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  1. Every Sunday my family "volunteers" to make coffee for our community for 50 to 350+ people. We use those old fashioned electric coffee pots that take forever to brew 90-100 cups and clean-up is a real pain you know where. We are considering modernizing, installing a built in restaurant type coffee machine system that would produce large quantities of coffee in minimum of time. If you use an efficient coffee system you can recommend, would you, please share the information. Thanks in advance.
  2. Coffee & Tea Forum Index Tea Topics
  3. I decided to try a new local roaster today and picked up a bag of Carlos Ernesto Guerrero Lara Apaneca El Salvadoran coffee... whatever that means. What caught my eye about the bag is that they note the roast date (4/22), best from (4/25) and to (5/9) dates. I am confused about the from date. Why would I wait 3 days after roasting before drinking? Thanks! Dan
  4. Since a number of us are roasting our own (and here, and here), I thought it made sense to start comparing notes on what was working and what wasn't for the offerings at Sweet Maria's. To start it off, right now I'm drinking Brazil Fazenda Santa Mariana roasted to Full City, brewed drip follow the SM instructions. It is fantastic: it's got a great funkiness that I think is what the packaging is talking about when it describes the coffee as "malty". What are the rest of you experimenting with right now?
  5. I know many are anti the coffee pod machines but leaving that aside what is the best system? I have had a Lavazza Modo Mia although it is now 6 years old and it is reaching the end of its life. All the reviews seem to put Nespresso top of the list with the machine I have second. I'm thinking of moving and would be interested in any views. Andrew
  6. My friend wants to find a source for GOOD quality fresh roasted coffee beans in NYC. We've tried Fairway. He likes the Kona blends. any suggestions? thanks. susan
  7. After having reasonable luck with my last batch of coffee liqueur, I was hoping that someone here could help me select a more suitable sort of bean. I don't drink a lot of coffee (it gives me indigestion), but I love the flavor in desserts and cocktails. My previous attempt used a dark roast coffee that was quite sour - sort of like what you'd find at Starbucks. The end result had a very potent coffee flavor with a less processed taste than Kahlua, but much like the raw ingredients, it was a lot more sour. I'd like to fix that. What should I look for in a roast? I wouldn't mind using a nati
  8. JAZ


    I've worked in cookware stores off and on for 10 years, and have seen and used just about every new type of coffee maker or "system" that's come along in that time. Lately, I've noticed that people seem to be buying percolators. Not a lot -- maybe 3 in the last 6 months. But that's three more than I've sold in the previous 9.5 years. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Michael Ruhlman was singing the praises of percolators on his blog as well. As far as I know, there haven't been any improvements in percolator technology in the past 20 years, have there? Both from personal experience
  9. I just got an email from Peet's that says its coffee will soon be carried in Stop & Shop. I love love LOVE Peet's and have it shipped every month. I just can't see it being of good quality while being distributed through Stop & Shop. It makes me glad on one hand; if we run out I can grab some at the story. But then it makes me sad -- I feel like it's the beginning of the end for such a wonderful product. Any thoughts, anyone?
  10. ON HGTV this weekend there was a 1 hr show of International Housewares- There were several items for coffee and tea that were interesting- www.hgtv.com----search products to see items
  11. We are starting a mobile cafe and selling fresh roasted, prepared coffee to commuters from our AirStream located south of Boston. We are trying to think of the best food to sell from the cart. One thought is muffins, scones, or "real" bagels (not easy to get here). Obviously, relatively neat, premade, quick, and easy to hold in one hand and eat on the train is the objective. The branding is cool and hip so the food needs to match and be of high quality to match the coffee. Does anyone have any thoughts and ideas? Really, any ideas are welcome so let your imaginations fly. Thanks so mu
  12. Anyone know of a website that sells great coffee. I am in houston and used to buy from cafe maison but i thiunk they went out of bussiness ( Thanks
  13. eGullet Society member Greg Glancy at norbutea.com is contributing free 10 gram samples of each of three interesting Japanese teas for this Tea Tasting & Discussion (TT&D). Sets of the samples will go to up to three eG members active in the forums: if you have at least 50 posts anywhere in the eG Forums in the past 12 months, or if you have at least 10 posts in the Coffee & Tea Forum, and are interested in receiving the free samples and participating in this TT&D, please read on (this post and the three following soon) and then PM me. The first Japanese tea is a Sunpu Boucha -
  14. Dan at yuuki-cha.com in Japan is contributing two organic 2010 shinchas for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. Yuuki-cha.com is the leading on-line purveyor of organic Japanese teas. The two organic shinchas are the 2010 Organic Kagoshima Shincha Saemidori and the 2010 Organic Asahina Kabusecha. I will mail free samples of 15 grams of each of these shinchas to up to three eG Society members. More information on organic shinchas from the yuuki-cha.com website. Text and photo used with permission. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least 25 substantive posts (simp
  15. We have a Keurig coffee machine at work. However, I think the K-cups are way too expensive, so I was happy when I found a reusable filter like this at a local store for $5.00. When I was reading the directions, it suggested to use a French press grind, and NOT to use a fine grind like an espresso grind so as not to under-extract. I used some French Market coffee, which is pre-ground for drip, for my first cup, and it turned out ok, but a bit weak. Am I wrong to think that the Keurig brews too quickly to get good extraction out of anything more coarse than drip? It seems to me that the direc
  16. A Darjeeling is just a Darjeeling, right? That's what the mass market grocery store tea vendors would have us think. It's. just. not. so. Different Darjeeling tea estates and different flushes during the year make for interesting variations when the tea meets the mouth. So the purpose of this Tea Tasting & Discussion is to give us the opportunity to compare the differences in three first flush Darjeelings (known as the champagne of teas) from different estates. Bill Waddington at teasource.com is providing the Darjeeling tea samples. Namring Upper Estate, 1st Flush, FTGFOP1 Puttabong Est
  17. Hey all I"m new here and found a thread on coffee, one of my favorite things. At home we roast our own coffee, and it's by far the best tasting coffee I've ever had. It's super fresh all the time, and we get our coffee from a couple of different places who gets their supply from all over the world. So we get coffee beans from great crops, and it's also a lot less expensive this way. I don't know if this topic had been covered before but it didn't seem like it. Has anyone else on here tried roasting coffee? Or have you tried it from someone else? What do you think? Thanks! Jeanine
  18. A while back, a co-worker offered to get me a cup of coffee and asked if I wanted milk or sugar. "A little milk," I replied. He brought me a cup that was pale tan in color and had to have been 40 percent half-and-half. To me, it was undrinkable -- lukewarm and unpleasantly mouth-coating; yet another co-worker who got a virtually identical cup proclaimed it "perfect." (I ended up pouring half the coffee out and refilling the cup with straight coffee, at which point it was almost okay.) Since then, I've been paying attention to milk in coffee, and I believe I'm in the minority. Most people who d
  19. When in Italy, what's your favorite brand of Italian coffee? I'm asking because we are in the throes of deciding what brand to use in our new restaurant, and would love to hear some biased opinions! Grazie mille!
  20. I'm not sure if my system is changing or if there is truly a difference in the amount of caffeine found in a perked cup of coffee vs a cup of coffee made from one of those individual coffee filters that attach to the top of your mug?? Can anyone tell me if its the same amount and I'm doomed to drinking decaf from now on or if I will find coffee more soothing to my tummy if I perk it?? Thanks Stacy
  21. A topic on another thread branched off into This Discussion which I thought might be of interest here? We're not talking about the "bottomless cup" at the Country Kitchen, or a Maple Macchiato at Starbucks, but good coffee as an after dinner beverage in a fine restaurant. This question is, should a free refill be offered/expected? I feel it's a nice and appreciated gesture, while another opinion is that it somehow cheapens the experience. (pardon me if I didn't state that position clearly) While we're at it, what would you expect to pay for a cup of coffee in this circumstance? Also, could
  22. Here's the article on MSN: "Bad buzz: Chinese bloggers bash Starbucks" Starbucks bashing isn't new. But that it's happening in China is new.
  23. Hey all, this is my first time on this part of the forum. Im looking for some insight on a basic, reasonably affordable combo type machine that can do both regular coffee and espresso. Does such a machine exist? Does the quality suffer with these types of machines? Any info would be appreciated. Cheers!
  24. I recently took the bait in an online ad and "took the Boca Java challenge." I was actually quite pleased with the result. Boca Java is an online coffee roaster whose chief distinction is that it sells coffee the way Dell sells computers: They don't roast the beans until you place your order. The beans come in half-pound bags (not vacuum-packed) with the roasting date on a sticker on the back. I can honestly say that their beans definitely passed the smell test: I haven't been hit with a more powerful aroma ever. And the quality of the coffee they made was also first-rate. Like Gevalia, they
  25. Hello to all the Coffee Lovers out there, I have a question for you from someone(me) that doesn't know a lot about high quality coffee... What kind of quality do the larger coffee chains have? poor, ok, good, or great quality coffee products... I'm interested in the chain stores like starbucks, coffee bean and tea leaf, peets coffee, etc.... I would love to hear your opinions on who is the best out of those three or other big chains and why... Thank you for your help in advance,
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