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Found 595 results

  1. beergirl

    Dogfish Head Beer Descriptions Updated

    Check out the newest update to Dogfish Head Beers. They've added taste descriptions, food pairings, serving glass suggestions and comparable wine style.
  2. Here's an interesting article about the revival of growing and using NY hops. I always like the idea of reviving old ideas or traditions of the past. After all, Great Lakes Brewing Company opened its doors in what was once the heart of Cleveland's brewery industry and with the city's still-original-with-the-building and oldest mahogany bar.
  3. beans

    Coors for US Senate!

    Reuter's April 7 article from CBS MarketWatch here. Now I wonder if he is elected, will there be a Senatorial sort of name for a commemorative brew? Cheers!
  4. mickblueeyes

    Chimay Premiere

    Also called Chimay Red, this is one of only 5 Trappist beers available from Belgium. Since 1862, the Trappist (Order of Cistercian of the Strict Observance) monks of the Abbye de Notre-Dame de Scourmont have supported themselves by the making of beer and cheese. This expression is 7% abv. The color is a dark amber hue and cloudy from the yeast in the bottle. It has a thin white head that disperses quickly. Light earthy fruit (musty cherries?) on the nose with a hint of yeastiness. Medium-bodied with continuation of the earthy fruit on the palate. Very light flash of malty sweetness on the medium-long finish and some light astringency. 3.3 out of 5
  5. mickblueeyes

    Dogfish Head Immort Ale

    This amazing expression from Dogfish head is 11% abv, double-fermented, once on ale yeast and a second time on Champagne yeast. The organic ingredients include juniper berry, vanilla and Massachusetts molasses. After fermentation, it is oak aged for 2 months. The color is a gorgeous ruby/amber with fine bubbles, yeilding a fizzy, white head. Strangely, I find it a beautiful beer to watch effervesce, as it reminds me of champagne. The aroma is outstanding with hints of molasses, pine, chocolate and nuts. The palate is remarkably well-balanced with loads of molasses, pine, milk chocolate and roasted nuts. The finish is long, rich and satisfying, echoing the palate very well. There is a touch of bitter oak on the finish (tannic?) that balances the beer perfectly. After dinner or stand alone beer without any hesitation. 4.6 out of 5
  6. Susan in FL

    Dogfish Head

    Holy shit, Sam was a Hagar Slacks model?? I'm not sure what is the bigger news, that, or the beer. Also of interest in these beer news items sent to me by a very good friend was the notion of Lew Bryson mud wrestling. Let's see... Lew, mud wrestling... Sam, modeling Hagar slacks... That's a tough call. But I'll say given the choice, I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can link me to a Hagar Slacks ad featuring Sam.
  7. SBonner

    Seasonal Beers

    Less than a week into October and Steams Works Brewpub is pumping out alot of it's pumpkin ale. Alot better this year! less sweet and great balance of spice, fruit, and malts. Anyone else tried anyother seasonal beers? Cheers, Stephen
  8. magnolia

    Mackesons stout

    I'm trying to track down the current brewers of Macksons and have been all over the 'net but cannot find any reference to the parent company...Thanks !
  9. Stone

    All About Beer

    The current issue of "All About Beer" magazine, contains an interesting Buyer's guide for Beer Lovers, describing over 400 British and North American Ales. It describes general styles, i.e., Amber, Bitters, Pale Ale, and specific beers, such as Red Tail, Sunset Red Ale, etc.
  10. Verjuice

    Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

    Has anyone tried this stuff?
  11. john b

    Christmas in July at Grey Lodge Pub

    Tomorrow night (7/8). The beer lineup looks great: Troegs Mad Elf, Victory Resolution Porter, Rogue Santa's Private Reserve, and Sly Fox Christmas Ale (and maybe a barrel of a Manayunk Christmas beer). We will also have bottles of Mars Christmas Bock, Camerons Christmas Ale, Stoudts Winter Ale.
  12. JAZ

    Some Rocky Mountain beers

    We tried a few new (to me) beers while on vacation, a couple of which are worth mentioning. I finally tried Moose Drool brown ale (brewed in Missoula MT). Good solid beer, very drinkable, not too complex. Light bodied for a brown ale. I had not heard of Bitch Creek ESB before, but that was probably the best beer I tried on the trip. Brewed by Teton Brewing in Idaho, it's very well balanced, with the hops apparent but not dominating.
  13. Chezkaren

    Beer Cooler

    I was just shopping in Tuesday Morning and ran across a "Beer Cooler". It is similar to a beer "huggie" except that it is filled with whatever the liquid that is in ice packs. You put it in the freezer and it keeps your beer cold. It also says that it will chill a beer in 5 minutes ... just in case you don't have any cold ones ... and that it lasts for hours. Has anyone ever seen these and, if so, how do they work? Of course, I bought 2 of them to try myself but, alas, I'm still at work.
  14. fimbul

    Dogfish 60 Minute IPA

    Just discovered Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA. I bought the first six-pack off my local store's shelves and consumed most of it in joy and wonderment that very night (it was Friday, I was allowed). The bits I didn't greedily guzzle went to my girlfriend, who liked it almost as much as I did, but backed off in defrence to me when I began to sob and moan and kiss the bottle. For those of you in the middle parts of the east coast of USAia, this beer is a must have. It may have caused to me forswear even my beloved Hop Devil. It's a bottle-conditioned real ale with a great, mildly citrusy hop flavor with a slightly-roasty malt flavor right behind. (I'm not a trained reviewer: I liked it, it was good, go try it yourself... unless you live in the Northern Virginia area, in which case keep your mitts off it, because it's mine, MINE! DO YOU HEAR?) It's nowhere near as overpowering as Dogfish's 90 Minute IPA, if you were put off by that stuff. And at a mere 6% ABV, it might be my new session beer of choice.
  15. Rich Pawlak

    On To Oktoberfests!

    They're HERE! The beverage store shelves are starting to show this season's Oktoberfest beers, and it's a wonderful time of the year. SO far I've grabbed sixers of local Flying Fish Oktoberfish (had a glorious glassful of the stuff at Philly's Grey Lodge Pub the other night, and baby, it's a winner) and Lowebrau's Oktoberfestbier, and am planning to sample them tonight in our weekly beer chat on www.starchat.net (click on StarPirch, Channels, the "No Bull Inn") at approx 11:30 EST. Tasting notes to follow..... So what have you found out there, Oktoberfest-wise? Tasting notes, please!
  16. SusanGiff

    Beer of the Month Clubs

    Sorry if this has been covered--I searched the archives but couldn't find anything. My husband mentioned he might like a beer-of-the-month membership for Christmas, but it's difficult to tell whether the ones Google's coughing up are reliable. I suspect he's looking for seasonal microbrews or international beers. Anyone know of anything? Thanks. Susan
  17. StephenT


    I recently bought some Fraoch, which is a Scottish heather ale. It's brewed with heather instead of hops and (IMHO) is brilliant. It's dry, has a floral aroma and a full taste which is quite unlike most other beers. I'm going to be drinking a lot more of it. Has anyone else tried it? I'm not sure it's available outside the UK though.
  18. rabidscottsman

    Mead the gueuze

    I wasnt sure where to post this but i figured the beer forum would be the best spot I found this at the liquor store today and i couldnt resist the urge to pick up a bottle and try it The label says its brewed and bottled by Hanssens Artisanaal Dworp Belgium. Mead provided by Llurgashall, Petworth, West Suffex UK Thw label says its 70% malt liquor and 30% mead and its corked like a champange bottle. Im going to give this a try tonight and i will post what i think of it
  19. AuntieEm

    And it's Kosher!

    Coming soon to a city near you! HE'BREW
  20. haresfur

    Aging beer

    You might be interested in a happy discovery I recently made. I stopped brewing beer quite a while ago – I didn't seem to have time and wasn't drinking enough to get good at it (the former excuse still holds but I'm not sure the later still does). My last batch, christened by my DB as “Trash the Kitchen Imperial Stout” (never let your Imp. boil over) was a disaster in other ways, too. In a mis-guided attempt to sweeten up the recipe, I added too much molasses, not knowing that the molasses flavor results from unformentable chemicals. This resulted in a vile, highly alcoholic watered down blackstrap. So about 8 years later, I found some liter bottles with ceramic caps and a 12 pack of 12 oz bottles of the stuff left in a basement cupboard. I cautiously slipped some from a liter bottle to a beer afficionado who said, “High abv but drinkable.” Sure enough, after almost a decade, the alcohol had kept the beer preserved but the molasses had mellowed away. But wait, there's more. We opened one of the 12 oz bottles with a regular cap and the beer hadn't gotten any worse but there was still an overly strong smack of molasses. My theory is that the cap sealed too well and you needed the little bit of oxidation through the rubber gasket on the ceramic cap to take out the unformentables. Is there a moral here? Maybe that brewing chemistry is way more complex than I understand or that beer-gods are benevolent if you are patient.
  21. Rich Pawlak

    The Christmas Mix

    Since 1997, when I was first invited to participate, a jolly bunch of us in the Philadelphia area have gathered every holiday season to assemble what has come to be called The Christmas Mix. Steered and organized by beer writer Lew Bryson, with help from several other passionate beer geeks, its has been, for us, the ultimate beer Christmas present: 24 winter/holiday/Xmas beers, one per case, a case of joy for 24 lucky people. We are doing the same this year, assembling at the Grey Lodge Public House in Philly(www.greylodge.com) on Monday, December 29 and making up these cases. This is not a money-making venture of any kind, and several of us are already out purchasing the cases at distributorships all over the place, as far away as Maryland, to be ready for Dec. 29. The case price every year has averaged between $32-35 usually, and I expect, from initial purchasing so far, for that price to continue. We have some slots available this year, and I want to open it up to the folks here, especially to the ones within geographic range for pickup on Dec 29. For those interested who live further away, I'm sure we can calculate shipping, but there is always the risk of damage, and, of course the consideranble expense of shipping a case of beer. It's been done, but that's just the caveat. Just to whet your whistle, this is what we have planned for the Christmas Mix, with some possible changes due to availibility etc.: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Troegs Mad Elf Wild Goose Snow Goose Bert Grants Deep Powder Anchor OSA River Horse Frost Bite Harpoon Winter Warmer Victory Old Horizontal Old Dominion Winter Appalachian Susquehanna Stout Monk's Cafe Sour Clipper City Winter Pyramid Snow Cap Penn St. Nikolaus Avery Old Jubilation Geary’s Hampshire Winter Bell’s Java Stout North Coast Wintertime Weyerbacher Winter Pivovar Winter Lager Otter Creek A Winter’s Ale or Alpine Ale Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Harvey Christmas Ale Heavyweight Old Salty Flying Fish Grand Cru Lancaster Winter Warmer E-mail me here for details on payment in advance when possible, and get a case of beer like no other. Joining us all at the Grey Lodge, on December 29, will be (check out their current beer menu!) even more special and fun, if you can.
  22. maggiethecat

    Hopleaf, the Bar...

    Was leafing through the current issue of that dreadfully declasse mag, "Gourmet" and happened on an article on Chicago places, written from the rib-sticking viewpoint. Hopleaf, that wonderful bar in Andersonville, got a good mention. Something like...one of the best bars in a great bar city. My daughter used to live around the corner, and it was her local. Went there once and loved it. Plain, reasonable decibel level, terrific beer list. No food, or even snackies, but one can BYO pizza or whatever. Closest thing I've come to a good British pub on these shores. Cozy. And then, of course, there was my daughter's beautiful laughing face across the table.
  23. Okbrewer

    Midwest Beer Fest

    The Wichita Chapter of The American Institute of Wine & Food is presenting a beer festival October 8-9. See the website for details: www.midwestbeerfest.com
  24. Gifted Gourmet

    Europeans tempted with biotech beer

    The article from MSNBC so yet another major EU concern .. and we are still focussed on national security?? not GM foods?