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  1. It might seem ironic that with my current signature evangalizing the Meat book i would want to solicit the feedback on any interesting vegetarian ones. But it fact, the Meat book was one of the reasons for me to seriously reconsider my diet, in terms of meat sources and other related issues. Now, i still want to make delicious and interesting dishes, so here is my current list of books that live up to the idea: A Passion for Vegetables by Paul Gayler, a gem. Cafe Paradiso Seasons, delight to read: have yet to cook from it but recipes sound so good. The Gate Vegetarian Cookbook: Where Asia Meet
  2. July brings us the cooking of Sicily. I’m really pumped about this month of cooking, most especially to see how everyone else does with it. Last year when I cooked from Sicily (also in July), I had a great time; I would just find myself grinning while prepping the food. It’s so aromatic and exotic and full of weird combos that you don’t see elsewhere in Italy. Things you’d never think would work together wind up being the best dishes; I’d encourage finding some out-there Sicilian recipes and giving them a spin (my favorites from last year: duck with chocolate, cantaloupe caponata, baked p
  3. Article in Beer Advocate: I found this to be a real eye-opener: Has anyone thought about the potential ramifications for this? Do your vegetarian friends discuss this issue?
  4. And so, way down in Louisiana, deep in the swamps of the Mississippi Delta, beneath the Spanish moss, alongside the bayous, some of us eGulleteers are having this discussion: California Vegan in Thibodaux, on Fox Is veganism a viable option only for the wealthy? If you have to scrap just to survive, much less eke out a living, does that necessarily mean that you really have to boil, roast or fry up everything that walks, flies, or swims past? Or could you subsist on things you could cultivate? And would you really have to kill animals to make belts, shoes, billfolds, decorations for the ru
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if I could enlist you for some help. I returned to Montreal 2 years ago after a long absence and I 'm really loving the food and restaurants here-- o.k. maybe not so much the mexican or some of the take out chinese, but who's counting? I digress. So what I was wondering was if I could get some cookbook reccomendations for quebecios chefs. They can be in french, that's no problem. And since I happily cook meat for others, but I am not a huge fan of meat/ poultry and am alergic to seafood, I'm looking for books that are not too heavy on animal protein. I'm not
  6. We are catering a wedding this weekend and are considering doing a summer vegetable strudel-type dish using puff pastry as our vegetarian entree. However, the bride has requested whole grain and organic products only. We can get a pass on the organic requirement, but we'll need to rethink the dish unless we can get whole wheat puff pastry. Does it exist? Not that I have the time or space or inclination, but can it be made or are whole grains too heavy? Thanks for any help!
  7. Let me emphasise that this is work in progress. I'm experimenting to get what to me is the best texture and taste. This how I currently make sourdough baguettes. Its not the only way. It may not be the best way. You need to experiment to "dial in" the method to suit your environment, flour, starter and personal taste. However I hope to show some basic techniques that have general application for handling very wet doughs. The dough can also be used for other breads and rolls. This is a home recipe, but could be scaled for restaurant or small shop use, making a few dozen baguettes. Industrial
  8. If you should happen, for whatever reason, to visit a vegetarian restaurant as I occasionally do, you may have noticed that some of them seem to be heavy on "faux" foods which mimic meats (beef, even lamb!) and chicken or even fish (fake shrimp and fake lobster!). Of course, these dishes are made of tofu, gluten, and soy protein, etc. So, with that thought in mind: #1) would you order the "faux" replications or #2) simply prefer to order dishes which are not "copies" at all but original, creative vegetarian offerings? Examples which stand out in your mind?
  9. Ok..so everyone is talking about it. Just for fun, what is *your* Saffron Menu. We have the truffle menu and the chocolate menu, so why not saffron? Starter+Main(1 or 2)+Dessert Optional: canapes, beverages, petit-fours, wine matches and all that stuff. Can be designed to be suitable for any season, specific to any region or dining preference(vegetarian/"healthy"/no dairy etc)
  10. I'd appreciate knowing more about 'vegetarian' stocks. (The "hot soups" thread in the Indian forum got me thinking about this.) I assume basic vegetable stock-making would involve simmering cut vegetables in water and then straining the mixture. But what about the specific combinations and proportions of vegetables, addition of herbs and spices, length of time for simmering, reduction etc. Beside its obvious use as the base in soups, what other uses could one put this to (assuming that it doesn't possess the thickening property of the meat-based stocks)? edit: I did try to see i
  11. So we're inviting 12-20 of my husband's students to a Philadelphia theme party a week from Saturday. Obviously cheese steaks are planned. I am making the italian rolls myself, as you just can't get those here. For the beef, I am thinking of buying bulgogi to get something thinly pre-sliced, save myself a little work. (Do you think that would work?) Fried onions are planned, natch, as well as provolone and Cheese Whiz. We can't get those proper hot peppers here, but I guess I can try slicing Chicago sport peppers...unless someone has a good recipe that can be ready in time. I'd like to have so
  12. While eating at the Organic Grill (a vegetarian restaurant in NY) today, a vegetarian friend asked me why many non-vegetarians have a general aversion towards vegetarian or vegan restaurants. I didn't quite know the answer. Truth be told, I would never even consider going to a vegetarian restaurant (except Indian) unless I was actually with someone who is a vegetarian. Although I am not one myself, I do frequently order vegetarian entrees at "regular" restaurants and generally enjoy them as much if not more than meat or fish entrees. Why the stigma then, towards vegetarian restaurants? Is it r
  13. Years and years ago I lived up the block and across the street from a large country store on the outskirts of a college town that sold incredible cheesecakes, Archie comic books for the devout and everything you could possibly need for baking for cheap: all in clear plastic bags sealed with twist ties, weighed and priced. There and then I first noticed different kinds of powdered milk sold next to yeast, wheat berries and rye flour. These were the days that the popularity of Diet for a Small Planet was just beginning to wane and I always associated dehydrated milk with that kind of economical
  14. This weekend, I made Chichilo Oaxaqueno from Susana Trilling's book, Seasons of My Heart with chiles I brought back from Oaxaca. Unfortunately, I was flying blind here because Chichilo is one of the only moles I didn't try in Oaxaca. The result was tasty, but I needed some culinary guidance on this one. 1) Any suggestions on how to burn those chile seeds? I felt like I needed the blow torch to really do it right because I had to go outside (child at home). There was quite a bit of wind so I couldn't get a good burn. 2) I'm not sure if the mole truly had the most authentic taste bc I coul
  15. mostly brought up on vegetarian Indian food, I would like to know the wonderful uses of the two spices. I did find out from internet searches that kabab chini is all spice but have not much clue how to use them in Indian cooking p.s. I am a converted non-veggie so feel free to encompass meats in your suggestions
  16. tammylc

    Dinner for 40

    I live in a cohousing community. Cohousing is a form of intentional community that combines private homes with lots of common spaces. Last week we finally finished construction on our common house, a 4300 square foot building with a semi-commerical kitchen, dining room for 60, and other shared spaces. This week we start our common meal program. Teams of community members take turns cooking, and anyone is welcome to sign up to attend a community meal, up to 5 nights a week (we may drop this back if it ends up being too ambitious). Right now it looks like I'll be the head cook a couple night
  17. A vegan friend of mine recently got engaged to her hot-dog-slamming bacon-grease-frying boyfriend. After three years together- and many botched attempts at seducing him with homecooked vegan food- she has resigned herself to the likelihood that they will simply have eat different dinners for the remainder of their time together. Since they are banking on their partnership lasting a lifetime, I think it's really a shame that he hasn't been exposed to tofu or tempeh or whatever in dishes that really showcase the magic of these ingredients, not simply using them as some paltry meat-substitute. I
  18. Moving the Swati Snacks thread here since we were really straining the tea thread. Here's the article I wrote on the place after interviewing Asha Jhaveri, its very reticent owner. It was one of those rather frustrating interviews where you'd ask a long question and she would just reply 'yes' or 'no' - not from unfriendliness, that's just the way she is. One thing I didn't mention in the article is why she's able to run the restaurant the way she does - she's apparently from a fairly well off Palanpuri Jain (meaning diamond trading) family, so its not like this is the main source of income. S
  19. Making Jiaozi Album A few months back we made Jiaozi at a friend's house -- for the filling we used Ground Pork Cellophane Noodle (cooked) Firm or Pressed Tofu Scallion Ginger Soy Sauce Sesame Oil Greens (We used "Shepherds Purse" greens but it could be spinach or any other type of Chinese green) The dough was a simple mixture of flour and water, but if you are too lazy to make your own, use wonton skins. To cook, steam until done or pan fry.
  20. I'm cooking thanksgiving for a couple of vegetarians and was thinking I'd go with some kind of mushroom and/or truffle risotto. Can anyone recommend any stores in SF that have nice selections?? Fresh wild mushrooms and the odd proper truffle (summer truffles booooo....) would be especially appreciated... cheers, Alex
  21. ludja


    Any ideas, recipes for creating a vegetarian main dish using spatzle. I'm thinking, cheese, mushrooms, but am drawing a blank beyond that... Any ideas appreciated!
  22. OK, I suspect that I'm setting myself up for some flack here, but I'm getting desperate. I have committed to coming up with a vegetarian entree at Thanksgiving to serve alongside my turkey. The challenge I have is that the requested dish needs to have some protein in it (I'm serving lots of sides already suitable for a vegetarian), the requesting vegetarian doesn't particularly care for eggs, lentils, or tofu. I'd like the dish to also match well with the rest of the main meal, which will be as follows: 1. pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, and biscuits 2. cranberry-apple-pear compote 3. ma
  23. What do you make out of vegetarianism? If you had been a vegetarian for many years and decided to start eating meat again, what meat would you start with and why?
  24. Hi folks, Before I delve into the details of this little-known cuisine, I'd like to introduce myself. I feel really lucky to have come across this wonderful forum where everyone is passionate about the same thing as me - Indian food. My name is Suman Varadaraj and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I used to be the Indian Food Guide at About.com - the best part of my job was helping all those who wrote in with their queries to discover the wonderful world of Indian food. I've lived in Ghaziabad in U.P. (Have you heard of it Suvir?), Bombay, Mangalore, Bangalore and Dubai. It might come as a big surp
  25. Does anyone know of cookbooks that cover the cooking of the Indian diaspora? I'm researching some stories on Indian cookbooks, and I thought this would be an interesting angle. The few such cookbooks I've seen are fascinating - familiar Indian recipes, but with differences in ingredients and influences that reflect the histories of these communities. I guess many of these cookbooks are conscious attempts to commemorate these communities, so they all filled with anecdotes and nostalgia that make them really interesting, and often moving, reading. I know the classic South African Indian 'bible'
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