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Found 464 results

  1. The Mexican work crew that we have moving our company are guys I know and have been great sources of tasty snacks at lunch. One of the things that surprised me was the incredibly hot guacamore they had for lunch. As hot as any salsa and they all said that was how it was supposed to be made. Dunno, I could not taste anything but peppers and I like both peppers and avocado. Anyway. The foreman told me about Macisa (his spelling). Little info so far, but it is a posole stew of sorts with varying ingredients. Can someone tell me about this? Language was a barrier as I no habla Espanol except cocina and !%#$%^&*^#@#$@.
  2. Looking for markets that specialize in authentic Mexican groceries? Thanks.
  3. I plan to try my hand at making mole poblano in the near future. Aside from the little Mexican groceries in Bergenfield, are there any places that sell Mexican chiles and groceries in NJ? The closer to Lyndhurst the better. I'm specifically looking for ancho, pasilla negro, guajillo/mulato chiles, Mexican Canela soft-bark cinnamon, and Ibarra Mexican Chocolate. Raw pumpkin seeds are a plus as well.
  4. I'm making a chili that calls for Mexican oregano. Does Mexican oregano look or taste any different? Or can I just use regular oregano? Of course I want to go authentic if there is a distinct taste to it, but I can't find this stuff anywhere.
  5. i've been absent from the board for awhile, just quietly lurking when i have a chance. still the liveliest NW food forum i know about! which is why i am turning to you for some help. my 40th birthday is approaching and party plans are underway. it's a bit of a fiesta theme, with specialty margaritas, a mariachi band, and other good stuff. i would like to rent a taco truck to be on-site, serving a few choices for guests (thinking tacos, tamales, perhaps quesadillas). has anyone here ever done such a thing? i am having a miserable time finding any party planning info that can help facilitate. so, two questions: 1. any tips on best way to go about this? 2. recommendations? we seem to have a bit of a taco truck explosion lately in seattle (yay!) and i could use some advice on the best. really looking for fabulous carnitas and nice folks. thanks in advance for any help you are able to offer.
  6. I need a proper fish taco....does anyone have any suggestions????
  7. hello ! im looking for marlin en escabeche recipe
  8. This is my first post! *excited We're off on a 10 day trip to Jalisco, with the majority of our time spent in a fairly remote hacienda very close to the little town of Lagos de Moreno. We will also be spending a night in Tlaquepaque right as we land, and then a few nights in Guadalajara as we end the journey. We will be driving, so hope to make day trips to surrounding town using the hacienda as our base. We'll be about 1.5 hours from Guanajuato. I would love any advice and insights on special eating experiences in Lagos de Moreno, as well as little towns between there and Guajanuato, Guadalajara and surrounds. While we are all for fancy sit down eateries, there is nothing we enjoy more than driving into little towns for their particular mercado specialty, or for a tianguis, or perhaps sampling the confectionaries or liquados or cajeta that a little village is famous for. Of course, any must-see restaurants/birrierias/cantinas in Guadalajara would be welcome to, for those evening meals and cocktails! Thank you in advance for tips!!
  9. I coudn't find a thread for Rosa Mexicana, except for Lincoln Center. If any of the moderators find one, feel free to merge. Truth be told, my wife and I went last evening because someone had given us a gift certificate last Christmas and it was about to expire. We hadn't been there is some 20 years (when it first opened). Well, I was very pleasantly surprised how good it was. First, we arrived at 7:15 without reservations and it was packed - both bar and restaurant. We were told it would be a 45-minute wait. After a few minutes we found a space at the bar and ordered some drinks and guacamole. The guac was served with both hard and soft chips - we ordered it spicy and it was. It was very good. We finally sat down (at about the 45-minute mark) and ordered a bottle of Snoqualmie Petite Sirah - at $24 one of the best restaurant wine values around. Appetizers were a smoked duck covered with chipotle sauce and a mushroom/cheese soft taco - served with two sauces (tomatillo & ancho). Both were very good - especially the moist, flavorful duck. Entrees were two stuffed Ancho Chiles with beef tenderloin and spices - excellent meat quality and firey spices. My wife ordered the rare Ahi Tuna - terrific quality and presented in a sushi manner. The sides were house rice and black beans - both quite tasty. The bill with tax came to $97 and my certificate was $125 - so I told the waiter to keep it. But as in Union Square a few months ago (for those of you who read the post), the real highlight was the show. Next to us sat four botox women all having a good time and to their right sat two gay men. One of the botox set was coughing and at one point one of the men said something to her about spreading germs. The lead woman, who was sitting next to the cougher, said something back. The discussion got somewaht heated. She said to the men that they shouldn't be sharing dessert because that's more dangerous than coughing. One of the men called her a c--t and asked if she knew what her husband was doing right now since she certain didn't look like the type that could satisfy him. She then got up and went over to the manager to complain about their language, but not without a parting shot. As she got up from the table she asked the man if he knew what being on the "down low" meant. If not, he should look it up. When the manager came over to the table, the two men left before he could say anything. That's what's great about NYC, you never know when you'll be treated to dinner and a show. The food was very good - I would return with or without the botox set.
  10. Mise En Place Leftover steak. Heat the steak thru with the onions, remove from pan, then toast up the tortillas in the pan. Stack them two by two on the serving plate. Put steak/onion mixture on tortilla stacks, hit with chopped cilantro, chopped chile (jalepeno, serrano or habenero) and thinly sliced pink radish (rabano). Squeeze lime juice and some of your favorite hot sauce on the tacos. Serve with cold lager-style beers and Mexican soda pop.
  11. Coming from Queens, NY, there were a number of authentic tacos served out of mobile trucks - but usually parked in the same area all the time. The key is that they served authentic Mexican tacos (the kind you get when you cross the border into Tiujana), not like the ones you have to suffer through at Taco Bell, Jose Tejas or Chevy's. Does northern NJ have any of this type of eatery? I've been to Los Tapotios on Main street in West Orange but their tacos are quite empty and they skimp on the contents. Suggestions welcome!
  12. where do people in chicago like to go for good mexican food, excluding the usual rick bayless lineup? i'm particularly interested in hearing your tex mex preferences, from street carts and taco shacks to upscale, and everything in between. i searched and couldn't find anything, but if this is a redundant post, just please connect me to the proper thread. thanks!
  13. A lovely new book has appeared here in Mexico: "Del Mercado A la Mesa: El Mercado de San Juan" (from the market to the table: the San Juan market). For those who don't know, the Mercado San Juan is considered the queen of markets, located in the historic center of Mexico City; it specializes in high quality, imported and exotic foods - from wild mushrooms to armadillos to radichio and, ahem, the occasional raw milk French cheese, unofficially "brought in".... It is a beautiful coffee table type book, with photos, a history of markets in Mexico City, and of the San Juan in particular. Then there are portraits of individual vendors (all my favorites are included) with a recipe provided by each one. The problem and a big one: full page promotional photos of Pepsi cola, obviously a sponsor, are placed throughout and within the text. This abomination, as far as I have seen, has set a new precedent for shameless hucksterism, and I´m sure the author, José Iturriaga, must not be happy, but such is the state of economic affairs relating to culture here, and they undoubtedly had no choice but to make this Faustian decision to get it published (by Landucci, an Italian publisher specializing in art books). It goes for around $45 USD, (despite the ads) and is in Spanish only. I would include photos but I can't for the life of me figure out how....
  14. Hello to all. My Mexican boyfriend and I have recently gotten into several heated discussions about the industrialization of Mexican food. When he lived in Mexico, he did not shop very often at large supermarkets, such as Gigante, Wal Mart, etc. He preferred to shop at mercados and tianguis (is street vendor an accurate translation for this?). At these venues in Guadalajara, he asserts that it is possible to find good quality produce, meats, and dairy products from organic and local sources. He lived in Mexico for almost thirty years and claims that what we know as "organic" and "natural" here in the US, is the norm in Mexico. I believe that at one time it was the norm, indeed. But now? I really do not know. Does anyone have any insight into this? My theory is that Mexico is on its way to heavy industrialization of food. Akin to what is described in Fast Food Nation. The kind of stuff that many people here in the US have rejected in the past years, such as factory farming, the use of pesticides and hormones, etc. I have a hunch that in Mexican supermarkets, the majority of the chickens and the meat do come from factories, just as here, but it's only a hunch. But do most people in Mexico shop at these places or are they really only affordable for and accessible to the small middle class? ****** On a side note, he also would like to know why he cannot find "crema" here in the US as he knew it in Mexico (which is much thicker and is really a solid in my opinion).
  15. We were at farmer's market this morning, and we were looking at the decorative corn stalks. My bride found the cobs contained a black fungus. Each stalk had 2-3 infected cobs. I grabbed a number of them and am willing to experiment. Can anyone verify that this is actually Huitlacoche?
  16. I am going to be in Seattle for a stagette party on December 2nd. We will be staying in a hotel downtown (location TBD) and are looking for a caterer or restaurant that will deliver to the hotel. We are considering a hotel in the vicinity of the Pike Market so we may be able to pick up the goodies if the restaurant was in that vicinity. There will be 10 of us and we are looking at having mexican appies while we are getting ready to go out on the town for an evening of debauchery and fun. The bride is getting married in Mexico thus the mexican theme....... I was wondering what mexican restaurants provide delivery/catering/take out service that I could contact that are located in the downtown area and specifically around the Pike Place Market. Also, I had read about El Puerco Lloron and the Mexican Grocery in the Pike Place Market and was wondering if either of these places would fit the bill in getting an assortment of mexican appy type food to go.
  17. I looked both here and at Mouthfulls and notice there hasn't been an update to either thread for a LONG time. This weekend I am planning on finding a Taco Truck and wondered who the reigning champ is.
  18. I'm thinking about taking the cooking class tour with Diana Kennedy (run through Marilyn Tausend's Culinary Adventures) next year, if offered. Has anyone taken classes with Diana? I'm sure the classes are great, but I haven't been able to find any first-hand accounts. I'm also considering a long weekend course with Susana Trilling around the holidays, but since I'd probably only do one or the other in the near future, I'd like to get opinions.
  19. I've been wondering about this for a few weeks, but haven't had any luck finding answers. Our neighborhood garage sale is coming up in a few weeks (the neighborhood association does the advertising, and anyone who wants sets up in their driveways with their own garage sale, and the neighborhood association publishes maps marking where the houses participating are located). Anyway, I'm thinking about trying to get rid of my junk, but thought it would be fun to make things like breakfast tacos or lunch tacos and sell them as well, along with bottled water and sodas, etc. I'm also watching this thread for additional ideas. Anyone know if this is allowed by the city or state or whoever governs food matters?
  20. So, I have a tradition of having a huge feast for Cinco de Mayo every year. About 25 people come to my house for food, conversation, and drinking. Some things stay the same - I always make tamales with pork/raisins/almonds/chiles. I always make a spiced sangria. I have been told I must always make Tres Leches cake. Other things vary. I started out the first year going more Tex Mex along with a huge bowl of ceviche. The next year I made quesadillas with non-traditional fillings such as beef tenderloin and blue cheese, or curried duck and mango chutney, or turkey, cranberries, and brie. The next year I made Chiles en Nogada (which was not well accepted) and chilaquiles. Two years ago I made a green pumpkin seed mole with chicken and a oaxacan red mole with lamb shanks. Last year I made about several different taco fillings (mostly from the Rick Bayless books) including bacony beans, garlicy greens, smoked chicken with tomatillo sauce, shredded beef with chipotle sauce, seasoned ricotta cheese, a huitlacoche filling...I also made some condiments like pickled onions, pickled chipotles, guacamole, crema, and several salsas. Lastly, I made both corn and flour tortillas from scratch. This year, I am totally blanking! i am looking for some ideas that are different from what I have done before. I know I want to try empanadas this year, and would appreciate some help locating a recommended recipe or any tips or techniques. I thought about doing the pork and chicken dish from All About Braising by Molly Stevens, and maybe another mole. Since both of those could be used as taco filling, I thought about doing the flour and corn tortillas again, as well as making a spicy shrimp filling. I also thought about going a different direction and doing one-pot dishes like soups or casseroles. But again, I'm blanking on ideas! I'm also looking for ideas for other tamale fillings, and some other desserts. I've done flan, and I think I'll do that again this year, but I really feel like I want to add another dessert. I am also hunting for cookbooks that might inspire me, so any suggestions there would be greatly appreciated, too!
  21. Next month, I will be embarking on a culinary/travel adventure with my best friend in the state of Yucatan. I'll be taking a day course at Los Dos Cooking school and then doing other travel around Merida. Over the years, my cooking has focused on Central Mexico, Oaxaca and Veracruz. My experience with Yucatecan cuisine has been very limited. I have been using my Diccionario Enciclopedico (thanks, Ricardo!) to map out all the primary dishes and referring to my other cookbooks (DK and others) to really find the dishes not to be missed. I have now over 5 pages of handwritten notes! Since I will only be in the Yucatan 1 week, I can't possibly try everything. So here is where I need some guidance. What is your favorite Yucatecan dish? Is it a must try in Yucatan? Any restaurants/fondas in Merida and environs that cannot be missed? I'd love to hear any recommendations/warnings people have. Provecho! Caarina
  22. At a mexican market the other day, I bought a slab of something labeled Chicharron Prensa because it looked interesting. The butcher didn't speak english so was unable to answer any questions I had. Could someone please tell me what it is and how to use it, do you eat it plain, cook it, put it into a recipe, etc.? Thanks
  23. It's kind of late to be posting this, but an email just came in from the Boston Globe announcing Pollo Campero is celebrating National Taco Day with free tacos "As food buffs know, Oct. 4 looms large on the culinary calendar --- it’s National Taco Day --- and to celebrate, the Pollo Campero chain said it is giving away free tacos at its East Boston and Chelsea restaurants." I've never had a Pollo Campero taco, so I don't know if this is worth hurrying to or not.
  24. To date I have chopped away at my blocks of Piloncillo or Panela, or shaved them with a sharp knife or even grated them. Such work. Today in a recipe for Chikki (Indian Brittle), I found a tip for using Jaggery...the Indian equivalent. Put the block into the microwave for 15 - 20 seconds and then press down and see if it crumbles. Use the microwave in increments of a few seconds until you can press down on the block and it will crumble. Be careful not to melt the sugar. So I tried it with both a block of palm sugar and panela and it works! My question is: would it harm the sugar in any way to be treated this way? I am NOT a fan of microwaves and don't use mine any more than necessary. Foolish, perhaps, but then....
  25. At the carneceria yesterday they had these bean pods, but the guy at the counter could not tell me what they were. He called them guajilla or similar and said you put them in salsa? They are a long green pod with flat beans inside that you pop out. What are they and how do you cook them? Thanks.
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