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  1. In this thread concerning the "best Vietnamese in New York" several people have mentioned the coffee. I posted this there, but think that the subject will get more input here: OK, CoffeeBoy, what makes it great? I know it when I have it (I had some at lunch at my favorite pho joint, Pho Bang, here in NO), but just what sets it apart from run of the mill? I have several of the little rigs, and I have tried and tried to get it right at home, and I can't-it's good, but it's not perfect. I do it all of the time, but can't seem to perfect the technique Hints? Degree of grind? How hard to screw th
  2. I am from NY and I am opening a restaurant in Michigan. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get thoes coffee cups " We are happy to serv you" Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  3. Of all the die-hard (or at least mildly addicted) coffee drinkers I know, I think I'm the only one who doesn't like Starbucks. I find all of the roasts that I've tried to date to be over-roasted to my palate - bitter without being rounded and strong but not full-bodied. And since I have no use for the foo-foo stuff (the most I ever add to my joe is cream and sugar), I generally have no use for Starbucks unless it's 2pm and I'm jonesing for caffeine, and the only coffee in sight is Starbucks. I might get flamed for this, but I can honestly say I'd take a cup of strong Folgers to a cup of Starb
  4. Hey Foodies :-) I thought some of you might be interested in having a look at my [french] website on espresso: http://www.caffecaffe.ca You will find amongst other things: tips and techniques on becoming a better barista and coffee shops to give a try (mainly in Montreal at the moment, although I have some pending recommendations from my last trip to Seattle and Vancouver). Hope you will enjoy! Martin
  5. ned

    Manual pavoni

    Feeling a little drowsy before heading out for a late dinner engagement, I decided to make myself an espresso. In the mornings I use a double shot insert, but for this job I figured I only needed the strength of a single shot. So I switched out to the smaller one. . . but as I pulled the shot I started thinking. The proper shot of espresso requires (among other things) a proportionate relationship between an amount of coffee and the amount of water that’s run through it. I think, and herein lies the reason for this post, that the manual Pavoni always runs the same amount of water regardle
  6. I recetly picked up some Black Cat blend for the first time while I was up in Vancouver recently. My wife and I totally love this coffee and see the supply dwindling. I know you can order it from Intelligentsia online, but would like to find something similar and local. We used to use Vivace beans exclusively, but the Black Cat is so much better suited to our Drip Machine. Any suggestions for Seattle? Thanks! Ben
  7. Recently, I was sent a coupon to get a free B&D Home Cafe brewer. Yep, a free coffee maker. I guess they're trying to get more of these in more homes so they can sell more pods. Whatever. After a bit of experimentation, I have found only one brand I like, and I have to mail order it. So not only am I paying for a more expensive cup of coffee to begin with, I'm paying shipping and handling on it, too. I'm not sure I can get excited about that, despite the wonderful convenience. My husband and I work different shifts, so we're not drinking coffee at the same time, and the idea of a o
  8. The salesman who supplies my advertising novelties, (like left-handed flying pink pig pens), is originally from the NYC area. He remembers his dad drinking Chock Full o' Nuts coffee, (this would have been in the early 60's), and although he's not a big coffee drinker himself he opined he might enjoy trying a cup. I figure to surprise him the next time he stops in. I notice Chock Full o' Nuts offers both an "Original" and a "New York Roast". What's the difference, and which would you suggest? SB (has read the interesting story of Chock Full o' Nuts in Mark Pendergast's "Uncommon Grounds")
  9. I have a longstanding beef with Second Cup for their unwillingness to step forward as a non-fair trade but still canadian coffee chain. For a long time I've felt that by opting to support Foster Parent's Plan and ignoring the fair trade debate altogether they were doing themselves a disservice, and undersestimating the knowledge their customers had on the subject. Not that Foster Parent's Plan is a bad thing, just that it's an apples and oranges thing. That said I walked past the local second cup the other day and noticed a poster for something called the Rwanda Cup of Hope. This is a new cof
  10. What is supposed to be so great about them? And don't they make it very difficult to get the coffee into an espresso cup?
  11. Anyone have experience with this coffee maker? If so, whatchathink? As I recall, Cook's Illustrated liked it. Thanks, Sidecar Ron
  12. Hi, I've never posted to this forum before, but since coffee's starting to become more important to me, I thought I'd better get some information. I'm not particularly fussy, liking an occasional capuccino from Starbucks or local coffee houses. But while shoveling the driveway after the last snowstorm, I kept thinking how nice it would be to go back inside and make my own capuccino. I'm not looking for great, just decent. At least mine would be consistent, which I can't say about Starbucks. So I want a cheap starter espresso machine. The Melitta 15 bar pump machine sounds like a good dea
  13. During a two-week trip around Cambodia, I noticed that the coffee always seemed to have a pronounced chocolate flavor. I visited a number of places--Phnom Penh, Kampot, Battambang, Siem Reap--but the chocolate flavor was always there. (I tended to avoid adding sweetened condensed milk, although it actually complemented the flavor of the coffee quite well.) I bought a bamboo container of coffee at the Phnom Penh airport on my way home; when I brewed some a few days later in New York, sure enough, the chocolate flavor was right there. Has anyone else found the same thing? Is it a characteri
  14. does anyone own or had any Krups espresso machines ? The one I am looking at is a XP4050. I looked it up on Coffeegeek.com and the 2 reviews were split. So can anyone help ? What also would a comparable machine to this one ? Thanks
  15. I am looking for a online shop in the US to buy Movenpick coffee (a swiss brand). Weren't successful so far. Anybody with suggestions where I might find such coffee ?
  16. I buy my coffee beans either from a local roaster or from a gourmet shop that sells private branded pre-packaged beans. The beans from the local coffee roaster shop are very oily. Once I'm done with the 1/2 lb batch, the container where I store them is slick and oily on the inside. When grinding these beans, my grinder has oil streaks, and the ground coffee tends to stick to the sides a bit. I find that I need to use much coarser grind with this coffee or my machine (Capress EspressoPRO Model #112) can't push water through. On the other hand, the coffee from the gourmet shop is not nearly as
  17. I'm a cycling nut from the Heartland as well as an avid coffe drinker. So I'm curious to know if anyone has tried this coffee: http://www.chrisking.com/store/coffee_beer..._directory.html King Cycle Group (KCG) is a high-end cycling parts manufacturer in Portland, OR. Folks at KCG openly say that while they love to ride, they do so primarily so that they can enjoy more sweets, munchies and fine coffee drinks. So I have to wonder: is the Machinist's Blend any good?
  18. I picked up my grinder last night - can't wait to use it this weekend! The regular price was $125. The sale price was $99 and they threw in a free bag of coffee. A sign in the store said the sale was going on through March 16, 2004.
  19. Cooking and Dining Good Coffee in Expensive Restaurants - why not? Espresso and Haute Cuisine - is espresso taken seriously? Hard Coffee Drinks - what do you add? Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  20. Coffee Beans Great bean types and brands In Search of Master Roasters Decaf Coffee Storage - freezer, fridge or cupboard? Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  21. My current place of employment is auditioning vendors for coffee service. (Coffee is the one amenity that supposedly increases productivity and so pays for itself.) I was thinking of starting a ‘coffee club’, as I had at other workplaces, with contributory membership. In the past, I used a cheap espresso machine, but this time I was planning on using Illy’s coffee membership program, so we’d get a good machine and good coffee. Illy: http://www.illyusa.com/AB1666000/webpage.c...ge_ID=110&DID=7 It was suggested the I hold off on the club till they finished their search because I might li
  22. I cracked open my bag of Community Coffee-Chickory Coffee this morning. The last time I had it was back in 1997 in NOLA when a guy named Joe Canizaro sold $140M worth of real estate in downtown NOLA to my client. But I digress.... Mr Mayhaw, I tried to raise this in your blog and think it was lost, but what exactly is chickory and why do y'all mix your coffee with it? When I tried it this AM, it was..well a little herbacaeous tasting. Not unpleasant by any means, just different. Can you 'splain?
  23. Thanks to a heads up from Chad, one of our Food Media and News Forum hosts, I've been alerted to the introduction of an intriquing new product It's a bit confusing when one investigates more fully. Going to the original home page of Mojo Coffee Home Page takes you to a single page web site showing an actual microwave based home applicance that appears to be targeted specifically for use with their prepackaged green beans (I believe this is what they refer to as the "Wave Roast unit"). Now go to the "other" page of Mojo Coffee Index Page This site is more complete and has photographs of a pe
  24. It's getting warmer, and in Springtime a young man's fancy turns to iced coffee. Today I almost achieved iced coffee nirvana. Tall Glass Fill 2/3with leftover extra-strong presspot coffee Add plentiful sweetened condensed milk Add a slug of U-Bet chocolate syrup Add ice Stir Enjoy The two things that would improve on this, as I see it, would be frozen coffee cubes instead of ice, and some of that Ghirardelli chocolate syrup Alacarte pointed out. Some people like to use espresso as the coffee base, but at the volume I drink I'd be getting something like 14 shots per serving. So...? How do yo
  25. I drink a fair bit of coffee (5-6 cups a day). For years I've had my coffee with a bit of cream or milk - no sugar. Recently I've started to like it black. I find there's more coffee "flavour" that way. Am I just going through a phase, or is this part of a normal taste progression?
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