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Found 513 results

  1. I got some Activa YG to use for making the ricotta goat cheese dumplings from the book Ideas in Food. But I have not been able to find any other applications for the Activa YG. Can anybody suggest any other interesting things to try with it?
  2. MC states the steel sheet method to make pizza works for an electric oven. Will it work for a gas oven? I read somewhere that could be a problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear all, a quick question regarding the pressure cookers. I am shopping for my first PC, and I have reduced my choice to two brands: Kuhn Rikon and WMF. They are both high quality brands with excellent products. I have, however, a question regarding the pressure that develops inside these cookers. - Only Kuhn seems to be able of reaching 15 psi/1 bar: the manual says that the maximum operating pressure is 1.2 bars. This is consistent with the MC books that cook everything on 1 bar. - WMF offers uses two pre-set options: low-level (around 9psi) and high level (around 13psi). If I were choosing just for me, I would go with Kuhn. But if I think of my wife, that the WMF is more gadgety/sexy. Its "ultra" model has a timer, green indicator when it can be opened and the choice of two levels is very straightforward: I am sure my wife would prefer it, as it makes cooking somehow more accessible and automated. My question: if I choose a PC that reaches only 13 psi, will it have any influence on the cooking outcomes? Specifically; a. would I need to add few minutes to the cooking times from the MC recepies? b. should I expect any inferior results in the taste/outcome? Thanx in advance, Ivan
  4. I am wondering if anybody has experience using rice bran oil and can comment on how it compares to other oils and in particular against extra virgin olive oil. ANy recipes that it is most suited for instead of other oils?
  5. Well after great success with the Caramalized Carrot Soup it's time to move onto the French Onion Soup. I've picked up my Preserving Jars 500ml * 4. Anyone got any tips before I proceed, I'm using a Fagor Pressure Cooker which is fine as this is not a sterilastion canning as I take it. I do not have a tray for the bottom of the pressure cooker except for the steamer basket on a trivet which I'll put the cans on or in whichever way you look at it.. I'm not sure how much water to put in. The PC instructions state to put 2 cups in for >20mins cooking so I'll do that as it is a 40min cook. I think that's it! Anyone have any comments before I proceed? I'll get back to you with the results. Reagrds, Vol.
  6. I'm very excited to try this! I have a new oven (Kitchen Aid Architect Series II) and purchased a 3/8" thick aluminum plate. Here's the issue and question.... Using the calculator on page 23 of Vol 2... - my broiling elements are 4 CM apart, so the sweet spot is 4CM x .44 + .5CM = 2.26CM below the elements. However, at the highest rack setting, my metal plate is 7.5 CM from the elements. Should I find something about 5 CM thick to place between the rack and the metal plate; or simply live with the 7.5CM distance? Any suggestions for what I might use as the "spacer"? One other data point about this broiler.... In the User Manual, Kitchen Aid suggests placing the rack in a position for broiling where the food would be 13-14 CM below the heating elements. How likely is it that this particular broiler does not calibrate in the manner contemplated in Vol 2 P26-27 of MC? Thanks!!
  7. I asked the european subsidiary of Ajinomoto to get some Koji-Aji and the answer was, it is only available for the food processing industry, not as a seasoning for cooks. Does anyone know someone selling it in small quantities? Greetings from Vienna, Andreas PS: I made a dark beef fond (2-301) and came across beeffilet with jus de roti (4-54).
  8. I recently got my modernist cuisine at home and saw that many of the recipes contain wondra flour. However, living outside the US (Israel) I am not able to obtain this product. Is there any suggestions on how to replace it with an equivalent product? If I replace it with normal flour will the recipes work? Thanks in advance, Yariv
  9. Hello all, I just tried my hand at the caramelized carrot soup. Best soup I have ever made. Mind blown. Anyway, I thought I could be an amazing son/boyfriend and send my leftovers to my mom and girlfriend who is in the Peace Corps abroad. I was looking up some tables and it looks like if I throw the carrot soup into a canning jar for 85 minutes at 15 psi in the pressure cooker to seal and preserve it I should be ok. Has anyone had any luck doing something like this before? Am I about to make 2 loved ones very sick? Thanks
  10. I don't know where to buy essential oils and i'm wondering if they are all edible ? Dominic
  11. Can a broken potato puree be fixed? During the final step when I was whisking the sieved baked potatoes into the potato juice-butter mixture the butter separated from the potato. I believe this was the result of the potato juice-butter mixture that was too hot.
  12. Should really 500 grams of carrots be replaced with 500 grams of leeks + 500 grams of onions? Twice the amount off vegetables sounds a lot so I ask before risking burning the cooker.
  13. on p. 3-104, the recipe for escolar reads 'cook sous vide in 39C/102F bath to core temp of 38C for about 20 minutes." Can this possibly be correct? 102 degree fish is basically warm raw fish. one may as well put on one's head. should this read 49C/120F?
  14. Hi guys... I'm the proud owner of MC "En español". I'm fluent in English but I got the spanish edition - more expensive - to share the books with my cooks at the restaurant and with my mum. I'm fascinated with the books but now I want the "At home edition" but so far I can't find it in spanish. If it's already available and you can suggest me a website where I can buy it , let me know please, or if it's not available yet... Do you have a date for the release of that edition? Best regards from México. Luis
  15. Made this one last night as I was intrigued to find what difference pre-soaking the spaghetti would make to the taste of finished dish and and interested to see if I could knock up a dish in just over a minute. Since I don't have a centrifuge the Tomato Water was made to a recipe by Raymond Blanc which gives a very clear tomato water with infused flavours from other vegetables and herbs. The store bought spaghetti (as recommended) was soaked for an hour and then cooked in the tomato water. The recipe calls for the water to be brought to a boil and then the spaghetti cooked for 1 min 10 secs. Exactly? Not 1m 8secs or 1m 12secs? Now 500g of water is not a lot to cook spaghetti in and even in the smallest of pans does not give a lot of depth and it took all of the 1m 10secs for the spaghetti to soften enough to fully submerge. A minute later and the spaghetti was still hard and raw. In fact it took all of 6 or 7 seven minutes at a rolling boil to become 'al dente'. Even then it could have done with a minute or two more. So the recipe is clearly wrong. Possible explanations/solutions The time is a typo and should read maybe 7min 10secs - but what possible difference would that extra 10 seconds make? The recipe says 'store bought' spaghetti which I took as normal dried spaghetti in a packet but maybe this is a recipe for store bough 'fresh' spaghetti (the kind you get in a vacuum pack)? It doesn't say that. The soaking needs to be done for much longer than 1 hour - maybe 3 or 4 hours. Maybe this should be done in a pressure cooker? 1min 10 secs would then make sense. Any thoughts? Anyway, the result was quite delicious, a light flavourful pasta without the usual heavy sauce. I didn't make the Tomato Confit but instead served it with thinly sliced sun-dried shop bought tomatoes, thinly sliced bacon cooked in the oven and a few pea shoots. The occasional sharpness of the tomatoes and saltiness of the bacon were the perfect foil to the delicately infused spaghetti. One observation is that the pasta dried quite quickly once plated and I felt that additional olive oil would have masked the flavour. A ladle of the tomato water after plating gave the perfect result. Definitely one to try again when I've got a spare six hours to make the Tomato Water!
  16. has anyone used flavored oils, like LorAnn's Candy Oils, for flavoring foams or sphere (fluids or gel)?
  17. So all, I've built my own temp regulator with a PID controller and outlet to control a heating element (I'm currently using my slow cooker). My question: what do you use to circulate your water? I saw the lightobject pump and the reviews say it's not submersible (what does this mean? should I get hoses to connect to the pump parts?). Is there a better/easier to use pump.
  18. Hello all. I'm a home cook looking to get into Sous Vide cooking. I'm getting ready to order some of the equipment and I have a question regarding chamber vacuum sealers. I know that in MC's gear guide they recommend the VacMaster VP210C, while in his 2011 Gift Guide Scott recommended the VP112C. A week ago they were only about $75 difference in price, and since footprint isn't really an issue for me I was just going to get the VP210C. However, when I looked today, Amazon has the VP-112C on for only $646.30. That's starting to be a substantial amount of savings. Both seem to be well reviewed items and I'm relatively certain that I won't go wrong with either, but I was hoping that I could find someone here who has used both and get there advice. Is the 210C worth the extra $250? Thanks in advance.
  19. I just made the Raspberry Panna Cotta (from the At Home book), but would love to make some Panna Cotta without the Raspberry flavor. Can I just replace the Raspberry Puree with the same amount of Heavy Cream and keep the rest of the recipe the same? Or will that throw off the amount of other ingredients (specifically the Gelatin) needed?
  20. What is the purpose of cooling the spinach butter after pureeing it. You then melt and filter it - why not do this directly after pureeing? Are you supposed to store it unfiltered? Is that true if you are freezing it as well? Finally, in the photo of the sous vide steak on top of the melted spinach butter, the butter is separated into yellow and green globules. Mine is pretty much all green - it tastes fine, just doesnt look as cool as the photo. Any help is appreciated.
  21. Ok I understand their are many ways to extract Flavor from spices. Some spices are best toasted dry some are best steeped in a bit of hot oil some reading I have done talks about fat soluble flavors others are water soluble. Any available reference material on this matter?
  22. I've been experimenting with sous-vide ribs and have had some excellent results sous-viding direclty in brine for 24 hours and then finishing them off on the smoker for a couple of hours. Other times, not so much. I've started to catalog my experiments and would love some input on what works & why! Experiment 1: removed silver skin from slab of baby back pork ribs cut in half, put in crock pot with chicken broth sous vided at 140F for ~50hrs sprinkled rub on ribs, put in smoker set to 180F (actual 180-220F) for 1 hr basted ribs in "bulls-eye brown sugar and hickory" bbq sauce, allowed to smoke for 1 more hr Experiment 1 verdict: smoking the ribs dried out the meat, and did little to add any "smoke flavor" to them. It had a mushy, dry texture. There was no noticeable red ring around the meat (an indicator of smoked ribs vs boiled ones). I was originally planning to put the 2nd half rack on the hot gas grill also, as a 2nd experiment, but after tasting how dry the other ones were, I didn't bother. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't try taste testing the ribs earlier in the smoking process, as I'm guessing there's a "sweet spot" at which point the gooey mess that comes out of the SV gets the crispier edge. Experiment 2: remove silver skin from slab of baby back pork ribs cut rack in half sprinkled rub on ribs, put in smoker set to 225F (actual 225-250F) for 1 hr Extracted one of the halves, sealed in plastic bag, put into the SV at 140F for 48hrs - more on these later the other half remaining i allowed to smoke for 1 more hr before basting w/ bbq sauce allowed to smoke 1 more hr (3 hrs total), basting every 20-30 min I continually cut off single ribs after 3 hrs, 4 hrs, and 5hrs total to taste them, basting in between For the ribs that were SV'd, i finished them off by basting w/ bbq sauce and cooking on the gas grill for about 2 min/side Experiment 2 verdict: For the ribs that were only smoked- as expected, they got more tender with more time. the ones after 3 hrs weren't very good (too tough) but the last remaining rib which cooked for 5 hrs total still had some moisture, but a flakier texture. a little effort is needed to get the meat to come off the bone, but it does come off cleanly. taste was very smoky. For the ribs that were also SV'd- these ribs were very tender, and came off the bone with zero effort. the texture was a little too soft throughout, especially on the outside which we normally expect to be crispier. the taste was very good, and a little smoky, but not enough to convince me it was bbq. Experiment 3: i think the next time i'm going to try the same method with the SV, but instead of the gas grill, use the smoker at 350F to finish them off...maybe try a rib every 30 min or so to see if/when they get dried out beyond the point of being good to eat... Thoughts on Experiment 3? Does anyone have any good experiences or advice to share in general?
  23. Hi For the Spaghetti Carbonara, do you cook the bacon before adding to the cream, or no? Thanks Brian
  24. Hi! As many of you are probably aware by the number of forums crammed with razor-sharp-knife-addicts, japanese knives are quite trendy among chefs... from the 3-star chef to the not-so-money-conscious home cook (precisely the kind of cook that will afford MC^^). The point of my post is not to start a philosophical debate on whether or not there are good european- or american-style knives, nor to say all knives with a "japan style" label are excellent. Yet I must confess that from the day I cut my first veggie with a quality japanese knife, it changed both my food prep experience AND my appreciation of the final product. What I would be very interested in is knowing from MC's arsenal of analysis techniques how big a difference a knife can make: - on the effort required to cut - on the surface of the cut - on the qualities of the end-product (water loss, visual aspect, taste, ...) - ... For instance, the hardest japanese knives are non-stainless, and they easily impart an iron oxide taste to the food, especially when acidic, when they are not carefully wiped every 20 seconds. So in my opinion the advantage -other than sheer cutting power- of an aoko honyaki usuba over a ginsako or swedish stainless usuba is debatable... Any thoughts ? Nick.
  25. Has anyone experience with the Sous Vide Supreme water oven?
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