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Found 464 results

  1. So I've seen that a lot of the soups shown here on the Mexico forum have corn on the cob in them. How do you eat that? Do you pick it up out the soup with your hands? Isn't it exceptionally hot?
  2. I was in Santa Fe recently, and had this amazing chili at a cafe on the plaza. It was the spiciest chili I ever had, but not just spicy, intensely flavorful too. Just looking for a recipe that might replicate this...I feel like New Mexican chili powder is different from the stuff you buy in like a Safeway.
  3. howdy folks from mexico im looking at purchasing a combi oven here in guadalajara and would like to hear from combi oven users regarding a few tips and recipes the oven im looking at is made by a mexican outfit called san-son they do have a good reputation im extremly interested in any help whatsoever kind regards bruce byng chef and owner of teatro limon puerto vallarta
  4. I don't *think* there's a thread devoted to this yet. This looks like it has great potential (from Chicago Dish): Can we just fast forward to April 2009?
  5. I was gifted with an epazote plant from a neighbor today and was told it will self seed so there will always be plenty. Off the top of my head I think black beans, but is it good with other beans as well? When to add to the pot? How much? I have seen mention of it in quesadillas simply with cheese but am wondering about details. In general, how would Mexican home cooks use this prolific herb? I must say the odor is really different. My "baby" is below:
  6. My wonderful and generous NJ friend who brought me a care package of Hispanic type ingredients last August included a few bottles of Goya Sofrito, a tomato cooking base, and also several frozen packs of her own Sofrito which she uses in her Mexican dishes. Her Sofrito is green, not red. I found two mentions of 'sofrito' in the Mexican Cooking posts. Does anyone use it? How do you use it? Do you make it? It can be both green and red? How does it stand in the hierarchy of Mexican cooking? Is it like 'Velveeta' instead of Cheddar cheese in North American cooking? (sorry, I hate Velveeta) Any information is welcomed. Thanks. ps. I might also mention that she smuggled about a gallon of Sangria across the border also. Got to be crazy! I'm not sure she even realized that you simply CAN'T do those sorts of things.
  7. I was flipping through my copy of Mexico: One Plate at a Time by Rick Bayless to discover a recipe for Mexican chorizo sausage. This is something that I never have in my kosher kitchen, so it inspired my muse. The recipe calls for 1.5 lbs of lean pork shoulder and 8oz of pork fat, plus a variety of spices, chiles and other ingredients. I was thinking about eventually trying this with chicken or turkey breast and schmaltz. Will this work? Any reason not to try other than "It's not authentic?" Thanks! Dan
  8. I was at my local Fresh Fields (a variant of Whole Foods) today, and saw that they had fresh "Mexican bay scallops" at an amazing $6.99 a pound. They are "in season". The fishmonger said they were fresh, dry scallops when I asked, and they sure look like it. Has anyone ever heard of this seasonal variety before? I tried searching the I'net, and came up empty. And I have not seen them anywhere else. Any info on this variety would be welcome. Thanks.
  9. Made ropa veja with flank steak and it was deliciously but so tough that my wife joked the ropa obviously means rope. Given that flank steak ain't known for being tender, is this pretty much it? I assume skirt steak would be similar.
  10. While not a fan of Taco Bell except for when necessary (sustenance of a sort in a hurry), I was in there the other day and noticed that they were offering some of their standard items prepared "fresco". Mangled mixing of the romantic languages aside (although this is common in Tex Mex land), this is a good idea. What it seems to be is a mixture of diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. When added to the iceberg lettuce on top of a cheap taco, it really adds a dash of freshness, texture, and flavor. Makes the thing much more edible. I was also impressed that they had a sign advertising that they'd be happy to make stuff meatless for people during Lent, even this far post Easter. Good marketing and a nice touch.
  11. Native Texan here, eating more economically (ie, that giant bag of beans from Costco!) now refering to her Rick Bayless book, needs FRESH MASA for the best homemade tortillas! Any chance someone can tell me where to get fresh Masa? I drove to Woodinville yesterday for supplies at a small Mexican grocery. Masa Harina worked ok for my first shot at making my own tortillas. I didn't see any thread about Mexican food up here (saw the thread on tacos in North Portland/Gresham/Vancouver, WA), so I'm hoping there are some jewels to be discovered closer to Seattle. Anyone?
  12. It turns out that a friend just had a birthday the other day and we're having a Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby-themed BBQ this Saturday (Cinco de Derby, of course ). Anyway, I thought it would be great to make some Mexican chocolate cupcakes and serve them at the BBQ in celebration of her birthday. But I need some inspiration on how to go about making these cupcakes. So far, I've had the following thoughts: 1. Make this Martha Stewart recipe for Mexican chocolate-pudding-filled cupcakes. But, with all the other BBQ prep going on, these could be a bit fussy. 2. Add some cinnamon to a regular old chocolate cupcake recipe. (Anyone have a good one?) 3. Locate a tried-and-true Mexican chocolate cupcake recipe. (No luck thus far--anyone have one?) But which one to do? Or is there a better way? Needless to say, any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!
  13. As requested, here is more info on how I make Yucatecan style enchiladas. It's not based on any existing recipes - just a combination of flavors that I like and that remind me of Mérida. Yucatecan Style Chicken Enchiladas Ingredients: 3/4 pound cooked (preferably poached) chicken or turkey meat, chopped 2 tbsp chicken fat (or combination of chicken fat, butter, olive oil) 1/4 cup flour 1/2 onion, finely chopped 2-3 serrano peppers, minced (some seeds removed) 1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes 2 tbsp cumin 2 tbsp chili powder 2 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp vegetable soup base 1 tsp chicken soup base 2 tbsp achiote paste (ground annato seeds) 1/2 – 1 cup chicken stock (or water), as needed 12 corn tortillas Directions: If you have poached your chicken meat, you will have a nice broth to use for thinning the sauce later, and you will probably have chicken fat that you can use for the roux. I poach the chicken the day before and save the broth separately and extract the fat from the top of the broth. Chop the meat and set aside. If you have bones, you can add them to the broth and simmer for an hour or so. Melt the fat (or butter and oil) in a large saucepan, and add the flour to make a roux. When the roux is a pale brown, add the minced onion and cook a bit more so that the onion will become soft and the roux turns a light brown. Then add the peppers and stir to combine. Add the canned tomatoes, including all the liquid, and blend. Add the cumin, chili powder, oregano, soup bases (in place of salt), and achiote paste. Stir until blended. Reduce the heat and add sufficient chicken stock or water to make a thick sauce. Using a stick blender, purée until fairly smooth, or at least until tomato pieces are fully incorporated – you may have some onion pieces that do not get puréed, but this is okay. Remove about 1/3 of the sauce to reserve and add the chopped chicken or turkey meat to the rest of the sauce. Spoon about 2-3 tbsp of the reserved sauce into a 6”x10” (or similar size) baking dish, and spread fairly evenly, along the bottom and sides. Heat the tortillas on a covered plate in the microwave, 20 seconds at a time, turning them and restacking them so that the center ones are top and bottom. I do this about three times to get them soft enough for folding, but it will depend on how fresh they are. Once they are soft, spoon a bit of chicken filling into a single tortilla, roll it into shape, and place it in the baking dish. You can stack them tightly or else make two loose layers. If you make two layers, put a bit of reserved sauce in between the layers. At the end, add all remaining sauce to the top and spread evenly. Cover the pan with foil and bake at 350° for 15-20 minutes, or until they are hot. Yield: 12 enchiladas, or about 4 servings *Note: I usually poach the chicken with garlic, onion, celery, and chili powder, in a method similar to Ropa Vieja, except with chicken.
  14. Hi All: I'm off to Vegas in a few weeks and would love to find out if there are any good Mexican restaurants on the Strip. Ideally we're looking for a place that is within a short walking distance from Caesar's.
  15. http://www.tacobell.com Even though my personal experiences over the years with Taco Bell have not always been pleasant, There's something that I find extremely compelling about the "Crunchwrap" concept. I really like the idea of taking a crunchy corn tostada, piling on ground beef and cheese, lettuce and tomato and sour cream, and then encasing the whole sucker in a soft flour tortilla so it looks like something that would be served on Star Trek, and then pan frying it. Perhaps it could be done better with better ingredients, but I think I seriously want to try one of these.
  16. I love tacos al pastor and am looking to recreate them at home. i am looking for recipes or techiniques to recreate these delicious tacos thanks mike
  17. I'm going to Taconelli's this weekend for what is becoming an annual birthday gathering, and we reserved four dough (for four people). I always order one white/spinich/tomato, and some other assorted red pies with various toppings. I am curious what is/are your favorite Taconelli's pie(s)?
  18. My local farmer's market turned up this wonderful specimen today. I have never seen this available in Canada, especially grown locally. Sunwing Farms here on Vancouver Island only has one vine and were thrilled that I knew the English (Spanish) name - Chayote. One of the farmers there called it palm squash because at a certain angle it looks like two hands pressed together. They had a Chinese name for it, but I didn't write it down, but will get it next time I go shopping. Que milagro!
  19. Did a search and found no evidence of this topic. Was wondering, when you purchase tortilla chips to go with salsa or guacamole, what chips do you buy? In the midwest, the best brand so far is "El Ranchero" - green bag, with salt.
  20. Am looking for a recipe, was hoping someone knows a good one... Made a good version last night with creme fraiche, mexican cheese, cayenne, and parm.. Also does someone know the name of this dish in Spanish..
  21. I'm going on a trip to southern Arizona to visit the in-laws and will be able to purchase lots of Mexican ingredients in Tucson, Bisbee, and the surrounding area that I can't get here in RI. I plan to stock up on a wide range of chiles and to try to find some huitlacoche, but I expect to be overwhelmed with the choices. So, instead of pouring through Diana Kennedy recipes, may I invite you to participate in this little game? Pretend you have $100 of my hard-earned cash, and you want me to bring back to Providence a healthy larder of goods that travel well, are hard-to-find back here, and will reward me in the kitchen. Gracias.
  22. Does anyone know if Oaxacan string cheese contains rennet? I have always noticed a rather acidic taste to it, that might suggest vinegar or maybe liime juice? What about queso fresco? Rennet or no rennet?
  23. A question posed by the great Keith Talent in the pizza debate thread got me thinking. I really can't think of one good Mexican restaurant in the city. I've been to the one on Davie that people told me was really good and really "authentic". It may have been "authentic" but good seemed to be a bit of a stretch. Now, of course I'm comparing this to some of the Mexican food that I've had in Southern California, particularly San Francisco. Does Vancouver have a Mexican restaurant that is truly good and authentic and spicy and flavourful? Maybe this could be our next challenge. "Go forth and find good Mole!" "Seek and ye shall be rewarded with sweet Tamale"
  24. Does anyone out there have any good recipes for huevos motulenos? Googling them produced all sorts of strange recipe variations, only a few of which sounded anything like the dish I remember. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  25. I was at a taqueria I haven't tried before here in greater Portland. You can often tell the origin of the proprieters by the selection of foods. Portland has a lot of people from Jalisco and Michoacan. Today, though, the tacos came with shredded cabbage. Where is cabbage popular in Mexican food? Is it a Texas or California thing? Is it a regional Mexican thing? Normally taquerias just put cilantro and onion on tacos here.
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