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  1. eG Society member Kyle Stewart at The Cultured Cup is contributing three Japanese green teas for tastings here in the Coffee & Tea forum. The first is a Kukicha Fukamushi. In the interest of having tasting discussions about more teas this year while holding down my cost of shipping samples, I am now asking participating tea merchants to supply samples for three members plus me. So Kyle has provided three samples of 10 grams each that I will mail to the three eG Society members participating in this tasting. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least five substantive
  2. I first tried asking this question of people in the China forum. No luck. So, does anyone here know anything about how to conduct a three tea set? In Mandarin it is refered to as San Dao Cha.
  3. HI All- I would like some input on sweetening cold drinks. I am hosting a lunch and am considering either brown sugar in lumps or a simple syrup on the table to sweeten the iced drinks (primarily iced tea or tea based punches). My question are the following: 1. Can I make the pretty lumps of sugar I see when dining out at home? 2. Should I simply set a small carafe of simple syrup on the table? 3. For those that are diabetic can I make a simple syrup using splenda for table use? Thank you for any info you can offer.
  4. Has anyone either installed a new thermostat or upgraded one on a Francisfrancis X5? Or, for that matter, know of anyone who has? Mine is going, the boiler is cycling on and off every second in the espresso mode, and taking about three times greater than normal to reach steam temperature. I searched the net this afternoon with little luck specific to this model and learned after calling Illy, that the minimum charge will be $100 just to look at it. And that doesn't include the parts that they won't sell to individuals. I found a posting online that refered to a group of finatic X5ers that
  5. viva


    Has anyone tried this? Kombucha fermented tea. Maybe it's not tea. I don't know. There’s a bunch of wild health claims on the label, but I just drink it for the taste and the pick-me-up. It’s fizzy and sour – I like the ginger version which tastes like a really sour ginger ale.
  6. My wife will be in Sinapore, Manila, and Hong Kong on business, and i am going along for the experience. Are there partiular places to purchase quality teas, maybe for a better price than is available in the states? Any rare or special Chinese blends that are worth trying? Thanks for any insight--I usually drink iced Luzianne or Tetley's to accomodate the Houston heat.
  7. I used to use a flannel drip filter (like a flannel tea-strainer), then they went out of fashion and I couldn't buy a new one. Recently my local coffee shop owner assured me that they need to be stored wrung-out, in the fridge. They do??
  8. this kettle search is harder than i thought it would be -- neither consumer reports nor cook's illustrated has reviewed electric kettles (that i can find), and feedback on big sites like amazon varies a lot (some people love a particular brand, some people find nasty strange smells and frequent breakages). i'd be grateful for any feedback on non-plastic models -- i don't care if the outer part is plastic, but i don't want plastic on the part that touches water (and i've heard that some of the metal models will still have plastic on interior parts of the spout, or level indicator). all detail
  9. I reported on a Food & Tea Pairing Dinner in Dallas, Texas at Sharon Hage's York Street in collaboration with The Cultured Cup and it's T-Bar Club. Is anyone doing Food & Tea Pairing Dinners or anything similar in your part of the world?
  10. I am planning on baking a French-style cake that uses Earl Grey tea as a major flavor component. The cake is a typical French entrement, with two layers of light chocolate cake brushed with an Earl Grey-syrup mixture, a layer comprised of an Earl Grey tea mousse, and finally two regular chocolate mousse layers that have no tea at all. I am looking for an Earl Grey that is bright, with a lot of the orange flavors that make it Earl Grey in the first place. Any suggestions on a brand to use? The cake, btw, is from Pierre Herme, the famous Paris pastry chef.
  11. This week I read Rebecca and watched the Goods Eats episode on tea. Between the two, I am seriously wanting to begin a daily tea ritual. I find the idea of 'afternoon tea' very smart. I am generally a coffee drinker. I need the pick me up 3-4 times a day. I am a little sensitive to caffeine though. I find that my very strong cups in the afternoon make me too jittery. I also get very hungry around 3-4. This makes it difficult to do all my cooking for supper. So...I would love the slow gentle lift of tea that Alton discussed. As well as a scone or cake to pick me up everyday. I would love sugge
  12. Kent Wang

    BYO tea

    Most Chinese restaurants serve cheap tea. Would it be rude of me to bring in my own tea and ask for boiling water? Has anyone else done this? How do you transport your tea? Do you buy the packets (loose-leaf, not bags of dust) or bring a small sealed container?
  13. An article over at MSNBC talks about how ... As far as what kind of "coffee" they would use in the vending machines... It should be interesting to see how this turns out. Obviously this can't be a drop in replacement for their existing vending machines as they obviously will need a water supply line. Unless of course they make the units totally self contained in which it has a supply of brewing water, along with a drain bin and waste canister for the "spent" pods. I would hasten to guess this machines will require quite a lot of service and maintenance. The cleanliness factor of these
  14. Hi All, My wife and I had a pretty amazing tea experience at WD-50. Up until that point I've only been an very occasional tea drinker and then only earl grey or green tea in bags. I have always been a cocktail before a meal, wine during and expresso/coffee afterwards but I am toning that bit down. After some initial looking around it just seems like the flavor/paring combinations are awesome. Can someone point me to an site that can help educate me on pot types ect? What types of pots do you all use? Anyone know what kind of pot that was at WD, it had the loose tea in a cylinder in the m
  15. article here from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (registration req'd) Your opinions? Will you drink more coffee based upon these new findings?
  16. My group is moving to new offices in Toronto at the end of the year, and for my sins I’ve been put in charge of the coffee committee, charged to find some system that makes drinkable coffee instead of the usual swill. We have about 50-60 people, not all of whom are coffee drinkers. My hope is to come up with something good enough and inexpensive enough to keep our staff in the office and not spending half an hour twice a day putting on their coats, boots and mittens and trekking down the block to Starbucks. Has anyone ever had decent office coffee? Any recommendations?
  17. OnigiriFB

    New Tea

    Hi, I just bought some loosed leaf tea from Gong Fu Tea here in Des Moines (see my blog for a review) and the 2 teas I've purchased I've like the second brewing better than the first. This is my first real foray into gourmet teas and I was wondering if this is a common thing? I purchased a white tea called silver needle and a earl grey darjeeling. Both teas have a slightly acrid aftertaste. The white tea was grassy and gave me a slight headache (i'm allergic to grasses) the first time around but the second and third time it mellowed out into a wonderul if subtle tasting tea. The earl grey was
  18. Enjoy: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/664394.html
  19. I have been getting more into tea lately. Today, while trying to kill some time at the mall, I wandered into the Coffee Beanery and discovered they have a nice setup of 'Republic of Tea' teas, which I have heard good things about. Well, most were pretty plain and boring looking, earl grey, green tea, honey and ginger, etc, stuff you can find anywhere. Well, one then caught my eye, a tea called 'Lapsang Souchong' which is apparently fermented and smoked over pine wood according to the blurb on the back. I also had to pick up a tea-ball as this didn't seem to come in bags. I just had a glass
  20. I was at a Japanese restaurant and had brown rice tea. I really enjoyed it. I have purchased a package (it's loose tea) from a local Asian store. The instructions are all in Japanese, so I'm not sure how to properly prepare it. Not sure if it's the same as regular loose tea and even if it is, not sure of the proper measurements. I have a teapot with a basket stainer and thought that would be similar to the teapot they used at the restaurant. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Mo
  21. I was wondering about silver versus a ceramic pot. If you make tea in a silver teapot.... does the metal make any difference in the brewing of the tea...that somehow it might alter the flavor? I noticed that tea made in those iron Chinese teapots seems to kind of stew the tea and I notice a difference in flavor. Has anyone been using a silver teapot? I am so tempted to get a lovely older one but i want to really use it....but not if its going to alter the flavor of the tea. I would apprecaite your comments....thanks so much.
  22. Experimenting lately with a couple old vacuum pots, I've learned something about myself. And that is that I'm pretty limited in my appreciation of coffee. My first truly great experience with coffee was 30 years ago in the Canary Islands, where I was first exposed to the variety and intensity of espresso drinks to be had in Spain. The taste of this coffee became my "mother" and I've been seeking her out ever since (to no avail, by the way). I suspect, however, that over time I have been looking more for the nose-punching thrill and have missed the subtleties to be enjoyed in the world's wo
  23. i have a growing collection of teapots, tea for ones, teacups with infusers- these accessories add much to the experience of having tea? there is so much to learn about brewing and serving te joanne
  24. I've recently been trying different brands of Darjeeling tea, and noticed a big difference in taste. Can anyone recommend any particular brands (or web stores) to try? Thanks!
  25. Don't know if this has been covered in this forum or not, a cursory search revealed nothing, but here goes... I have a friend who has lots of loose tea, but this friend often doesn't have time to make a pot of tea or fuss with tea balls. I have searched online to no avail for empty tea bags that can be filled with loose tea and haven't found anything. I've suggested cutting squares of cheesecloth and tying with twine; which is apparently too much effort. Any suggestions? What does everyone do for 'loose tea on the run'? Should my friend just buy bagged tea and save the loose tea for when there
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