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  1. Any favorites? Where do you get them? Why do you like these Beers opposted to others?
  2. Although I like Indian food very much, I have not yet participated on this board because of my admitted abject ignorance regarding Indian cuisine. In order to learn more I was hoping that Suvir or others could recommend some books that will explain the fundamentals of Indian cooking styles, methods, and technique. Also, perhaps a cookbook or two to begin practice in making some of the food myself. Generally, I am loathe to follow a recipe, but it may be a good way to grasp the intricacies of this cuisine. Specifically, I would like to know of some books that will give me an overview of the
  3. I'm planning a trip to London soon and I’m interested in an upscale (nouvelle-style, perhaps) Indian restaurant. I was thinking Bombay Brasserie but I now have people in the know recommending places like Zaika, Quilon, The Cinnamon Club, Chutney Mary and The Parsee. I can probably only make it to one or two places. I'm not a big stickler for authenticity; what I'm after is something different and very good. Any suggestions?
  4. Do they do the same thing to food? Leaves and seeds that is? Are they from the same plant? Favorite ways of using them?
  5. Mushrooms are made quite a lot in northern India. They are avoided in vegetarian homes for people associate them with meat. Do not ask me why.. I have heard a hundred different answers. In fact in my own home, till I was 13, we never ate mushrooms. But then, my sister got a taste for them and I became lucky for that. We never stopped eating them after that and now have many recipes in our household using them. And these are age old recipes. In fact in Srinagar Club or what used to be called that they made the best Open Toast Mushroom Sandwiches. These were toasts topped with a spicy pr
  6. The thread on Monsoon Wedding, and that film's neglect of all things culinary, leads me to ask: What have been the best cinematic depictions of Indian food and food rituals?
  7. I was there yesterday.. they were packed. Does anyone know of them? What do you think?
  8. Every time the rain hit the dry muddy expanse of our garden and aangan (tiled back yard), it would bring with it this sondhi khusboo ( a typical beautiful fragrance, there is no translation for sondhee other than maybe fine). The minute my family or friends smelled it, it would make us think of pakoras.. all different kinds.. and the next thing... Panditji, our chef would be making up one or two of the different versions. Cups of tea would be quickly seen in the hands of the elders and chilled milk for us kids. We loved Milk. In fact I will now be going and making some pakoras. Onions, spi
  9. Or limited to certain areas? I keep hearing from taxi drivers I meet from the Indian subcontinent how Indian food is much better in Canada in comparison to the US. Any thoughts anyone?
  10. I really enjoy Indian condiments. As I was mentioning on the flatbreads thread, I often find myself in Indian restaurants here (New York) just eating naan and spooning condiments onto it -- and skipping most of the food that is supposed to be the meal. When I wander into an Indian grocery, I'll sometimes pick up some random condiments even if I can't understand the labels on the jars (and sometimes this is the case even if the label is in English). They're invariably good. So, two issues come to mind: 1) I think it's interesting that condiments -- added by the person eating the food -- are suc
  11. What do you all think of Chapatis, Naans, Parathas, Kulchas, Bhaturas, Rotis and other Indian breads? Which ones seem more special than the others? Where do you find your favorite Indian bread? And what has made it better than other places? Which lend themselves better to restaurant menus? What shortcomings do you experience? How would you like to see them change, if at all? Do you crave for them?
  12. In Britain I guess we have more Indian and Pakistani restaurants than any other nationality, obviously due to our historical links with the Indian Empire. I have probably eaten in as many as 200 different Indian/Pakistani restaurants around the country. And I can't remember seeing fish on the menu (apart from Chingri, or prawns) in more than a handful. One notable exception is an excellent South Indian restaurant, The Banana Leaf, near where I live, who have a few different fish dishes. Is this a feature of Indian cuisine, that fish are not widely used ? If so, I am surprised given the restric
  13. I went to a local spice shop this weekend and bought some of what they labled as 'Kashmir Garam Masala.' Frankly I got it because the smell was absolutely amazing, but I have no clue as to what to do with it exactly. Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  14. I was talking to my next door neighbour at the weekend and we got around to talking about food. I believe she said her mother was a Parsee (have I got it right). She said although she cannot remember the food she has been told that it is some of the best food to be found in India. If the latter is true do we come across these dishes over here (I live in the UK)? Is Parsee cooking simplistic or elaborate - is it hard or easy? Is there anything that dominates the style of cuisine? Where I can I find some fairly straight forward recipes to try to form my own opinion about Parsee food? If this is
  15. I am looking for regional vegetarian ideas from India that go beyond the stereotyped punjabi restaurant-style dishes that you usually find in Indian restaurants. Does anyone have any good cookbook suggestions on this topic? Thanks! Rick
  16. Prawn Balchao is a very famous Goan pickle that has a sweet, spicy and tangy flavor to it. For the balchao paste you will need: > 8-10 kashmiri red chillies > 4-5 Byadagi red chillies > 1/2 tsp cumin seeds > 1/2 tsk turmeric powder > 1 tsp peppercorn > 6 garlic cloves > 1/2 tsp cloves > 1 inch cinnamon stick > Vinegar First you will need to marinate about 250 grams of prawns in some turmeric powder and salt. After 15 minutes deep fry them in oil till them become golden n crisp. Set them aside and add tsp vineg
  17. Sweet Eggplant Pickle This is an Indian pickle, some would call a chutney, that I made up from several sources and my own tastes. It is based it on my favorite sweet brinjal (eggplant here in the US) pickle available commercially. It has onion and garlic, which are often omitted in some recipes due to dietary restrictions of some religious orders. It also has dates which I added on my own based on another pickle I love. I also used olive oil as mustard oil is not available and I like it's taste in these pickles. Use other oils if you like. This has more spices than the commercial type - and I
  18. Are there any desserts that go well with Indian food that are better than others? Anything non Indian maybe? What are the favorites here? Or are Kulfis, Kheer, Gulab Jamuns etc.. the only answer?
  19. If you are not living in India and are having a dinner for friends... what are the first steps in getting organized? 1) Is there a best way to get prepared? 2) How many dishes would one make? 3) How does one choose what to make? 4) How do you serve the dishes? 5) Is seated a good option, plated by course or do you end up serving a buffet and letting people self serve and come to the table?
  20. Does anyone know them? They are made in Indian homes. These are black chickpeas, it is from this pea that Besan (chickpea flour) is made. Or so I am told. I made some over the weekend, and I realized how much I love them. I love the meaty texture of these and the recipes I have to make them, are so tasty, I can never have enough of them with rice. Does anyone else care for them? I know Nirvana in NYC serves a appetiser portion of Black Chickpeas. Quite nice actually.
  21. On Friday night my friend and I tried to duplicate the Indian meal we'd learned to prepare in our Indian Cooking class. I won't bore you with too many details but want to share one revelation and make one plea for help. 1] we tried making pakoras from thinly sliced vegs [potatoes, eggplant, squash]. i thought the pakora batter looked wrong but wasn't sure why or how, being a total novice to Indian cooking. we coated the slices and dropped them in the heated oil [@ 4 inches] and all the batter came off. so then jennifer got the idea to make fritters--she added about a cupful or chickpe
  22. I have been invited to the wedding of a good gujurati friend and he has asked that all guests bring a dish of food or a dessert. All must be Indian. They can come from any region and all must be unusual, in his words "rarely found outside the region" can anyone help with some suggestions? S
  23. Husband bought a little container of asafoetida the other week. Whenever he cathes a whiff of the stuff, he complains it is filling our cupboard with a smelly sock smell. (Mrs Balbir Singh says some varieties have a nauseous small.) I don't sense it this way. I don't mind the smell at all. Anyway, last night husband made some fried potatoes from Madur Jaffrey. They were quite good, I wasn't sure if I could detect the taste of the asafoetida, though. I was wondering how else it is used, Suvir? And what would you recommend?
  24. Is there a favorite Indian Chicken Curry you have? What makes is special for you? Where do you find it? Do you cook it at home ever? Where did you get the recipe from?
  25. What is the difference between black salt and other salts? How and where do you use it? What does it do to the dish?
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