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Found 1,510 results

  1. If you were preparing dinner for a very special occasion in your home this summer, what would be your list of desserts to choose from? Recipes, ideas, thoughts and anything that can help us learn from each other are welcome.
  2. Some of Joyce White's thoughts on the meaning of soul food -- not to mention a coconut cake recipe -- can be found in today's Daily Gullet. Enjoy!
  3. I have to do a charity event in a few weeks that has a wine pairing theme. There are 300 people expected, they don't tell contributors what wines they will be serving, and my shop owners are thinking they prefer me not do chocolates because there's a chocolate boutique which will also be contributing at the event. So, any ideas for some other candy or simple dessert that pairs well with suprise wine? lol Suggestions greatly appreciated and desperately needed!
  4. I have to supply a dessert for a dinner for eight next weekend. Two of the guests eat gluten free and are vegan. Other than a fruit salad what else is there?
  5. Edy's ice cream was on sale at my local supermarket today so I bought a couple of 48-ounce containers. Turns out, nowhere on the container does it say "ice cream." It says "frozen dairy dessert." What's up with that?
  6. Hello, and happy holidays to you all. Not quite yet Christmas, and already I need to think about dessert for New Years. My friends that are bringing the wine have bought Muscat da Beaumes de Venise "Hommage". I would normally go the 'chocolate-something and port' way on dessert, but I don't think chocolate and Muscat is probably a good match. So I need inspiration for something that both children from the age of 7 and grown ups will enjoy and that goes well with the wine. Thanks very much
  7. Ok, I read somewhere about a dessert made entirely from milk and sugar: Boil or simmer milk with a bit of sugar dissolved to sweeten. As a skin forms, skim off the skin with a wooden spoon into a bowl, and let cool. Repeat this process until all of the milk has been collected. Carefully mix the collected skins, and serve immediately. It sounds like a lot of work for a milk-based pudding. Does anyone have a clue as to what this is, and has anyone ever had it? Does anyone have a recipe or method for making halvah? I seem to recall a carrot version from somewhere -- can't remember where. Best, Soba
  8. Yes, I know it is not quite 2013 here in New Jersey but after a long period without an ice cream maker I am back to making ice cream and would enjoy a discussion of recipes and technique. I am to the point where I can make a base which yields a satisfactory texture or a base which gives a satisfactory taste, but sadly not yet both at the same time. After recently getting a Cuisinart ICE-100, the first recipe I used was Rose Levy Beranbaum's Vanilla Ice Cream from The Cake Bible (p.285). Texture was great but the alcohol tasted a little funny. I tried reducing the cream while keeping the alcohol, but the mouthfeel suffered. I tried adding a bit of Karo but that didn't really help. Then I stopped using alcohol, went back to about 20% butterfat, but used a small amount of Lyle's Golden Syrup and xanthan gum to hopefully improve texture. Flavor was excellent but the texture was slightly icy, and the melting characteristic was more like commercial ice cream than homemade. Plus the ice cream was rock hard from the freezer. Next I added more Lyle's which improved the texture, but now the ice cream is far too sweet and has a pronounced molasses flavor. I prefer ice cream that is not very sweet. This precludes dumping in a lot of sugar to improve the texture and reduce the freezing point. I'm thinking dextrose and/or atomized glucose syrup might help reduce the freezing temperature and improve texture. But I don't have these ingredients. My best result was with Rose Levy Beranbaum's recipe, but I'd like to replace the alcohol with something. Does anyone have ideas?
  9. I would like to fill some chocolate shells with marshmallow. Anyone have a good recipe? Can I use Greweling's recipe? Any changes necessary to convert a slab marshmallow recipe into a pipeable marshmallow recipe?
  10. A dessert I had last night at the Mark Hotel here in New York City reminded me of what a sucker I am for showmanship in pastry. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a dessert service as much, and was hoping maybe we could all share our tales of wildly elaborate and impressive desserts. The very clever New York pastry chef Chris Broberg, who was long at Lespinasse (during both the Gray Kunz and Christian Delouvrier eras) and later at Petrossian (working with Philippe Conticini), has been at the Mark for about a year now and has really whipped the pastry program into shape (there's definitely something of a dream-team coming together in the Mark's F&B department, which I'll post about on the NY board at some point). I'd been meaning to stop in for the longest time, and finally a promotional dinner for Mandarin Oriental hotels (the Mark is a Mandarin Oriental property) presented an easy (and free) opportunity. The dessert that Broberg did for this dinner was a chocolate dome. It looked like a pretty normal chocolate dome: a half-sphere of chocolate with a semi-hard, shiny chocolate coating and a nice gold-leaf decoration in the middle. It was surrounded by pieces of candied fruit and such. This was, at first, a little disappointing. I thought for sure Broberg wouldn't mail it in like this. Then again, an Upper East Side hotel with a rather low-key restaurant -- maybe he's just collecting a nice paycheck and living the good life. Or maybe for a banquet he just isn't going to do the good stuff. But when the waiters put down the dessert they said, don't eat it; the chef will be out to "explain the dessert." At this point things took a turn for the better. Broberg and some of the line cooks appeared bearing pitchers of hot liquid chocolate, essentially the super-rich hot chocolate you'd get as a beverage at L'Aduree or Angelina's in Paris. A cook went over to the dessert of one of the women at our table and started pouring the chocolate onto the dome. He did this for about 10 seconds as a pool of chocolate started to surround the dome. Which I thought, hey, was a pretty cool touch. But then, totally unexpected -- poof! -- the whole exterior of the dome started to disintegrate! And then, as the cook stopped pouring, the whole center part of the thing kind of collapsed into something that looked like the moon after being wrecked by a continent-sized asteroid. There were audible gasps, woahs, and holy-shits from most every person in the room. Inside the dome, it was revealed, was a whole other deal of crunchy nutty stuff and cocoa nibs all mixed in with the dome's fluffy chocolate interior and the gooey hot chocolate sauce. Well, I'll be damned if that wasn't the most impressive dessert presentation I've ever seen. Not to mention at least three women (and one man) offered their bodies to Broberg after the meal (which is a lot even in a room full of media people). I should add, this dessert was actually quite delicious on top of all that.
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