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  1. What do people here think of the "bulletproof coffee" fad, or just butter coffee in general? Here is a company that promotes it, and here is a random discussion on the Interwebz, plus this piece from Fox News. The basic idea is mixing butter and/or something like coconut oil with coffee. Obviously there is also a tradition of mixing butter and tea, but until recently I never heard of the coffee variation (or abomination?). But I've had trouble finding any... let's say, unbiased discussions of its effectiveness, health value, etc.
  2. For our first comparative Tea Tasting & Discussion, eG Society member Greg Glancy at http://www.norbutea.com is contributing samples of three Wuyi Oolong teas. I will mail three of the sets of three 7 gram samples to the eG Society members participating in this Tea Tasting and Discussion. Here are the three featured Oolongs from the Wuyi Mountain area of the Fujian province. Please follow the links for more information on each of these teas and for brewing suggestions. Da Hong Pao - Wu Yi Oolong Tea - Spring 09 Shui Jin Gui - Wu Yi Oolong Tea - Spring 09 Ban Tian Yao - Wu Yi Oolong Tea -
  3. Allright, so I'm engaged in a couple of topics where teas are being tasted...click and click. In a fantastic gesture of both his time and expense, Richard Kilgore, one of our volunteer managers, has been acquiring and sending out samples of various high-end teas to members who respond (like I did) with the promise that they'll taste the teas and report back. The way these fancy teas are brewed requires a fair amount of work as well as a fair amount of equipment. Take a look at Richard's topic Show Us Your Teaware, and you'll see what I mean. No doubt tea can be brewed on a shoestring, as ca
  4. Bill Waddington at Tea Source has contributed an Okayati Estate Darjeeling 1st Flush for this Tea Tasting discussion. He provided 10 gram samples for me and three more eG Society members. Each sample is enough to make about four cups of first infusion tea. The three free samples are available to members who 1) will do at least two brewing sessions from the sample, 2) will report on their experience and participate in the discussion, and 3) who have previously posted at least ten (10) substantive posts (questions, answers, comments that add to discussions) in the Coffee and Tea forum. Preferenc
  5. I'm hoping someone here can direct me to a wholesale source for those metal tea caddies. The ones I'm thinking of seem very traditional to me - they're metal with both and outer and inner cap and sort of look like old metal milk vessels. Sorry if my description is lost in translation. I've searched Google for metal tea caddy but haven't had much luck. I'm looking for a source where I can buy a dozen of them. Thanks!
  6. Organic Matcha Iri Genmaicha yuuki-cha.com Photo by yuuki-cha.com. Used with permission. Dan at yuuki-cha,com in Japan is contributing an Organic Matcha Iri Genmaicha for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. The tea is composed of organic sencha and matcha from Kyoto and roasted organic brown rice from Nara. I will mail free samples of 10 grams each for up to three eG Society members. This is the last Tasting & Discussion for this year. However, several interesting Tea Tasting & Discussions in a new format are already slated for the first part of 2010. If you subscribe to the eG Coffee
  7. A comment or two in another topic, and my experience yesterday with a black tea drunk over 8 hours or so have got me wondering: are there predictable changes that occur in brewed tea when it sits before you drink it? Most of the tea I drink at work is of necessity brewed 'in bulk', and carried around in a quart thermos and sipped through the day. Yesterday, I was brewing some yunnan black tea, and remembering that black teas give up most of their flavor more quickly than oolongs and puerhs, I used a higher leaf to water ratio to account for fewer reinfusions, and I overdid it. The lovely f
  8. Over the past few weeks, I've been working for a teashop in Snohomish, WA... doing some website work, but primarily taking product photos for their online catalog (I'm a photographer by trade). What fun! To this point, I've photographed over 400 types of tea, most of them loose. The great part is, of course, that I get to try any tea that I want. In fact, after each tea is photographed (only about 1tsp is used at a time), it would otherwise be thrown away. I couldn't just allow all of that tea to go to waste. Unfortunately, I was photographing large groups of teas at a time (50 teas per hour,
  9. Richard mentioned drinking a low-caffeine Houjicha in this thread. This got me wondering; what are some other low caffeine teas that one might consider for their evening or before bed cuppa. I occasionally drink chrysanthemum tea at night but I would like to learn more about what teas other than the flower, white or red teas might be good for evening enjoyment. TIA, Diane
  10. This Tea Tasting Discussion features an Indian black tea, a Nilgiri, Glendale Estate, Handmade. Bill Waddington at teasource.com is providing free 10 gram samples for me and three more eG Society members. Each sample is enough to make about four cups of first infusion tea. This is an impressive tea I first ordered last year from Tea Source. I have since ordered more, unusual for me since I typically prefer to explore many teas, an ounce at a time. Here is some background information from the Teasource site: The three free samples are available to members who 1) will do at least two brewing se
  11. I enjoy floral teas for variety, but find a lot of the commercially available blends are too strong--for example, I usually cut rishi's peach blossom white tea about 1:2 with a nice white or yellow tea to get a pleasingly floral but not cloying brew--or start with poorer quality base teas, so have been adding flowers myself. For example, while reading up on the pouchong tea I recently rediscovered in the back of my cupboard, I encountered several times a note that it is often drunk with the addition of rose. So, when I bought some more of it, I asked about adding rose, and got a bag of littl
  12. I have one of those Russell Hobbs electric kettles. I fill it part way with water, run it until it boils, and pour some of the water into a mug for tea. When I go to boil more water, I pour out the remaining water, refill the kettle, and go again. Several other people I know, by contrast, leave the water in the kettle and boil it again. I somehow feel that reboiled water is going to be somehow inferior. Is this completely in my imagination or is it for real?
  13. Coffee and tea has both been my favorite beverages over the many years. However, I still prefer the classic taste of tea, and I never fail to drink at least 3 cups of tea a day! I'm also aware that tea is a much healthier option to coffee. (Not Really Entirely Sure Of How Coffee Is Healthy, perhaps anyone can comment about this?) I enjoy drinking mainly green tea such as Matcha, or Longjing Green Tea. However, i truly enjoy the unique taste of rooibos tea as well. What about you? Do you prefer drinking coffee or tea?
  14. Just curious about which tea merchants you have used this year so far, and any others you plan on using the rest of the year. I'll be buying mostly from some of my dependable standbys (theculturedcup.com, houdefineteas.com, jingteashop.com, norbutea.com, teasource.com, yuuki-cha.com and yunnansourcing.com.), but I'll probably try two or three additional tea merchants. I have stuck with the above ones for similar reasons and individually distinctive reasons that I'll get into in a post a little later. So what tea merchants are you using this year...and why.
  15. Hi, I purchased some tea recently from either Walmart or another small grocery store. I think it was the best tea I have ever had but can't for the life of me remember what brand it is. I was hoping someone here could help identify the brand. Description: It is a decaffeinated tea. I have one of the tea bags tags and on it it says on one side, "Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black TEA" in green letters with a white background. On the other side it says " Decaffeinated Tea" and has a picture of a tea/coffee cup with a backwards looking "S" representing steam coming out of the cup also in green with
  16. I was going through the checkout line at a Sprouts grocery store recently and noticed that the person in front of me had only two products in her basket. Two bags of potato chips and about 40 bottles of "organic black tea". At a dollar a 16 ounce bottle. Looked like a party in the making. Certainly convenient - it's "organic" and convenient - just toss it in the trash or recycle the glass or plastic. But how hard is it to make iced tea? $40 would buy the 160 - 180 grams of a good quality tea leaf needed and have money left over. And few if any of the bottled teas are made of anything but the l
  17. There are now many tea merchants on the internet. Some have B&M tea shops; some have their own sites; some are on eBay. Their websites differ considerably in the range of teas and tea-things they offer and how they are presented. Some English language sites are based in the tea producing countries and more are based in tea importing countries. So, I am curious about what everyone's experiences have been and what your preferences are. Do you prefer ordering from merchants in your country or from those overseas? Or after buying on-line have you decided you prefer a B&M shop? What kind of
  18. In the search for my ideal Orange Pekoe I've picked up a box of tea from Lee Valley. It's a nice tea, kind of leathery and a bit smoky - not what I'm looking for for my daily cuppa - but I realize it would make a great base for chai. I'm pretty sure that I'll put green cardamon pods in there and probably some black peppercorns, maybe some saigon cinnamon - but I'm curious to know what folks like as their spice blend in chai. Do you grind, crush or just mix the whole spices together with the tea?
  19. The spring tea harvest season is upon us in tea regions around the world. What teas are you looking forward to drinking this year? Are they your old standbys or are you exploring new ones?
  20. My fiance and I are in the process of building a wedding registry at Sur La Table - and we could really use some advice about espresso machines! Apologies in advance if this is a redundant question - I couldn't manage to uncover any answers in the coffee/tea thread... The question: Espresso I've had in Italy always seems much more concentrated (more flavor and MUCH less liquid) than 'espresso' in the US. I really prefer the Italian style - is achieving that as simple as just putting less water in the machine? Or do I need a machine that is specifically designed to produce that kind of espresso
  21. The new edition of The Great Tea Rooms of America by Bruce Richardson came out this summer. In this edition, he also included for the first time a section on The Great Tea Shops of America. (For a discussion of the Great Tea Rooms of America go here.) All lists are fodder for discussion, so what do you think of Bruce Richardson's list of the Great Tea Shops of America? Which ones have you been to or ordered from and what did you like or dislike about them. Any you think should have been included that he left off? Any on it that you think should have been left off? Great Tea Shops of America
  22. Lior


    I, with South African childhood roots, best preferit with strong black tea with milk. People here look at me funny! I think most common is tea, no milk with nana leaves-peppermint?
  23. Ummm... Lipton Iced Tea from the cafeteria in the office?? Seriously, though, I'd like for the people to suggest a tea for me. I'll ask the same question at Cultured Cup this Saturday, but I'd like to see what you guys recommend. What would be a good "evening" tea? You know, something to enjoy after a long day at work. Lots of times, I like to whip up a cocktail right when I get home. But on nights I don't do that, I am thinking maybe a nice cup of tea later in the evening, after I've had dinner and what not and am relaxing, might be a nice soothing way to end the day.
  24. Recently a co-worker of mine and I got into a discussion about "cream tea" and "afternoon tea', and the types of teas that go best for each occasion. He thought that for cream tea, where the tea is usually accompanied by scones or cakes, a strong tea like Assam matched well and cut through the sweetness. Do you take afternoon tea, and what thoughts do you have on matching the food to the tea?
  25. Another matter to keep in mind when tea shopping: 4 ounces of loose tea will brew 40 to 50 cups on average (this is Western style, one infusion). Do the math; tea can cost considerably MORE per pound than coffee, but less per cup! From the TeaSource.com website: "Tea is the most affordable luxury in the world. But at first glance it may seem expensive. A tea that costs $100.00 per pound only costs 50 cents per cup when brewed. A pound of tea will typically yield 200 cups (vs. 40-50 cups from a pound of coffee). Also, many of the teas in our collection will yield as many as 4-6 infusions from t
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