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Found 513 results

  1. Hello!! I tried the Pressure caramelized banana but it was a disaster!!!! It burned and took me a while to clean the pressure cooker. What I realized is that 28minutes cooking is too much!! I could not find any correction for this on the web site. Someone have tried it with successful result? Thanks, Alberto.
  2. I'm ready to buy a pressure cooker and I'm looking at the Kuhn-Rikon Duromatics. I'm not sure which size to get, though. I'm mostly cooking for two, but I like having leftovers, and I'm concerned a 4-qt one won't be large enough for larger proteins or stock (which, in reality, I probably won't be making all that often). I'm leaning towards one of these three: http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-3043-Duromatic-6-3-Quart/dp/B00009A9XT/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1326995636&sr=1-1 http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-3916-Duromatic-Pressure/dp/B0000Y73UQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1326995628&sr=1-1 http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-3342-Stainless-Steel-Pressure/dp/B00004R8ZE/ref=sr_1_3?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1326995628&sr=1-3 Because they all look fairly similar, this is rapidly becoming the most difficult decision I've ever had to make. Does anyone have any advice?
  3. I am trying to make corned beef and pastrami without nitrites/nitrates, while still keeping the meat red after cooking. Any thoughts on this. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Do anyone have experience with the Kuhn Rikon Non-Stick Pressure frying pan - 2.5L? There seems to be not much information on this specific item. I am in two minds whether to go for the titanium non-stick version vs. the normal version. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kuhn-Rikon-Duromatic-Pressure-Non-stick/dp/B003JQLMFE/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_t_1_8X2D My concern is that the non-stick will wear off over time (non-stick guaranteed 3 years by Kuhn Rikon) whereas the PC itself is guaranteed for 10 years. Any advise on this will be appreciated! Cheers, Henk
  5. I live in Switzerland, and I've been looking everywhere to find an online supplier for many ingredients that I need but I can't find one with (almost) all of them and that delivers in Switzerland... Does someone know a european store for modernist ingredients ? Thanks
  6. Is MC@home a subset of MC, or does it have some different content? br, Andreas
  7. Hello. Someone can help me to understand this: why humidity helps to keep food moisture. My understanding is if I have 100% relative humidity, there will be no evaporation from the food, so we keep the moisture. Is that correct? Thanks, Alberto.
  8. Hi All, One of the features of sous vide that interests me is the ability to cook and rapidly chill food for later reheating and serving. While this is great for storing your 72 hour-cooked short ribs, I'd like to learn more about strategies to adopt when coming home from the store with freezer-destined meat including steaks, chicken, salmon etc. One option I am considering is the following: Sear > Seal > Cook > Chill > Freeze > Reheat (1 degree lower) > Sear > Serve The other is: Sear > Seal > Chill > Freeze > Cook > Sear > Serve The questions I have are the following: 1) Does cooking from frozen (in any scenario) result in measurably less-favourable results than simply refrigerating? 2) If not, then would there be a preferred option? 3) Does this vary depending upon the protein/vegetable? If so, how? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, John
  9. I got the coupon for the MCAH eBook & read the offer & thought about it...researched it...& decided to purchase it. What an absolute waste of money! It was unuseable on my Android tablet (even though MC had advertised it's use on a tablet [separate from an iPad]). Inkling was very good about refunding my cost...but MC has not responded to my concerns.... Beware
  10. Hi. Someone knows the difference between ice and ice crystal? When we frozen foods, we have a formation of ice (water molecule in a hexagonal form), so what is ice crystal? Thanks.
  11. Have a creamy vinaigrette recipe in which I'd like to replace an egg yolk. Is liquid soy lecithin the best substitute and if so what is the equivalent amount of LSL per yolk? Thanks.
  12. I am looking for some advice on how to work with freeze dried fruit powders. I am using the powders to create purees by rehydrating with water. The end result either comes out very thick & heavy but very flavorful or thinned out & little flavor. I was looking for a way to make the thicker version lighter & airy. I can only use powders for this and the only tool would be to shake once the water is added. Any suggestions? thanks Jason
  13. Does anybody have any good uses for the non-butterfat byproduct of making carotene butter?
  14. Good Day I am located in South Africa. I have managed to source suppliers for Texturas and Biozoon TexturePro. The TexturePro stuff seems to be a lot cheaper the the the Textura products. If anyone has had experiance with either of these products could you please update me on whether the Textura brand is worth the almost 3 times the TextturePro price, are they pretty much the same products. Thank you in advance.
  15. Hello. Cooking a meat in a sous vide supreme for more than 12 hours, when i open the lid a feel an odd smell. Does it make sense? There is no leaking. I taste the water and it was fine. Where does this smell come from? I don't know about the meat because it is still in a cooking process, but i read a lot of comments about this on internet. Thanks.
  16. I want to get the rational 61 combi oven BUT it seems to be a very difficult task to get it installed. In Arizona I have been told that, since it isn't UL approved for home use, you can't have it installed while a house is being built as the building inspector won't approve it. And, the venting demands as well as the AMPS used etc make it a very problematic addition. Does anyone know what is the best of the home versions? Miele? Gaggenaeu? Any other ideas? thanks
  17. Anyone fancy spending 5 minutes to advise me on the best restaurant in central London to take my family from this list http://regalawnings.co.uk/best-al-fresco-places-to-eat-in-london Restaurant suggestions that aren't on the list are welcome too. Cheers, Alex
  18. Hi All, I made the banana cream pie this weekend and tried to follow the recipe exactly. The crust came out fine, as did the caramelized banana topping. The coffee infused cream came out, but the coffee flavor vastly overpowers the banana purée. The real issue was the pressure cooked banana. My first attempt led to pure charcoal. On the second attempt, I used 28 min and did not even let it get to 15 psi ever. The result was half charcoal, half reddish bananas. I ultimately just cooked them in a pan, but the flavor was still mild enough it was tough to know if it was banana cream pie or coffee cream. The pressure cooked banana failed entirely, just carbonized them in 2 tries, even with low heat and less time. I can cut the coffee beans way back, but what is going wrong with the banana? Thanks, Steve
  19. Hi - I'm trying to make the modernist cuisine recipe for BBQed brisket. I have the sous vide equipment but my smoker is actually a kamodo style cooker and I am unable to stabilize the temperature any lower than 190 degrees. I am going to finish the recipe but I wonder what I might expect in three days? I assume that the meat's color will be greyer than that of the recipe as followed correctly. Is this correct?
  20. I've always felt the most knowledgeable guy on the Internet about Knives is Jay Fisher I love his site and I have purchased some of his knives which I really like. I've also tried ceramic knives they haven't worked out I have a few Japanese knives which are good and a few German ones which are also good. The key seems to be honing them on a regular basis if their sharp they are easy to use and safe. I bought a book recommended by Jay Fisher the razors edge and it's worked out really well. But it's work and others do not treat my knives the way I do which means resharpening and rehoming. I now see a new type of knife called Vmatter I wonder if they really work I'm not qualified to follow the technical end.
  21. Hi guys. I have a question concerning Crockpot and baking. Are they the same? Both have wet and dry bulb temperature? The low level of a crockpot is about 90 Celsius. If I put the same piece of meat in the oven with the same temperature, would I get the same result? The only difference I can see is the internal volume much smaller in the crockpot which can have more humidity. Many thanks.
  22. I've been making ice cream using Dry Ice since it's producing much better results than my cuisinart ice cream maker and fairly easily available. What I'm wondering is if Liquid Nitrogen would be more cost effective. Dry Ice can be found in a minimum of 10 lb blocks which cost about $1 per lb (sometimes a little less). And since it melts we usually make a couple different ice cream bases ahead of time and go a buy the stuff and then make it. So while I enjoy making ice cream this way, it adds about $5 to the cost. Would liquid nitrogen cost more up front? How much do you need per batch of ice cream? How fast does it dissipate? Lots of questions but I'm just trying to figure out which method makes more sense. The results of dry ice ice cream are great so it's not really important to me if liquid nitrogen is superior results if it's more expensive. Thanks!
  23. Nathan/Chris/Max, I am not sure if this has been discussed before, but have you guys ever thought of creating a digital version of the modernist cuisine volume for the Apple iPad? You have all the digital photos (not all have to be in the digital version) and digital notes already at hand. The books I have is stunning, however if I need to check/discuss articles outside the home, I'd love to be able to carry this library of information with me. The books are big and quite heavy on their own. I'd be willing to shell out anything <USD200 (and less than 4GB) for the app and you have the option of adding/updating/correcting content along the way. Videos of interviews, techniques or simply discussion on particular food items would be awesome as well. This would probably solve some of the issues with volume printing too. What do you think?
  24. I got a centrifuge, but it cannot do 27,500g... It's a big machine and all I'll be able to get, at best, is 3,900g So the tomato water i spun for 30 minutes at 3900g came out with a reddish tinge, as opposed to crystal clear. 2 more hours at 3900g did not really seem to make a difference. Now I want to try the pea butter... but is it even possible with my centrifuge? will I eventually get the same thing, if I just spin for much longer? and how much longer would that be, exactly, if at all? Are there charts?
  25. HI everyone. Is there any way I could get a print of the heat equation photo which is at the beginning of chapter five of MC? The one whith the flames and so. In my opinion, it is one of the best in the book, and I would really like to have it in my kitchen!
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