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Found 595 results

  1. [Host's note: To avoid an excessive load on our servers this topic has been split. The discussion continues from here] A couple of beers from a relatively recent trip to London. Yakima red ale on draft. Yakima is brewed by Meantime, a brewing company located in Greenwich, using five hop varieties from the Yakima valley in Washington state. The beer was moderately hoppy with a good malt to bitterness balance. Very nice. Beavertown 8 Ball rye IPA, an American-style IPA brewed in London. Love the wild label. It was caramel-colored and had a nice mix of spicy rye and resinous hops. I liked this a lot and want to try the rest of their line.
  2. Over the years I've been no stranger to drinking. From sipping favorite rums to enjoying a bottle of wine to draining cheap beers past sunrise. I have an internal guage for quantity-based hangovers. But for quite some time I've noticed that certain beers -- almost always minimally processed, hoppy or malty microbrews -- will give me a crippling headache after just one or two. I believe, not certain, that occasionally a red wine will produce this effect also. The latest culprit was two bottles of Rogue Mocha Porter consumed at a trivia contest Wednesday. I left the coffeehouse at 10, and by 11:30 I was in agony. The headache lasted until the following evening. Years ago it was Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout. I need to start writing down beers that do this to me and see if there's a common denominator. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it an allergy to a certain strain of yeast, malt or excessive hops?
  3. Bill Poster

    Weiss vs. Wiess

    One is a wheat beer, one is a white beer. But with several European countries producing variations of both(weizen, witt etc), plus the close relationship of the styles, it can be confusing! Some Weiss(wheat) biers have flavours and a cloudy white colour similar to a white beer.. Do these styles overlap or are they an entirely different category?
  4. liuzhou

    Beer History

    500 years ago, Martin Luther started off the Reformation. In a way, this not only changed religious affairs in Europe, but also changed our beer. Article here.
  5. emannths

    Beer in cans versus bottles

    I actually think these types of packaging may be better from a functional standpoint. Cans are opaque, preventing the skunking of even poorly-stored beer, and they're lighter and easier to stack and store. They're probably the most oxygen-resistant packaging, helping to keep beer fresher longer. And they don't break if dropped. The downsides seem to be limited to aesthetics and the fact that they don't contribute to your supply of bottles for homebrew. Wine in tetra bricks is nice because I can close the pack and eliminate most of the oxygen in the process by squeezing the pack as I tighten the top. For someone that rarely finished a bottle in a single day, I like having this option. It also tends to be lighter and more efficient from a storage perspective. Aesthetics stink though, and I know nothing one way or the other on the merits of wine aged in tetra bricks.
  6. Right here in GR, aka Beer City USA
  7. Smithy

    Anyone making a pumpkin keg?

    This article on Mike.com made me laugh: How to make a pumpkin keg - you know you want to. I like the cheekiness of both the title and the idea. I wish I'd thought of it! I think the beer would have to be carefully chosen to benefit from the pumpkin. What say you, beer connoisseurs? Has anyone tried this? Would this treatment augment some special autumnal brew?
  8. I have decided to go for my first level of Cicerone, Certified Beer Server. Is there anyone here that has taken this test? If so what should I read to study for the online test? Are the questions upfront or do they throw in a few where you have to really stop and think about it? All of this is to further my knowledge for my customers where I work. I already have my first level sommelier under my belt and am wanting to expand my knowledge. We have serious beer customers coming in the liquor store, especially with all the new craft brewers popping up here in Oklahoma. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I do have 3 bottles of Prairie Pirate Bomb stashed away in my closet to celebrate when I pass the test.
  9. Alfernch

    Juice / Acidity / Beer / Fermentation

    The question though simple might be really complicated from the biological process. How do you best control acidity when adding a juice to a beer? How do you make it stable?
  10. lexy


    Hello beer lovers! I hope you don't mind a question about cider in your forum … I've just discovered cider, and as someone who's never really liked beer, I'm really excited that I can now go down to the pub and order a pint (of something that I actually like!). The only kind I've had so far (seems to be standard in Oxford pubs) is Strongbow, which I like (well, it's the only kind I've ever had), but is apparently not supposed to very good, according to some cider-drinking friends. So does anyone here have any recommendations? I was eyeing a kind called Scrumpy Jack today in Tesco, but I thought maybe I'd consult the palates of eGullet first. Thanks!
  11. curtis

    Schlafly Bottleworks

    Schlafly Bottleworks will soon be brewing their Raspberry Hefeweizen. This is a seasonal beverage, and the beer is made with real raspberries. I think that the natural ingredients make it taste better than beer brewed with artificial flavors. The beer has a tangy taste that goes well with bratwurst. I usually don't drink to excess, but if I decide to knock back a few, it's good to know that The Schlafly Tap Room is a five minute walk from my house! Cheers!
  12. Chris Hennes

    Homebrew Beer: Brew in a Bag

    Has anyone here tried this technique? What are your go-to resources? Home brewing is such a vast topic, I don't have a good handle on where to even start!
  13. Have you tasted this stuff? https://www.guinness.com/en-us/our-beers/guinness-nitro-ipa/ I had the unfortunate experience tonight. I don't know what Guinness is trying to foist off on the world as an IPA much less a Nitro much less a beer but it is crap. THere is no IPA in the dreck. It has no flavor and no taste. I don't know who wrote the stuff for that link to their site but they should be dismissed as well as the brewmaster who thinks the beer drinkers of the world are such sheep they might think they might like this garbage. Save your money and if you want a decent nitro beer, look for Left Hand. IPA, not even close. Being a retailer, my customers have grown to trust my opinion and tastes. I will never recommend this bilge water called a beer. If someone trys to buy it from me I will work very hard to dissuade them from wasting their money. There is no substance, there is no taste, there is none of the hoppiness that makes an IPA what it is. I am sort of pissed off that Guinness would even vaguely think that this stuff might be drinkable. Rant over. Dont waste your money. This stuff will be gone before the end of the year. Guinness should be required to buy back all the stuff they have sent out on the world. And if your one of those beer drinkers who think I might not know what I am talking about, hey it is your money your wasting. If there is a Guinness rep out there that would like to sit down and explain this stuff to me please, I am available.
  14. hummingbirdkiss

    Brewing Ginger Beer

    I could not find a thread that listed this in it and I was wondering if anyone else makes it here? it is not an alcoholic beer does not require anything more than ginger, brown sugar, a blender and a big glass jar to make so I am not sure if this is the right place to post this..( feel free to move it if it isn't) What it is ...is a fizzy and refreshing drink I grew up consuming as a child... we actually called it "kid beer" I just picked up some fantastic, fat, juicy ginger hands at the market, for a very good price... I was getting ready to make a batch today and thought I would see if anyone here shared my love of this drink? if you would like to try it this is the only way I have ever made it (although I just googled it and there are far more complicated recipes) ..this is easier to me than making lemonade!!! and a good summer drink as well as a nice mixer ... this recipe makes a bit more than half a gallon (and you can cut this down to whatever size you want) Ginger beer 2 lbs of fresh scrubbed skin on ginger ( you don't even have to peel it just cut it up a bit so it fits in the blender) 4 quarts of water blend it well in a blender then let it sit at room temp for 24 or so hours in a glass jar with a loose plastic lid I taste to see if it has fermented and if your house runs about 70 it works fine strain all the sediment out and add brown sugar to taste start with about 1/2 cup see how you like it then go from there I dont like mine sweet so that is about all I use ... this is the single most natural tummy soother on the planet I think I used to have my son drink some before we went on trips he was so car sick all the time and this worked like a charm!
  15. jm chen

    Is beer more complex than wine?

    One of our writers at Intrepid Media (and an enthusiastic home brewer) has published an article putting forward this controversial idea: beer is more complex than wine, and that's why wine people don't like it. A Hop From the Grape Vine. Among his points: Thought the beer aficionados around here might be interested in reading and weighing in.
  16. Alex

    Ballpark beer, better and better

    I love minor league baseball: great seats close to the action, reasonable prices (at least around here), no parking hassles, silly between-innings activities, and hey, it's still pro ball. Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Best Beer Town for 2014, in a USA Today poll, and Beer City USA for 2013 and 2012, not to mention the home of Founders Brewing Co.), we have the West Michigan Whitecaps, the mid-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. The Whitecaps' park has always had a few good beer options in addition to the usual swill, but the owners have outdone themselves this year, with the Craft Clubhouse. From the Whitecaps' web site: What's also very cool is that on opening day, the Clubhouse will offer the 100-point (from Beer Advocate) Founders KBS on tap, for a very reasonable $7 for a six-ounce pour. Their other selections are also very reasonable for a ballpark: $7 for 20 ounces and $9 for 32 ounces.
  17. Bill Poster

    'Smoked' Beers

    I read about smoked beers (from germany, USA and Gottland) and wanted some feedback from the forum. They are brewed using Peat Malts(smoked under the kiln using beechwood i think), usually a ratio of 30-40% of the total malt used.
  18. Moderator note: The original What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 1)] Today, a rare treat. Three Floyds Dark Lord. It's like a chocolate mocha milk shake, it's so thick.
  19. ChrisTaylor

    Using malt extract to batch prime home brew

    Lasr time I made beer I used carbonation drops. This time I am being steered in the direction of batch priming: 120g sugar to 20l of beer, the sugar dissolved in boiling water. I've been told I can use malt extract for this purpose. I want that flavour profile. Would I just use 120g or would I need more/less based on, say, malt extract's Brix rating as opposed to table sugar's Brix rating?
  20. Cheon Song Yen

    Where to buy alcohol/liquor for big events?

    Hello All, I'm looking for a store to buy bulk orders of alcohol and liquors in London. Where do I go? What is the best option for me? Am having a big event based in London soon so any recommendation would help a lot. Thank you in Advance!
  21. Porthos

    Good Beer Prices - Lousy Beer Prices

    Tonight I was in my local chain supermarket and saw the unbelievably high price on Miller Genuine Draft. I then went to Total wines and bought a 6-pack of Pilsner Urquel for the same per-bottle cost as the cost of the MGD at the supermarket. Is it any wonder that I never buy beer at a supermarket any more? Just saying...
  22. Ericpo

    Home Brewing

    Do any members of eG brew their own beer? I have been wanting to do this for years. I have a starter brewing kit...and I have a group of good friends to help. Just wondering if there are others on eG with experience/desire/or love of homebrewing?
  23. Norm Matthews

    Chocolate Ale

    Five or six weeks ago I read that Boulevard Brewing here in Kansas City was releasing a run of chocolate ale in Feb. The newpaper said that two years ago was the last time they made some and liquor stores were mobbed with lines around the block. A week or so later I asked a local store if they knew if they were getting some and leaned that there was a sign-up list with a limit of two bottles. I got a call today that mine were ready to pick up. I'll share them with my son and his fiancee on Valentine's Day.
  24. We recently got a new pub in town that specializes in Belgian and Belgian-style beers. I went there last week, and it was great, but it reinforced to me that I know NOTHING about them. Wit? Dubbel? Trippel? etc. Also, are there any "definitive" examples of the various styles that I should seek out?
  25. cricket33

    What's Everyone's Favorite Beer?

    I'm new here, just found this site last night looking up beer's and wine's. So my fav. Beer is Budlight or Bud.