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  1. I know that there are probably a million variations of this type of soup. I've looked all over the web but I can't seem to find a recipe that tastes like the soup at my favorite Indian restaurant. I promise to actually follow the directions if someone would be kind enough to post a recipe. Btw: the vegetable dal I order is pale yellow in color, thin, slightly spicy- believe me, I've tried to re-create it many times with many failures. It seems like it should be easy but I just can't seem to get it right.
  2. Here are my 2 cents: GITS Step 1: Make the dough Step 2 --roll into balls step 3: deep fry on a low flame step 4: drain step 5: Soak in sugar syrup ( which I forgot to take a picture of as I was making it ) Step 6: Eat.. enjoy.. love life and be happy step 7: Find Deliad and feed him all this so I am not alone in gaining 10 pounds
  3. First let me apologize for the pics.. not sure why they are not clear. I wanted to share with you two of my favorite cauliflower dishes...The first one is a simple stir fry and the second one is the much loved deep fried cauliflower.. Indian chinese style.. how do you like to prepare yours? What are some favorites? Do share....? Pic 1 Cauliflower subzi.. simple as can be.. Pic 2 Indian Chinese style Cauliflower
  4. Under General Topics, in a discussion of endangered and extinct dishes, mongo_jones says: "--pasta has greater cultural cache than say an old-school bengali vegetable and fish dish." I only know Indian cuisine from books and restaurants. This forum has, obviously, opened my eyes to a zillion things I don't find there. Being from a partly Italian background - I was reared in an Italian neighborhood - pasta is one of my life's treasures. How is pasta used in India? Do you just borrow Italian, and other, dishes? Or is pasta actually integrated into the cuisine? Please forgive me, mongo_jones,
  5. Today was my first stab at making ghee. The browning of the milk solids went without a hitch but the straining ended up being a huge hassle. I thought I had a strainer with a fine enough mesh to do the trick. Alas I did not. My backup plan was a drip coffee filter, which ended up taking about 20 minutes of constant stirring/tapping to get the ghee to flow. Even after all that work I still ended up with a slight haze of milk solid particles floating in my ghee. There has to be a better way. The browned milk solids will always sink to the bottom of the ghee, right? I was thinking of freezing
  6. Possibilities: 1] Like many mediapersons her skills are in writing and not knowing the subject. 2] Some ethnic words can be misheard. This restaurant gets the fish from India? Unlikely, probably restaurant hype.
  7. Which of the beans below is used for making Besan? 1. Channa dal 2. Chickpeas Besan is made from #2 correct? Is channa dal made into flour and, if so, what is the flour called? Are yellow split peas ground into flour? And the name of that? Is channa dal soft enough to be ground into a flour with a food processor or is something sturdier required? Will a blender do a better job?
  8. I am one of those weird people who loves green beans. Sauteed with brown mustard seeds, hing, whole dried red chiles and grated coconut.. or sauteed with potatoes turmeric, salt, red chilies, garlic..... I am getting hungry.... What do you do to your green beans????? Pray tell.. inquiring minds want to know
  9. I noticed in Rushina's eggplant recipe that she specified Kitchen King Masala. A web search threw up several brands available. Are they all equally good? Also, is this masala based on something? I'm just wondering about its origins, as well as the possibility of making it from scratch, or is it a ubiquitous product like oyster sauce or nam pla? Pat
  10. I've always been afraid to buy saffron because its so expensive and what a waste it would be if I messed it up. I'm going to give it a shot this weekend. Planning to buy it from one of the Manhattan Indian grocers (I'll try Foods of India first). Anyone had any luck buying Saffron from there? Any tips on what to look for? I think I remember reading to make sure the threads are not crumbling...
  11. Hi Monica Your article makes a very interesting read. However, I perused the article twice, and there doesn't seem to be any mention of a wedding cake?? Is that a non-feature in an Indian wedding? I assume then (please correct me if I'm wrong) that a tiered cake is not important as there's loads of food already. This is interesting because someone in a cake board which I go to, had a hard time getting the wedding couple (or rather the MIL) to confirm on a cake order. Would appreciate some enlightenment. Thank you.
  12. Tell us how you use peanuts in your Indian kitchen.. chutneys? crushed on salads? In rice? where else do you use them? how do you store them? do you ever boil them? Inquiring minds want to know
  13. Such an integral part of Indian cooking.. and such a delight... many are familiar with the use of ginger in curries, marinades and ofcourse in tea.. what special dishes do you make with it? desserts??
  14. Could someone please explain the difference (if there is one) between a biriyani dish and a pulao dish? One Bengali friend of mine said they are defintely different but he's not sure how. Another friend told me he had always thought the two were interchangeable terms but he's not sure. I spent some time looking for the answer but no luck. Thanks, Richie
  15. I remember Mongo mention in an earlier thread that Khim chi paired very well witrh Indian food. I meant to ask him to elaborat then, but did not get around to it. THe question came to mind again recently when I at at "All Stir Fry" recently. IMO the Khim Chi there was very good. There were two types bothe with large pieces of cabbage and a subtle sweetness. One was SPICY (red chilli flakes and chilli powder were in it I think) and the other was sweet sour and worked to soothe the flames of the first. It had little bits of carrot in it and corriander as well but besides that it also had an und
  16. We are planning to be in HNL in the 2nd half of Aug. Need some recommendations for Indian food near Hilton village resort in Waikiki. The reason for asking nearby restaurant is that I am not planning to rent a car for the entire week but will do that for a couple of days. Would also appreciate your suggestions for 1 or 2 sight-seeing trips within the island for the days when I do rent the car. We have 2 kids 11 and 13. For the rest of time, we are simply planning to enjoy whatever activities Hilton and Waikiki have to offer. Thanks.
  17. Do you enjoy cooked fruit? Are there special Indian dishes you make with cooked fruit? What do you like about it? One of my favorites is -- Khubani Ka Meetha -- Boiled dried apricots cooked in sugar and then pureed and served with dollops of fresh cream What are some of your favorite dishes? Inquiring minds want to know
  18. Hello eGulletters, I am Lakshmi & am from Atlanta,USA. I am a housewife & cooking is my passion. I enjoyed eGullet.com a couple of days ago.I have been browsing around & this site is truly amazing..!!! Recently i have been too obssessed with cooking & i am now into trying Veg Indian recipes the "RESTAURANT" style. I do visit www.bawarchi.com & other few sites but not always do i get the SAME taste to satisfy myself & my taste buds. I just don't understand why i can't prepare like the same way. I sometimes long for the foods i had & i do love trying out the recipes
  19. this question has been in my mind since reading a thread a while ago on another (non-desi) part of egullet. people were describing their most beloved / hated foods as children, and most of the latter seemed to be veggies that were cooked and served at home. hmmm. my personal memories are very different, i still ADORE veggies like okra, green beans, beetroot, etc. that my mom made. and veggies i didn't like as a kid (eggplant, spinach) are now among my favorites, perhaps due to nostalgia... and most of the kids around me seemed the same way. how come? so, here are my hypotheses: 1. indian
  20. I picked up a jar of some type of sugar while in NY not too long ago. It is labeled as TAL MISHREE. It looks like a yellowish rock candy and has a very strange smell. Almost alchoholic. All the shopkeeper had to say was "good for stomach". It doesn't taste too bad. Sort of like fermented sugar mixed with car exhaust Does anyone know what this is and where to use it? Edward
  21. I love papaya - green and ripe. Do you use it in the Indian kitchen.. do you cook with it? (other than as a tenderizer) Please do share your experiences with this delightful fruit For my hubbys bday I made a papaya mango soup that was so refreshing.. so come on do share.....
  22. Vir Sanghvi has written a really interesting article in the Hindustan Times on Gujarati food which underlines why I think he's probably the best regular food writer in India. I really like this one because I'm half Gujarati myself and have shared Sanghvi's mixed feelings about Gujarati food. I have eating the most amazing Gujarati food, both in homes and in some of the excellent thali places in Mumbai. It can be so good, and Gujaratis really obssess about their food so much (as opposed to, say, Maharashtrians who never seem to particular like eating all that much) and they have the money to r
  23. Does anyone have any thoughts about what might be the first Indian restaurant in North America? (In the UK, of course, it is Deen Mohammed's Hindustanee Coffee House, which opened in 1809.)
  24. One of the things that I think dissuades us from cooking Indian food at least on a semi-regular basis is that the odors produced from all the spices combined with stuff like Ghee and other fats can result in some pretty pungent, semi-permament odors. What do you guys do to keep it out of your kitchens -- and the rest of your house?
  25. Okie I know that this topic shoud go in the general topics but I have put it here for the reason that I need Indians who are exposed to western cuisine but understand Indian food habits to advise me. I need to put together a vegetarian multi cuisine menu for a group of passengers travelling to South Africa. It needs to have some amount of Indian food in it but other food will also work like Mexican and Italian. Any suggestions, advice on what to watch out for? Rushina
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