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Found 595 results

  1. beergirl

    Dogfish Head Beer Descriptions Updated

    Check out the newest update to Dogfish Head Beers. They've added taste descriptions, food pairings, serving glass suggestions and comparable wine style.
  2. Here's an interesting article about the revival of growing and using NY hops. I always like the idea of reviving old ideas or traditions of the past. After all, Great Lakes Brewing Company opened its doors in what was once the heart of Cleveland's brewery industry and with the city's still-original-with-the-building and oldest mahogany bar.
  3. Someone sent me this link today and I was blown away by the numbers, for example sales of Michelob down 72 percent over the past 5 years: 8 beers Americans no longer drink
  4. Beer Advocate Magazine rated Ebenzer's Pub in Lovell, Maine, the number one beer bar in America and the world for the last five years in a row. The 7th annual Belgian beer festival runs from August 18th to the 27th and features an incredible meal as a finale: Moules Escargot Prince Edward Island Mussels baked with Trappist cheese, butter Ebenezers grown Garlic 2004 Drie Fontenein Oude Gueuze Magnums Charcuterie Plate Traditional Belgian Head Cheese - Earthmonk infused Sour Cherries, Duck Confit and Fois Gras Terrine with 2009 OerBier Reserva Reduction Smoked Pork Tenderloin – Au Poivre Pickled fiddleheads, Spicy Pickled Green Beans and variuos relishes. 1972 Rodenbach Grand Cru, 2011 Rodenbach Grand Cru Cream of Tsjeeses Chicken Stock, Mirepoix, and Jansel Farm Leeks with Tsjeeses Tripel and Sherman Farm Cream Served with Locally Baked Trappist Bread Fantome La Gourmande Smeus Butter Poached Lobster Tail, Poached Egg, Green Thumb Pureed Potatoes served with Caviar and Tsjeeses Hollandaise Sauce. Val Dieu Triple 6liter Belgian Frites White Truffle Oil, Garlic, Parmesan, red pepper and malt vinegar Stillwater Special Beer Venison Aux Poivrons Vert a la Moutarde Served with green peppercorn mustard sauce. Tsmije 2009 BBB Cask Framboos Sorbet Exhibition Course made with Eggs Whites, Fruit, 1983 Drie Fontienen Framboos and Liquid Nitrogen Saddle of Rabbit With Watou Cheese, Ruccola and dried tomatoes in Tripel Karmeliet, accompanied by crayfish in their gravy and mashed celeriac. Allagash Special Beer Country Salad Veal Kidneys, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Quail Egg and St Louis Kriek 1997 Cantillon Kriek Cheese Selection Ruth Miller’s handpicked selection of World Class Cheese! Orval/Saison Dupont Chocolate Selection Truffles by three of the world’s greatest Chocolatier’s: Pierre Marcolinni, Jospeh Blondeel, and Valentino! Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada/Pannepot Reserva 2008 Goat Cheese White Chocolate Mousse Served with Sugar Glass Sculpture 1997 Rose De Grambinus I hear this event is amazing. Camping is encouraged. Ebenezer's Pub Info Host Note: Click here for the terms under which this event is listed in eG Forums.
  5. beans

    Coors for US Senate!

    Reuter's April 7 article from CBS MarketWatch here. Now I wonder if he is elected, will there be a Senatorial sort of name for a commemorative brew? Cheers!
  6. AmyinMotown

    Decent nonalcoholic beers?

    (this is my first post ever, so please forgive and gently guide me if I make mistakes) So here I am, eight weeks pregnant, and two of my hometown teams are in playoff mode right now, which likely means some evenings with the sports-fan spouse at our local watering holes to watch both games. Fine with me, but I get tired of drinking water at the bar and wonder if you have suggestions for good nonalcoholic beers? Or, more accurately, ones that don't taste like gym socks. I have tried: Haake Beck St. Pauli NA (both not bad) O Doul's (eh) Coors Cutter (so bad the memory of it is triggering nausea...must eat some saltines) None of these are decent enough to have more than one, and most are pretty foul. Also, I would love to hear either fact or opinion on this: why do more micro/craft breweries not set to making a decent nonalcoholic beer? Is it just too difficult to dealcoholize decent beer, or do they figure there's not enough of a market? I went to several wonderful micros while I was in Colorado a few weeks ago and most looked at me like I was crazy for even asking if there was anything they made that I could drink.
  7. KathyP

    Opportunity to become a bartender

    I'm not sure where to post this, but since beer is the primary product, here goes: A friend of my husband just bought a local bar/grill. Casual, to say the least. In fact, a number of bikers and working class people are the clientele. I am looking at an opportunity to become a bartender there. Most drinks and drafts I can handle. What I'm not sure of is what is the general protocol of working with other bartenders and table wait staff? Share tips or not? Any other general bartender duties besides drinks, washing glasses, taking inventory, etc? Any tips, suggestions and sage wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  8. jhlurie

    Beer Styles: Brown Ales

    Same idea as as the IPA thread here. Brown Ales are a favorite of mine, for some reason. I've just always liked the nutty flavors and the caramel taste. But I'm a wimp. I've already admitted to not being a hop head. And yes, I'm sure the term is damn unscientific and unspecific. Although hey... Michael Jackson seems to think its okay... If so, tell me why, I guess. Otherwise, lets just throw down some names. These guys list some guidlines. Are they right? Here's a bit: This seems quite wide. But I seem to know one when I'm drinking it. Or do I? Are a lot of beers mislabeled as Brown Ales? Here's another very short take on Brown Ales, really just this bit:
  9. mickblueeyes

    Chimay Premiere

    Also called Chimay Red, this is one of only 5 Trappist beers available from Belgium. Since 1862, the Trappist (Order of Cistercian of the Strict Observance) monks of the Abbye de Notre-Dame de Scourmont have supported themselves by the making of beer and cheese. This expression is 7% abv. The color is a dark amber hue and cloudy from the yeast in the bottle. It has a thin white head that disperses quickly. Light earthy fruit (musty cherries?) on the nose with a hint of yeastiness. Medium-bodied with continuation of the earthy fruit on the palate. Very light flash of malty sweetness on the medium-long finish and some light astringency. 3.3 out of 5
  10. mickblueeyes

    Dogfish Head Immort Ale

    This amazing expression from Dogfish head is 11% abv, double-fermented, once on ale yeast and a second time on Champagne yeast. The organic ingredients include juniper berry, vanilla and Massachusetts molasses. After fermentation, it is oak aged for 2 months. The color is a gorgeous ruby/amber with fine bubbles, yeilding a fizzy, white head. Strangely, I find it a beautiful beer to watch effervesce, as it reminds me of champagne. The aroma is outstanding with hints of molasses, pine, chocolate and nuts. The palate is remarkably well-balanced with loads of molasses, pine, milk chocolate and roasted nuts. The finish is long, rich and satisfying, echoing the palate very well. There is a touch of bitter oak on the finish (tannic?) that balances the beer perfectly. After dinner or stand alone beer without any hesitation. 4.6 out of 5
  11. eje

    Hoppy Brew Years Eve

    Celebrate Brew Years Eve We'll be celebrating with a growler of Blind Pig from Russian River Brewing. What are you drinking tonight?
  12. Susan in FL

    Dogfish Head

    Holy shit, Sam was a Hagar Slacks model?? I'm not sure what is the bigger news, that, or the beer. Also of interest in these beer news items sent to me by a very good friend was the notion of Lew Bryson mud wrestling. Let's see... Lew, mud wrestling... Sam, modeling Hagar slacks... That's a tough call. But I'll say given the choice, I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can link me to a Hagar Slacks ad featuring Sam.
  13. ARMY OFFICER CREATES DRINKING GAME COLUMBUS, Ga. (Wireless Flash) -- The market for new drinking games has almost dried up lately but an army officer in Columbus, Georgia, hopes to quench the thirst of guzzling gamers. 31-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Steve Vann is one of the creators of "Bulyah," a new drinking board game that he says was inspired after he got bored playing beer games like "Quarters." Players of Bulyah must travel around a board trying to collect enough letters to spell "Bulyah" -- but landing on some squares forces players to do humiliating acts such as shouting "I'm stupid!" every time they take a drink. To make sure the game was fun to play, Vann says he tested the game on boozehounds and discovered that while it can be fun without being blitzed, "alcohol does improve the game." ***1/2; www.bulyah.com Also at Spencer's Gifts
  14. mamster

    Cantillon gueuze

    The other night I was looking for somethign to read in bed, and I pulled the recent Art of Eating issue that concerned Belgian beer. In it, Ed Behr travels around Belgium talking to brewers, musing about whether the traditions are dying out, and picking the best brews. He was most generally positive about Cantillon gueuze, which is a blended lambic. The Cantillon brewery (http://www.cantillon.be/) is run by nth-generation beer traditionalists who refuse to join the lambic brewer's association because those other brewers leave residual sugar and do other untoward things. Maybe I'm not telling anyone something they don't know here (I learned all of this from the magazine), but lambic is an unusual beast. Whereas nearly all other beers are fermented by an addition of cultured yeast, lambic is left in vats in musty warehouses to ferment "spontaneously"--that is, by the action of dozens of species of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Gueuze is often hyperbolically called the "champagne of lambic" because it is blended from several years and then fermented further in the bottle. Well, I'd read this issue back when I got it (last year, I think), and even though I like beer, I must have convinced myself that a genuine gueuze would be a hard thing to find. After rereading the issue, I decided this was something I had to try, so I steeled myself for a lengthy search. Turns out they carry Cantillon gueuze at my local Whole Foods location. A 750ml bottle was $12--expensive for beer, but (a) this beer is considered by many serious beer drinkers to be among the best in the world (I tried to imagine getting one of the world's best wines for $12, and said hurrah for beer), and (b) I've probably spent more than that at a ballpark or concert for really bad beer. Cantillon gueuze comes in a bottle with both a cork and a bottlecap. It is best served at cellar temperature, somewhere in the 50-60 F range. It's one of the most unusual drinks I've ever had, an unabashedly tart, fizzy, and cloudy beer with citrus overtones. I expected it might be heavy and unapproachable--Behr had warned as much--but it's hard to imagine someone who likes beer and wine in general, even in a strictly amateur way like me, not finding gueuze not just a cerebral experience, but a refreshing one. I can't wait to go back for a bottle of Cantillon kriek, with sour cherries.
  15. SBonner

    Seasonal Beers

    Less than a week into October and Steams Works Brewpub is pumping out alot of it's pumpkin ale. Alot better this year! less sweet and great balance of spice, fruit, and malts. Anyone else tried anyother seasonal beers? Cheers, Stephen
  16. magnolia

    Mackesons stout

    I'm trying to track down the current brewers of Macksons and have been all over the 'net but cannot find any reference to the parent company...Thanks !
  17. beergirl

    July is American Beer Month!

    Be sure and celebrate the diversity of American beers. Check out American Beer Month for more information.
  18. I studied in Australia for a semester in '02, and I miss the taste of Fourex and Victoria Bitter, which I was told were Queensland's beers of choice. Does anyone know a place where I can get them?
  19. Stone

    All About Beer

    The current issue of "All About Beer" magazine, contains an interesting Buyer's guide for Beer Lovers, describing over 400 British and North American Ales. It describes general styles, i.e., Amber, Bitters, Pale Ale, and specific beers, such as Red Tail, Sunset Red Ale, etc.
  20. Verjuice

    Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

    Has anyone tried this stuff?
  21. LJDolan

    Sam Adams Chocolate bock

    Saw this in the store the other day and decided to try it, a bock beer with real chocolate as an ingredient. Basically a good but not great beer. I thought the chocolate taste was too strong. Reccomend this as no more than a dessert beer. I also those that it was way overpriced at $16/bomber sized bottle.
  22. elfin

    Azorean beer?

    The Azores, Portugese islands in the middle of the Atlantic, apparently brews its own beer-Especial. Anyone tried it?
  23. Rich Pawlak

    GroundHog Day at the Grey Lodge

    I love the promotions that come from this place, my local beer hangout of choice. This is an excerpt from the bar's website, one of the most entertaining beer sites anywhere: <<"Groundhog Day/Lucky Cat Night" Monday February 2nd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will once again be chasing away the winter blues on Groundhog's Day with a day long Hawaiian Shirt Island Party on Monday, February 2nd. We will start things off at bright and very early at 7am with a Groundhog's Day Beer Breakfast. Catch Punxatowney Phil on our four TVs while enjoying some amazing beers and a free breakfast. At 7am, we will have on tap a sixtel of TROEGS MAD ELF, a sixtel of DOGFISH HEAD FESTINA LENTE PEACH LAMBIC, a 1/2 barrel FLYING FISH COFFEE PORTER, a 1/2 barrel of SLY FOX DUNKEL WEISSE, a 1/2 barrel of BREWERS ART LA PETROLEUSE, and last barrel of the 2003 batch of YARDS SAISON. We will have orange juice on hand to make Saison mimosas. The Mad Elf and Festina Lente will go fast, so make it in at 7am to make sure you get some. I'm sure you will agree that's a line-up worth showing up at the crack of dawn for. Also due at 7am is KING GROUNDHOG. The King is a Northeast Philadelphia native. His website is http://www.kinggroundhog.com At 8:30am we will have a contest for the best/worst Hawaiian Shirt. There will be prizes. And FREE LEIS ALL DAY! Later that day at 7pm, "Wissinoming Winnie", with the help of her "Inner Circle", will make her Beer Prognistication. Like Punxatowney Phil, Wissinoming Winnie - the Grey Lodge's Lucky Cat - is a prognosticator. Instead prognosticating weather (ho hum), she prognisticates BEER! She will determine if there will be 6 more weeks of winter seasonal beers or if the spring seasonals will be early this year. Immediately after Winnie's Prognostication, PAIN RELEIVAZ will bust some mad rhymes at the GLP. Pain Releivaz are D.J. LIL Guy (Bryan Selders, Dogfish Head Lead Brewer) and Grandmaster I.B.U. (Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head President). They will also be bringing with them a cask of DOGFISH HEAD 90 MINUTE IPA. >>> You can't imagine the crowd that shows up at 7AM. The crowd is almost as much fun as the one that shows up for the bar's annual "Friday the Firkinteenth" celebrations. More on THAT event THIS February 13th, a Friday), in another post. Of course, I have no financial or other interest in this or any event at the Grey Lodge. It's just a damn hoot of a place.
  24. john b

    Christmas in July at Grey Lodge Pub

    Tomorrow night (7/8). The beer lineup looks great: Troegs Mad Elf, Victory Resolution Porter, Rogue Santa's Private Reserve, and Sly Fox Christmas Ale (and maybe a barrel of a Manayunk Christmas beer). We will also have bottles of Mars Christmas Bock, Camerons Christmas Ale, Stoudts Winter Ale.
  25. mickblueeyes

    Beer Online

    I am in search of Hoegaarden. None of my local retailers carry it or any other Belgian whites. Does anyone know any good online retailers for beer? I have found a couple, but they were overseas and shipping was way too high. TIA for any help.