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  1. Hey -- do folks buy Indian spices online... any favorites? Do tell.
  2. Thanks so much for participating in this Q&A. I understand that you have travelled to India. Can you tell us a bit about your trip? Where was your most memorable meal? Also the India forum on eGullet, which I host, has had many discussions around the coming of age of Indian cuisine in the US. The consensus - we are still unsure if Indian cuisine has become as popular as say Chinese. Your thoughts? Thanks once again. Best wishes Monica Bhide
  3. Using the incredible power vested in me as official forum host of the Coffee & tea forum ( which is inconsequential at best ), I'm humbly asking for some input on a South Indian Filter Coffee thread that I just started. One of our newer members, geetha, recently posted and also exchanged a few PM's with me about sources for good Indian coffee in the US. This piqued my curiosity but I still have many questions as I'm always intrigued by preparation methods and coffee traditions that are new to me. Will appreciate any help you India experts may be able to offer on that thread. Thanks!
  4. I just found a can of cardamom flavored evaporated milk at my local Indian grocer. Will report after I use it
  5. Dominos ' mutton gonghura pizza' looked interesting on the ' Pizza in Indian life ' thread, so I googled for mutton gongura and come up with some recipes. They all call for gonghura leaves which I know nothing about. Can the pundits enlighten me please? What are these, what kind of a taste or texture do they add to a dish and where can one find them ? Thanks all
  6. We’ve finally managed to source Kingfisher here in Brussels. This was a problem since most Indian storeowners are Muslim and so will not sell alcohol. Sigh! When in Bombay we loved Flying Horse. Does it still exist? What are the other beers available in India now?
  7. Watching a travel programme recently about South India I learned that rice rotis are a Mangalore specialty. Would anybody have a recipe? Thanks.
  8. I could have added this in the existing thread of indian spices but wanted to highlight the extraordinary taste of this mixed pickle. Just 2 dollars for almost 2 lbs of outstanding mixed achaar is a real value for anyone, especially the bargain crazy Indians. I am talking about this Pachranga Achaar. Literally translated, Pachranga means five colors and I think they mean five main ingredients; mango, carrots, limes, lotus stems and green chillies and of course, delas and Indian gooseberries and all the achaari masalas. I dont know why but the best mixed achaars that I have had in my life have
  9. For some people it is an art itself and therefore dedication is self evident and easy to come by. But for others like us there are time s when eve though you like your own food better you resort to some thing else options galore(...) So if your needs are to take and make this chore of cooking an easier and happier one do add your pointer because it will help food lovers and haggered cooks of all age and groups Please do find in your chest the one main tip to help enterprenewrs of starting a home kitchen to succeed. Thats all the help I aak of you some interesting stories will do here. Release
  10. I am in Boston. I am Irish/English, and live in the US. I was a cook in Hare Krsna temples/restaurants in England, Ireland, & Caribbean for 15-20 years. So I learned to cook from Indian people, mostly from Bengal and Gujarat. Its what I am used to cooking and therefore my comfort food. At the moment in my house is a big bubbling bowl of iddli batter, and I cant get wait to get home and eat it. And that’s about all I can say for myself.
  11. Dear Friends, Can you shed some light on how ‘lobster’/crab roe or tomalley are relished in various cuisines in India? Here is my experience from west Bengal. Most Hindu west Bengalis profess abhorrence for the slightest hint of ‘raw fish smell’ [shunning, for example, the east Bengal practice of using ‘raw’ (i.e. not pre-fried) fish steaks in various stew-like preparations]. Perhaps in western Bengal, with its greater reliance on pond-reared fish, odors contributed by muck and algal compounds like geosmin may lie behind such attitudes. There is one interesting dish, however, where this seem
  12. [Dear Rushina, will you please forgive me for cluttering up your thread? Felt too embarrassed to start a new one, as this already involves Indian Chinese cooking] Dear Friends, Could you please shed some light on 2 issues in Indian Chinese cookery that has been puzzling me for a while. When/where did the term and item “Manchurian xyz” appear in India? Speaking of the Kolkata scene, the only comparable item seems to have been ‘Fish balls in tomato sauce’ which was served only at Peiping restaurant. The other well-known/venerable establishments, Waldorf, Jimmy’s Kitchen, Chung Wah et al. simpl
  13. Which are the best mutton (Goat meat) cuts for a steak. What to ask for when you are in the meat shop?? I have made mutton chops and Keema in the past but never steaks. Also share some steak recipes.. Thanx
  14. I spent several months in Kerala in 2002, and I've been dying to either make or find these dishes again. The closest I've come is a Sri Lankan restaurant that serves similiar dishes, although they somehow miss the mark. If there's any Keralites out there, please help! :) (P.S. I was based in Mavelikara for the four months I was there) 1. Thoren - I may have the spelling wrong, but this was served with lunch, and was sort of a cabbage-based mix that was crunchy and so so tasty! 2. Pachadi - also like a salad I beleive 3. Many times when I was invited to someone's home, there was a reddish-bro
  15. the india trip is over--the orgy of eating has come to an end. i didn't just eat on this trip though; i also bought some cookbooks. among them are two from penguin's regional cookbook series: "the essential kerala cookbook" and "the essential north-east cookbook". i obviously haven't tried anything from them yet but i have browsed them and they look pretty good. both have nice introductions which provide both a sociological context for the food, detailed ingredient, tools and methods breakdowns, and, of course, recipes themselves. what they don't have is pictures--which is not a problem for me
  16. Lifting this into a separate thread since jaggery deserves one of its own. I love jaggery, its like the much more interesting, bad-boy cousin of sugar. Even with the ordinary stuff and not the spiced version I described, you still get that raw, slightly wild minerally tang that contrasts with the basic sweetness. Unfortunately, jaggery seems to be little talked about or known outside India (are their equivelents in other sugar producing countries?). One of the disappointments of Sidney Mintz' otherwise classic book Sweetness & Power, is that he's so focussed on the role that sugar has pla
  17. All this crockpot talking on the cooking board had me thinking. Anyone tried making kheer in a crockpot? How did it go?
  18. suvir, i'm very intrigued by the jackfruit biryani on the menu at amma (which has received positive reviews from people on the new york forum). does the fact that you refer to the fruit by the bengali name (kathal) mean that this is your take on a traditional bengali preparation? (or is kathal not just the bengali name for jackfruit?); in any event, can you tell us a little more about the origins of the dish? bengalis, of course, cook a lot with kathal (both the raw and ripe versions) but i am not familiar with this particular preparation. regards, mongo
  19. I would be very interested in learning how chicken is prepared in the eastern Indian state of Bengal. Is it different from the rest of India.. if so how.. what are some of the unique dishes? Thanks for sharing
  20. I'm engaged in a research project, a collaboration uniting traditional Indian desserts and ingredients with contemporary techniques and styles. In addition to the many custards and lassis, what I've been told of falooda fascinates me, and mirrors what some progressive pastry chefs have been toying with in recent years. What I am looking for are not only traditional and not so traditional versions/recipes, but also some of its history, or interesting stories and associations. Thanks to all in advance!
  21. I am interested in a good recipe for carrot halva. I was wondering if any one would share one that they enjoy. Thanks, Cory
  22. (perhaps this belongs in the rare ingredients thread. then again it might not be rare to anyone other than me) tonight i dipped into my penguin "kerala cookbook" for the first time and made a country style fish "curry". it called for cambodge which is not available here. however, the writer indicates that kokum (which he says is related to and often confused with cambodge but is not) is a good substitute and i remembered seeing kokum in the local indian grocery (which as i've said stocks more southie than north-indian stuff). so i hied me to the store only to discover that they have packets o
  23. Sambhar is usually my fallback on days whe I am feeling lazy about doing a full meal or pressed for time, I just Pressure cook all the vegetales with the lentils amchur/ tomato / tamarind and spice powders. I then temper with thick flakes of garlic, Asafeotida, Fenugreek, split chickpeas, mustard, curry leaves, and Cumin. What I end up with is a thick lentil vegetable curry with the consistency of a stew. It is great especially on cold days in Dehra Dun. However a South Indian friend recently enlightened me that the way Sambhar (if one can call it that) is made by me is wrong. That 1. no se
  24. Dear all, As promised earlier in the "Rare Ingredients" thread, here is the recipe for Masala Bhein along with pictures. Hope you will enjoy this as much as we do. For those who live in the States, you can find these easily in the Korean grocery stores. Here goes: Masala Bhein (Lotus Stems or Kamal Kakdi) Ingedients: Lotus Stems - 4 medium pieces Oil - 5 Tbsp Water - 1 Cup Masala Mix: - Turmeric powder - 1 Tsp - Salt - 1 and 1/2 Tsp - Coriander powder - 5 Tsp - Ginger powder - 1/4 Tsp - Black Pepper - 1Tsp - Garam Masala - 1 Tsp - Amchur (Dry Mango powder) - 1 Tsp Method: 1. Trim both the ends
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