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  1. Hi Guys, Me a new member.I have been researching on macro-micro reginal cuisines of India.How many types of cuisine does Bengal or for that matter Bangla have?(Ghoti and Bangal types r at a general level but what abut regional level cuisines?)
  2. Hi all. I am exploring and learning so much more about my own culture and cuisine -- its mind boggling. I recently came upon some very interesting articles and research as I was researching the history of wines in India.. the Soma etc. It is terrific reading and I want to read some more. There is only so much to be found here.. what shoould i be reading? What are some really good sources? People? that I can talk to.
  3. I was talking to a restaurant owner last night about Indian desserts and he was complaining about how most Indian desserts are milk based and for his patrons who have milk aversions/allergies etc its hard to prepare something that they would like... what are some of the non milk based desserts that you have tried and know of? I make a date halwa or pudding but even that uses heavy cream Gur Roti - Indian bread with jaggery.. Puran Poli - Indian bread with lentils and jaggery.... Chikki - peanut brittle... What else??
  4. Many years ago, my parents had a woman from Bombay stay with us through the Experiment in International Living. (Her name was Vasantika Vakil.) She made a dal that was dark brown and quite thick -- the consistency of (very grainy) mashed potatoes -- fried up in a frying pan. I'm not sure it even had lentils in it, and I think it had a sort of black Indian caraway (which looked like black onion seeds), which no Indian grocer in NYC has been able to identify. I loved it and have been very disappointed when I went to the standard Indian restaurants and had the sort of thin yellow lentil soup.
  5. People, I find this dynamic duo of spices ( HING & SALT) very important to my cooking "ishtyle", lol Wine dictates the yes or no in my cooking style, your comments would be deeply appricated. Regards
  6. Yesterday I bought a small pouch of Deep Foods' Dry Garlic Chutney. It is hot and garlicky and kind of dry and crumbly in texture. I would like to try this on my own. Anyone out there care to share a reciepe?
  7. There seem to be as many recipes for Masala chai as there are families in India. How do you make your masala chai? Please share the recipe in as much detail as you can. Would be great to see how the different members prepare this dish that is quite popular at least in the US these days. What are the most essential ingredients in your mind for Masala Chai? What are ingredients you would not mind skipping? Why so? When do you add milk? How much milk do you add? Do you add sugar and when?
  8. Randall -- Thanks for doing this wonderful Q&A. I am curious as to your opinion on pairing wines with Indian food. The Indian forum has had a very spirited discussion on this topic - Indian food and wine - ranging from "don't even try" to "how can you not pair wines with Indian food" I am a novice in this area but eager to learn more. I would love to hear your opinion. Thank you
  9. Hi, Some of the most memorable dishes I have eaten in Indian restaurants had a smokey flavour to it. I can still almost taste the mixed dal I ate in a small restaurant in Edinburgh, the aloo gobhi and a mushroom rice here in Dublin , the smokiness enhancing their flavour superbly. I know that they must be using their tandoor to get that flavour, but is there any way to recreate it at home? I neither have a tandoor nor a BBQ, so I was delighted when Sanjeev Kapoor showed a way to cook 'Dhungar Dal' on Khana Khazana. The results were quite disappointing - there was no smoke flavour at all. Thes
  10. Hi, I'm new to eGullet but looking at the former posts I believe I arrived to the right place Walking in a market, where there is a large Indian community, I came across an old guy selling strange looking pods or pulses. He asked me if I was Hindi speaking and when I answered negatively he smiled (with only a few teeth... ) and said that this was like "indian okra" and muttered something like "ChaPAnga" (with an accent on the PA sylable). These are 5-6 inch pods, green with some reddish lines. They are hard, not as soft as other pods I know. He told me to trim the ends, peel and cook them
  11. I have 4 beautiful fresh perfect pomfrets... would love your suggestion on recipes
  12. How do other people keep all of their spices organized? I seem to have so many jars of spices and dried chilies, etc. that it takes up alot of room. Does anyone use the traditional spice box? It only holds 7spices doesn't it? Is this practical for anyone? Which spices do you decide to put in it, and which stay on the shelf? Does anyone have good ideas on how they have organized a small kitchen to contain the evergrowing collection of legumes, flours, spices, etc...
  13. If you were preparing dinner for a very special occasion in your home this summer, what would be your list of desserts to choose from? Recipes, ideas, thoughts and anything that can help us learn from each other are welcome.
  14. I have gone through all the different threads on all Indian breads located on the eGullet forums, but I have yet to find anything that simply discusses the whole scope of bread names and terminology. As one who is familiar with eating many breads but hearing several different possible names attached to them, there is no clear idea in my mind that separates each one. I'll just name a few things and maybe everyone can help expand the list and elaborate: Poori Bhatura Dosa Chapati Paratha Thanks a lot! Joel
  15. I have too much sitting in my veggie drawer from my CSA deliveries. Any tasty Indian-inspired recipes I can use the squash in?
  16. I'd like to try it at home, but could not find a recipe. Thanks, Boaziko
  17. Planning a first foray to India, 11 days in Kerala. We're flying into and out of Kochi, but itinerary will be guided by, of course, food. I know little about Keralan food other than that it is varied and delicious ... so any recommendations in terms of "must-eats", reference sources/cookbooks that would help me bone up on Keralan cuisine before the trip, even specific restaurants, shops or stalls in Kerala to check out, would all be much appreciated.
  18. Well i've been craving a food that harkens back to my toddlerhood in South India - Sangati and Drumstick Sambar. does anybody have any ideas on ingredients and how to make this? This is something my mother never made, but that my grandmother's cook used to make, i guess because ti didn't involve a whole lot of chewing and i had very few teeth in my head at the time...or soemthing. i believe i can get drumsticks at my local farmer's market, so i've at least got that ingredient.
  19. Hi does anyone have experience of dining in one of London's modern indian restaurant in a group, probably around 16 people for a 30th bday? any recommendations? what about the private rooms? Thanks sarah x p.s that is meant to say "somewhere not someone" in the description sorry
  20. I've been noticing green[but not fresh]chickpeas in local N.Y. Indian markets lately.What is special about them,and how are they best prepared?Sprouted first?
  21. The Mobius Strip threads on eGullet - which discuss heirarchies of cuisines and are found in the General Food Section under various guises such as How to Approach an Unfamiliar Cuisine, the Measure of All Things - have led me to seek official documented histories of Indian Cuisine. There seem to be thousands of such books about European cuisine which traces the origins of it, the entry of various influences, ingredients and techniques, the priorities, the passions, the prejudices ...... What I know about Indian cuisine and it's development is from growing up there and a little from translated
  22. Author Private Message [ Delete PM ] hollywood Group: Member Posts: 2557 Joined: 13-June 02 QUOTE A Tandoor is a clay pot oven with a bed of charcoal burning at the bottom,it has a large mouth with a lid at the top and a smaller appurture at the bottom.the temperature is regulated by opening or closing the the top and bottom openings allowing for passage of a stream of air making the charcoal at the bottom burn intensely or slowly. meats and sometimes vegetables are skewered on long steel rods called seekhs (plural) and charcoal broiled in this oven. The flat breads like naan ( from the pe
  23. What is your favorite Saag? Where do you get it? What is it made of? What restaurant serves your favorite Saag recipe. How do they make it? What do they call it?
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