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Found 987 results

  1. Suvir Saran

    Kaale Chane

    Does anyone know them? They are made in Indian homes. These are black chickpeas, it is from this pea that Besan (chickpea flour) is made. Or so I am told. I made some over the weekend, and I realized how much I love them. I love the meaty texture of these and the recipes I have to make them, are so tasty, I can never have enough of them with rice. Does anyone else care for them? I know Nirvana in NYC serves a appetiser portion of Black Chickpeas. Quite nice actually.
  2. I went to a local spice shop this weekend and bought some of what they labled as 'Kashmir Garam Masala.' Frankly I got it because the smell was absolutely amazing, but I have no clue as to what to do with it exactly. Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  3. First let me apologize for the pics.. not sure why they are not clear. I wanted to share with you two of my favorite cauliflower dishes...The first one is a simple stir fry and the second one is the much loved deep fried cauliflower.. Indian chinese style.. how do you like to prepare yours? What are some favorites? Do share....? Pic 1 Cauliflower subzi.. simple as can be.. Pic 2 Indian Chinese style Cauliflower
  4. Monica Bhide

    Best Indian meal you ever had

    In light of all these restaurant threads. 1. What was the best Indian meal you ever had.. rate it on Food, service, ambiance. etc, 2. Why was it the best, what specifically did you like If we have done this question before, I apologize.
  5. On Friday night my friend and I tried to duplicate the Indian meal we'd learned to prepare in our Indian Cooking class. I won't bore you with too many details but want to share one revelation and make one plea for help. 1] we tried making pakoras from thinly sliced vegs [potatoes, eggplant, squash]. i thought the pakora batter looked wrong but wasn't sure why or how, being a total novice to Indian cooking. we coated the slices and dropped them in the heated oil [@ 4 inches] and all the batter came off. so then jennifer got the idea to make fritters--she added about a cupful or chickpea flour to the batter, we diced the vegs and mied them together in the batter, then i dropped them by the tablespoonful into the oil, reduced to about an inch in the bottom of a wok--they cooked nicely, crispy, just a little greasy but otherwise flavorful. i asked jennifer if this was another traditional way of making pakoras and she said she'd never heard of them done this way, and that maybe she had made it up. did she? does anyone know? this method works splendidly, in any case. 2] i think but dare not voice my suspicion to my friend, who seems commited to her belief that Nirav gram flour is the correct flour, that we used the wrong flour. help me, someone. the recipe, and our teacher, told us to use "besan [Nirav brand,chickpea flour, gram flour]"--the instructions ahveme confused. okay, so at the indian grocery we get a bad marked Nirav besan gram flour. it looks courser and darker than the chickpea flour she added later to the batter--and no where on the bag does it say chickpea flour, just gram flour. what IS besan? is there more than one type? do pakoras require a blend of gram and chickpea or are these the same thing? i have no idea and would appreciate any advice. [the rest of the meal, stuffed parathas, kadhi, kichadi, green chutney--all good tho salty [we followed the recipes to a T, something I normally don't do]. the besan burphi turned out the best, tho it was a little stiff]
  6. Ask Gael (New York Magazine) Whose Indian food really stands out? Let Jaipur-born chef Hemant Mathur deliver Diwan’s amazing new $50 tasting menu for a nirvana that would be tough to orchestrate on your own........ Click here to read further.
  7. Monica Bhide

    Hot soups

    Any new soups of the Indian kind that have made their way to your table that are hot and spicy? I love the traditional tomato saar -- tomato soup with coconut milk tempered with minced green chilies, mustard seeds and curry leaves. So share
  8. bigbrowncow

    Tandoor cooking

    Hello all. Some of you might be interested in my experiences building a tandoor from scratch in an oil drum. I've put lots of photos on oildrumtandoor.blogspot.com. I've also given step-by-step instructions in case anyone wants to copy (and improve) my approach. So far we've cooked: - whole tandoori chickens - tandoori king prawn - naan breads - sag paneer - roast peppers and onions - aubergine tikkas - home made paneer - corn and potato seekh - lamb seekh I would welcome any help on: - getting the seekh kebabs to stick to the skewer ... they all go limp and fall off when cooked - any tips on suspending a large chicken from a single skewer. Both chickens fell down onto the charcoal when nearly cooked...didn't taste any the worse for it though - tips on getting an authentic naan taste - what kind of flour? And of course I'm happy to answer any questions you might have! Steve
  9. Which are the best mutton (Goat meat) cuts for a steak. What to ask for when you are in the meat shop?? I have made mutton chops and Keema in the past but never steaks. Also share some steak recipes.. Thanx
  10. aneja_r

    pavbhaji masala...

    Hi All Can anybody tell me what are the components of pavbhaji masala and the porportion of individual components? Thanks
  11. There is a new Indian restaurant in Hoboken - Saffron Grill. It's on Bloomfield Street, on the corner of 4th Street. I just went there for lunch, to check out their Lunch Buffet. The food was very good. I definately recomend checking it out sometime. The prices for the menu dishes also seem reasonable, especially compared to either India on the Hudson or Karma Kafe. They also apparently do delivery themselves, unlike Karma Kafe/India on the Hudson, who do only deliver via the "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" delivery service.
  12. Suvir Saran

    what desserts to serve

    Are there any desserts that go well with Indian food that are better than others? Anything non Indian maybe? What are the favorites here? Or are Kulfis, Kheer, Gulab Jamuns etc.. the only answer?