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  1. http://www.tca.uwa.edu.au/disembodied/dis.html Scientists in Australia have created a ‘semi-living’ food. This project uses a tissue engineering technique to grow cells from living animals into bodyless animal parts. I can’t see vegetarians or meat-eaters wanting to chow down on this non-animal entree. "This technique makes it possible to grow meat without victimizing animals. However, it is still unclear how this meat can be presented in an attractive and appetizing way. "
  2. Well, looks like we'll finally be making a trip to the UK, around May. (We've been talking about it for quite awhile.) On the itinerary is England, Scotland and Wales. I'm vegan - my husband is omnivore (where we agree is that we're both extremely adventurous when it comes to the ethnicity of a meal...anything's open for exploration - from Indian, to Iranian, and anywhere in between. And we're indifferent to whether it's street food or restaurant-based...it's the taste that matters.) Of course, we're also very interested in meal options local to England, Scotland and Wales, specifically.
  3. I realize that nothing tastes like bacon but I am a tempeh maker and have recently bought a cookshack smoker to make tempeh bacon. I have tried soaking the fresh tempeh in olive oil and then a marinade overnight. Mixed the marinade with oil, used veganaise to try to get it fatty (I think it needs fat). I have even put some xanthum gum in the mix which seems to work in keeping the marinade on the tempeh. Also the smoke gets stronger the next day and over powers the flavor. Realizing that some of you might think it sacreligous to make anything but pork taste like bacon, think of the poor vegetar
  4. I'm planning a thanksgiving dinner, however because of the specifics guests I have a semi-broad range of dietary requirements. I'm not unusued to one or two at the same time, but this is what I'm working with: * 4 guests are omnivores * 1 guest is a strict vegetarian * 1 guest is a vegetarian but will eat fish and seafood * 1 guest is deathly allergic to eggs, but will eat veg/seafood/chicken * 1 guest will eat anything but seafood in addition: * 2 of the omnivores won't eat anything with olives * 1 of the omnivores won't eat anything with pickles * 1 of the omnivores
  5. If so, how are the recipes? I'm mainly interested in the vegetarian, fish, and dessert recipes. http://www.amazon.com/Isabels-Cantina-Flav...95371904&sr=8-1
  6. jende

    Baked pasta dish

    I'm making a cheesy baked pasta dish for a potluck dinner on Thursday. I'm basing the recipe on one from Giada which mixes ziti with marinara and ricotta, and is topped with mozzarella. I'm leaving out the meatballs in her recipe and serving Italian sausage on the side, in consideration of the vegetarians in the group. My plan is to assemble the dish on Wednesday and refrigerate it until it's time to bake it on Thursday. This type of dish should hold ok in the fridge until it's time to bake, shouldn't it? Any recommendations for other similar recipes to look at would be appreciated, too.
  7. A good friend is vegan, and this sometimes causes problems. She likes to be included in social gatherings (and feels hurt/offended when she isn't included), but many gatherings center on food (either food preparation or eating or both), and most members of our group are not vegan. When we try to include her, there is always some big production made about whether she can eat the food (she usually can't). Sometimes I have tried to make some vegan food, especially for her. This can backfire, for several reasons. she is highly suspicious of whether things are "really" vegan. Sometimes she de
  8. Does anyone have a source for vegan Soba noodles. I haven't been able to find any without egg. Thanks,
  9. I need some suggestions for a restaurant in Dallas that don't treat vegetarians as an after thought. But I'm not looking for a "vegetarian restaurant". I mean, I gotta eat there too!! I wish York Street was still around. I think that might have been a good pick. I don't think I am limited by type of cuisine, though. So, open to lots of suggestions!
  10. We are not vegetarians nor vegans. We are Less-Meatarians (Mark Bittmanism)and I am on the lookout for delicious main dishes consisting of only or mainly vegetables. Hot, cold,lukewarm, whatever. Perhaps with a bit of meat...sort in the Chinese style. We eat a lot of Chinese food...but right now I am off this cuisine...Ed never is...and love Middle East, Mediterranean, North African dishes, Caribbean. Please: not too HEAVY or reliant on grains, rice, legumes, wheat products, etc, if possible. I do make moussaka, lasagna with cabbage (not too yummy), and a mishmash of this and that. And next I'
  11. I was wondering if the fine folks here would mind sharing a recipe for chung, or rice dumplings. The picture below is of one from a kind lady who runs a food cart near Yale New Haven Hospital and medical school. It is in a lotus leaf that she carefully removes before serving. It is filled with vegetarian meat and mushrooms. The rice appears to be glutinous brown rice and peanuts. Any advice would be appreciated. The rest of the food here is a basil tofu, pak choy, cabbage, and some vegetable pickles. Dan
  12. I've always enjoyed UK-based food publications. I pick up the odd "BBC Good Food" magazine off shelves in Shanghai, and really enjoy the fact that they feature vegetarian mains seriously, and have recipes from a wider range of ethnic magazines than US magazines seem to bother with. BBC Good Food is obviously aimed at casual cooks - the recipes are usually fairly simple, but I've still clipped several, including a vegetable biryani that gets raves every time I cook it. I have a magazine distributor that will order in magazines for me, but I don't know what titles I should be looking for. Help?
  13. Hey all, Hope you'll entertain a question from a newbie to this forum: I've been purusing a vegetable stock recipe from Eileen Yin Fei-Lo's "From the Earth" vegetarian cookbook, for which she lists "buckthorn seeds" as an ingredient. I can't remember having been at such a loss over an ingredient in awhile... couldn't find it in any local Chinese groceries or medicinal dry-goods shops, and, even weirder, can't really find any information about it online. Google searches mostly just seem to turn up sea buckthorn oil. Does anyone have any idea what this ingredient is, and perhaps what some altern
  14. I'm looking to see if there is a source for good vegan baking and sugar free baking anywhere between Hope and West Vancouver. Vegan need not be sugar free, sugar free need not be vegan. I'm just curious from a prospective bakery owner standpoint. I'm far less interested in wholemeal puck like tofu cookies that take an hour to chew and much more interested in brownies, cake, pie, candy, caramel corn and other tastes really good stuff. Same with the sugar free...can I get a chocolate cake with no sugar? Or caramel corn? Lemon Meringue pie? Like I said, I might buy a small bakery and I'm
  15. Some of you may know that I work as a cook on a cruise ship. It's been an interesting job, made more so recently when I was transferred a month ago to the Special Orders crew and told that I would be making meals for our guests with special dietary requests. My biggest challenge came this week when we had a group of 30 passengers who were all Jain. My word, what a difficult challenge this was for me!! The dietary restrictions alone made getting any sort of flavor into their meals quite diffcult--strict vegetarian, no onions, no garlic, no ginger, no potatoes--nothing that grows beneath the
  16. I'd like to cut back on dairy... but one of my big problems is cutting butter and milk/cream out of my diet, ESPECIALLY baked goods. Does anyone have suggestions for baking books that have reasonably tasty recipes using moderately easy to find and not overly expensive ingredients? I don't want to have to go out and buy a whole whack of fancy ingredients over and above what I stock in my regular pantry for baking. I've looked on amazon and there do seem to be a few good ones.... Also, does anyone have a coconut macaroon recipe that doesn't involve egg whites?
  17. Host's Note I split this off from the Vegetarian one because it seemed to have legs of its own. I think this verges on the OT, but Pti, having eating Indian in the Indian subcontinent, the UK, France and the US, what's your take on the differences?My pre-opinion is that because of the products in France, one can cook Thai, Indian, even Japanese food and it's different than it is in the Mother country (But maybe this deserves a new thread).
  18. Hi all, I'm doing a little sleuthing (not for an article) about where one can eat vegan in Vancouver. I'd like to get about a dozen ideas, both high-end (silver-domed service) and as low as they go (incense and hairy armpits), before I come for my next visit. Not to worry, I'm not turning vegan. Not in this lifetime, anyway. (Note: No offense to egullet vegans, although doubtful there are any. Seriously, what's life without cheese?!)
  19. Hi, I am creating a vegetarian dish and instead of Tuna i am thinking of a meatless vegetarian items similiar to the tuna (ruby red vibrant colour), any suggestion? May all animal be free from suffering!
  20. Hi, once again I need some ideas on the appropriate substitution of egg(yellow) and Crab meat(White) to vegetarian items of similiar colour? Many thanks.
  21. My Wife needs to take a vegetarian out to lunch, and would like to see what suggestions members have for places to eat in the Silver Spring area that features a vegetarian menu. Thanks for any input.
  22. hello all! I am usually in the pastry forum... Anyway, I have made meals over the last few weeks for my extended family (we are easily 16 people) for the Jewish holiday season. And now once again another holiday! I am out of ideas. I need two meals. I thought about the evening one: 1. Orange soup (sweet potatoes, pumpkin etc) 2. Egg and radish salad 3. Fresh salad 4. Cole slaw 5. mini quiches (mushroom, spinach, plain 6. What else?? Do I need another dish? 7. Someone else will do dessert Main lunch meal the following day: 1. I want a cold soup - any ideas?? It is still kinda hot here !! No mea
  23. Hi all, My first attempt at posting on the Japan section though I've been enjoying the posts fo a while now. I confess to never having tried Japanese food (blasphemous I know!), for a number of reasons, until last year. For the longest time I don't think it was even available when I was growing up, at least to the masses; it was too expensive, too exotic, and most importantly, I assumed that Japanese cuisine didn't have anything for vegetarians. Well, I accompanied some friends to dinner one night to a tiny "sushi-house," and they ordered a sushi "boat", a giant wooden model studded with all k
  24. A vegetarian friend and I have agreed to get together to cook on a regular basis, and I was hoping to pick up some tips from folks who have had experience cooking with what I'll call "meat substitutes"--tofu, tempeh, tvp and the cornucopia of fake meat products like Soyrizo or I Can't Believe It's Not Bacon! I've had success with vegetarian cooking in the past, but also enough spectacular failures that I'm wary about trying anything new without some preliminary research.
  25. There is a great vegetarian Chinese restaurant in LA's San Gabriel Valley called Happy Family. I am looking for the New York equivalent. The menu should be completely vegetarian, not just a Chinese joint with veg options. Any suggestions?
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