte that Shawn made for me when I left for work this morning. He pulled the shots at 7:15 a.m. and it is now 1:30 p.m. I consistently make an entire pot of tea and re-heat cups out of it for a day or so afterwards, despite the fact that I PREFER it fresh, just having it made and ready to heat is often easier on a busy morning. What about you? How old is too old for you?
  25. Kyle_Larson

    Barista competitions

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on eGullet.com and I am very excited to be here. I work as a barista in Seattle and have decided to work in coffee as a career. Over the last few years I am sure a few of you have heard of the Barista Competitions that take place. They are similiar to that of a cook off or cooking competition. The NorthWest Regional competition will be held in September, and I encourage all of you members residing in Portland to come and check it out. As a barista, I am trying to elevate my craft to the level of culinary excellence you would come to expect at a Michelin restaurant. Hope to see you there.