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Found 464 results

  1. I'm compiling a section in a book of Mexican things, for UK publication, and part of it is techniques. Is there anything I should include in addition to: making tamales using corn husks, banana leaves, steaming tamales, roasting fresh chiles for stuffing and using in sauces etc, rehydrating dried chiles for stuffing and using in sauces, making tortillas, making lard (the yummy kind from leftover carnitas), 'frying a sauce' to intensify the flavours after pureeing the ingredients..... i don't know. they need 4 pages of stuff, and i'm about a page short. how can people work by filling up pages, i ask you, rather than including information, but with this pub house its all about the appearance/photography which is the way some publishers are. and i do suppose the visual stuff is very good for many readers, to get a picture of what things look like if they haven't seen them in person. anyhow, i want to fill up the space, and also i don't want to miss anything out. i especially want to include all the techniques that make mexican food so unique. thanks, Marlena
  2. Hi, Am inviting folks over for a Mexican dinner and am craving some chile relleno. Does anyone have a recipe they wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks in advance, Seema
  3. Just back from 3 weeks in Oaxaca, where we took language and cooking classes. I loved the comals. (I love bowls, or anything that is similar to a bowl. The larger the better.) We purchased 2, a almost large one (perhaps 22") and a smaller 15" (or so) one. We intended to hand carry the large one. The smaller one was packed in cardboard, and covered with bubble wrap (packed between rugs and table cloths). It was put in the suitcase. A @##$%^ airport guard put a suitcase on the large one, the smaller one broke in the suitcase (I prefer to think the TSA person broke it when our luggage was inspected. grrrr) Anyone know of a source for these wonders? Can I get a potter friend to make one? This was a bitter disappointment; we even brought back some "cal" (lime). Facts and opinions equally welcome. kcd (who really wanted the large 30"+ comal)
  4. There was some banter in the Small Town Dining thread in the Adventures in Eating forum about the Mexican food in France being laughably bad. In my experience, the actual quality of the food is not so bad as it is just plain mediocre, but at the same time it's really expensive which translates to a dissapointment for me almost every single time I try a new place. A lot of people ask why on earth we'd even eat Mexican food when in France, and it most likely does not seem a logical choice for people traveling to France for a visit, but many expats I know say that the single thing they miss foodwise about living here is the lack of quality Mexican food. It's something I crave every once in a while, that's for sure. I've taken to making my own tamales from time to time, and serving them when we have American guests, always appreciated, and Loic brought me a tortilla press when he went to Mexico last year. We also have a stock of various dried and some smoked peppers (I compiled my list from a thread in the Mexico forum and Loic got every kind I asked for) which add a whole new dimension. Every time one of my friends or colleagues goes to Mexico I ask them to bring me back some masa harina, which is not commerically available in this country. There is one authentic Mexican place in Vieux Lyon, on rue du Boeuf, called Mexico Lindo, that makes their own chips that come out hot to the table but they don't serve corn based dishes for the most part other than that. The chef at this restaurant came to Lyon to go to the Bocuse Institute, and then went back to Mexico after he graduated for a spell, then came back to Lyon to open his Mexican place. It's expensive but if you're craving the real thing, that's it. Are there any other places that serve good Mexican in Paris or elsewhere?
  5. I have been to San Diego numerous times, and always go to a few Mexican Places while I am out there - so far my favorite is the Old Town Mexican Cafe, however I feel that there has gotta be a more local authentic place in the area - any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Last night I made a mole verde for dinner. When I poured it from the blender into the pan, I expected some spattering, but nothing on the level that occurred. It was like the mud geysers at Yellowstone times ten. I immediately tried to stir it down with one hand while reaching for a pot lid with the other, but I still ended up with a rather spectacular mess. Even the stove knobs ended up in the dishwasher. Fortunately, the mole was worth it! So here's my question. I have made mole before, but never mole verde. Is it the higher liquid content that causes the spattering? Is there a secret to keeping it in the pan? Should I have a backup man standing with a spatter shield? Or should I just plan to make it when the kitchen needs a really good scrubbing anyway? Thanks- Linda
  7. I noticed keith talents comments about fish tacos in the opening and closings topic, i must say great rules for fish tacos, where are the best fish tacos you have ever had. Personally a cantina in cabo that only restaurant people would eat in.
  8. Calling all you Mexican food historians out there. Okay, leche quemada. Its one of the most popular ice cream flavours in Mexico right? Does anyone have any information on how this very unusual flavour sensation came about. Has it existed for a long time or is it a fairly recent thing? s
  9. We have a CSA here in Rhode Island, and four weeks ago, instead of picking one of the usual herbs, I chose one I had never eaten, nor seen, nor heard of, which the folks there referred to as "papalo." (From the few mentions here, I understand that the full name is "papaloquelite.") They referred to it as a kind of "Mexican cilantro," which seemed a bit tautological -- and once I popped some in my mouth, I realized it was also reductive in the extreme. I loved it. While it has some of the profile of cilantro, it is more lemony and practically floral. We sauteed some salmon massaged in Reed Hearon's chipotle rub, threw in some chopped spring onions into the pan after the fish was done, and tossed the onions off heat with shredded papalo and a bit of lime to sit alongside the fish: it was great. Unfortunately, it turns out that a cabal of ding-a-lings phoned the CSA and basically demanded that they tear it up and plant basil. So, no more papalo from them for this year -- but I'm hunting for more. The nice folks at Cornell have a great papalo pdf here, and here's a good website on the herb. (Gourmetsleuth.com, on the other hand, has what looks like an incorrect image on their site.) So: ideas? recipes? seeds? sources? lore?
  10. Understand that New Brunswick has a large Mexican Population, I was hoping there would be a few great places there especially for lunch today.. It can be from Taco Stand to nice place.. As long as no one suggests Marias Cantina, I am ok with it..
  11. I have a recipe that calls for chipotles in adobo sauce. Since I have dried chipotles on hand, I thought I'd soak them and then mix the water with tomato paste, adding the chopped up chiles to create 'adobo'. Any thoughts on this? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks!
  12. Amigos: I'll be doing "research" (edible) in LA in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for recommendations for muy authentico soft tacos. I'm not squeamish (all fillings welcome) and I'm not nervous (any location is fine). It doesn't have to be a restaurant or even a hole in the wall. Trucks are fine, too, as long as you can give an approximate location. Soooo...Where do you go for the ultimate taco?
  13. Natural levain bread baked in brick ovens. Yippee! A bakery outlet in Puebla and in Oaxaca City. Click on the "pan" to reveal all. Pan
  14. The topic says it all...I have found one decent place in Kensington market...I heard theres one on King St East of Spadina...not sure the name... I am on a quest for good mexican food in TO...need a little help here!
  15. I was in Coatesville at a hearing today when on Bus. 30 I noticed two mexican grocery stores and a Mexican restaurant. Anyone know anything about them. Must investigate further....
  16. I bought a pound of this, because I cannot pass on a vegetable or herb in this part of the country that I have never seen before. It looks like rosemary, but is soft. The leaves are smooth. It may be soft because it may be old, I don't know. The folks at this Mexican grocery store did not speak English, and my Spanish is poor, but I did interpret something about it being used in Mole sauces. Any clues? And if you know exactly what I am asking about, what do I do with it? I figured I'd steam it and douse it with some sort of sauce. None of my four Mexican cookbooks seem to describe this.
  17. I just found a bag of diced nopales at the local Mexican grocery.I havent cooked with them before and a search on egullet gave a link to an interesting article about them.HereThis is the only place I have found where raw nopales are used.Will that work?I also plan on making the salad.I'll boil them with onions and cilantro as Marlena suggested in an earlier post.Does the water have to be salted?Can it be boiled in advance and refrigerated?I wouldnt have bothered to pick up the cactus if I wasnt sure that I could find out what to do with them on egullet!! Thank you.
  18. Recently, at a mexican grocery, I bought some freshly made "Longaniza". This was sold alongside the regular fresh chorizo. Is this sausage more similar to a Spanish-style or Portuguese chorizo? I'm thinking of throwing it into a paella with chicken.
  19. I love tinga pablano. I had a really good recipe two hard drives ago. I have been craving it for weeks and I would like to make it for some friends this weekend. Anyone have any recipes they can share?
  20. A friend from Nicaragua brought me some chicken (what she called) nacatamales recently. Anyone have a recipe? How are they different from tamales? She wrapped them in foil and boiled them, I think. lkm
  21. Subject says it all: what are some good Mexican restaurants in the Boston/Providence area? Surely there must be a few decent places in both towns. Not every place sucks as badly as Tortilla Flats in Providence, does it, or is so wildly overpriced as Don Tequila's in (yes, again) Providence, is it? I mean, just because we live in New England doesn't mean we can't get a single decent Mexican meal, right? (Forgive if this has been covered elsewhere; I did a big search and didn't find a comprehensive list.)
  22. I'm seeking names and restaurants of high-end/"nouvelle" Mexican chefs, operating in the USA who--unlike--say Rick Bayless and Jose Andres--are actually MEXICAN. Home grown Mexican chefs creating any variety of Mexican fusion are also of interest. Your informed input would be much appreciated.
  23. i went to mexico city last july with a friend who used to live there and we went to a place called La Onda. the food wasn't that great, but my friend wanted to visit since she loved it as a teenager. my soup was disappointing but our friend that lives there knew what to order and got a taco that had a tortilla made of fried cheese. it was called Taco Envuelto and had chopped steak inside. it was delicious topped with lime and chile sauce. we dubbed it the Atkins Taco. i couldn't find any information about this kind of taco online. anyone ever heard of it and know anything about it? i believe it might have been called Taco Envuelto en Queso Crujiente.
  24. What is so great about a taco truck? It seems like every time somebody discovers one they jump up and down until they achieve orgasm. How is this any different than a hot-dog truck or a soft-pretzel truck or any other kind of truck?
  25. Is Maya the consensus or are there other contenders?
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