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  1. Cold Coffee Iced coffee drinks - recipes, tips and techniques Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  2. Grinders Best coffee grinders - what and where? Inexpensive grinders - blade or burr? Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  3. On our recent 3-week road-trip through the Southeast in our luxurious Plymouth Grand Voyager SE minivan we traveled with, among other things, a bulldog, a Tempur-Pedic pillow, and a carton full of espresso apparatus. We aspire someday to have a clothesline stretched across the back seat of our Buick. Our DeLonghi "caffe espresso" unit, Solis Maestro grinder, Brita pitcher, a 1-pound bag of coffee beans, and the various attachments all fit snugly into a standard-size file box (like they use at law firms, um, not that mine was stolen from any previous employer) with the lid off. I've just gotten
  4. What's up with this cold-brewing business?
  5. Notes on an attempt to cold brew w/o a Toddy I am an avid Toddy brewer but I want to find a way to cold brew coffee away from home. I also have a slight aversion to the bulk of the plastic Toddy tub and the need for special filters. I assume that if the Toddy process is based on Latin American traditions, I should be able to replicate the results without special equipment. I decided to try to cold-brew coffee in a French press, which is unused 23.75 hours each day, and a wide-mouth mason jar, and compare the results with the Toddy. The Toddy is a plastic tub with a thick, tight-fitting, car
  6. Espresso Machines Plumbed In Espresso Machines - does it make sense? Least Expensive Machine for Decent Espresso? Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  7. I've posted this in the NY forum already, but I thought I might get a different response from my fellow coffee-heads -- perhaps there's an online or mail-order source if not a NY-area source?: Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some Ghirardelli chocolate syrup? Not the powder, not the candies. The syrup. My favorite coffee shop uses it to make the most wonderful mochaccinos I've ever had...I need to get some of this for my own personal stash. It's on the Ghirardelli website here, but says that it's only available to the trade. Any suggestions? Thanks! [edited to add in link that did
  8. markovitch


    In the new issue of Saveur there is an article about Ethiopia and Coffee. I liked it, except, like most Saveur stories, it is a bit brief. Anyone else read it?
  9. Kenk

    Grow My Own

    I have had a coffee plant for the last 4 years. It started off as a bunch of 4 inch plants. They are now a bunch of 4 foot plants. My first 2 coffee beans are ripening. 2 of my coffee cherries are turning red. Maybe next year I might have enough for 1 cup. Not bad for Ottawa Canada.
  10. OK i got my Freshroast Plus 8. I fired it up on several occasions and passed out my beans to get several different coffee drinkers opinions. Everyone said, the coffee was great, but it was not as "strong" as they like it and is there a way to make it stronger. Every time I make coffee in my Cuisenart Grind 'n' Brew drip, the coffee is extremely clear. It has zero bitterness and tastes very good but a little weak. Is this a function of roasting time? Does fresh roasted coffee need to have a larger number of tablespoons per pot? Is this just the way it tastes? Is it the type of bean I am u
  11. While researching coffee online I've learned that espresso refers to a method of making coffee and that it has nothing to do with the coffee itself, whereas I'd previously always thought that espresso referred to a type of coffee or coffee bean. However, I repeatedly see comments that imply that there is a difference in the coffee itself when comparing espresso vs. "regular" coffee (i.e. in the thread about Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts.) So my question is: Shouldn't good coffee be good coffee, regardless of whether it is made by the espresso method or the "regular" method? And likewise, bad c
  12. MSNBC has an odd little article on coffee. The part that really threw me was Am I reading that right? He wants me to put 20 tablespoons of coffee in the basket for a 10-cup pot? What gives, o' coffee gurus? Chad
  13. Many of you have probably already seen this info on sites such as Coffeegeek, Coffeekid, and espoused by our many knowledgeable members here, but I just wanted to bring up my experience so far in the enthralling realm of coffee making. Most helpful has been the Newbie Tutorial on Coffeekid. Here is a summary of what I have learned: * Get a good burr grinder. This is an expensive step, but crucial. * Brewing temperature and grind seems to be the two major elements involved in making good coffee. * Fresh beans are extrememly important. Homeroasting is a fantastic option for many people. * Pres
  14. Clickety. Jitter Jitter. Clickety. from the mastermind behind The Regrettable Gallery of Food.
  15. From my limited knowledge, I see that both Melitta and Soliloquy (?) are making quick brew, single cup coffee makers using pods and a steam bar. Is the end product any good? Any better than just the traditional Melitta filter process?
  16. I'm well familiar with the advantages of buying fresh roasted coffee orm roasting your own - the idea being that one knows exactly when it was roasted and can be sure of using the roasted coffe in the optimal time window (2 - 10 days after roasting). The issue of deterioration and rapidly declining qualities is well known and proven - for some of us freezing by means of careful packaging, thawing etc is a good means of ensuring that we always have a supply of good fresh beans on hand. I'm baffled by loose tea. How significant and rapid is the deterioration when it's exposed to air? Will vacuu
  17. I once made the mistake of ordering a cup of coffee at London's Victoria Station. When I took a sip, I thought they'd made some horrible mistake and given me something else, but the server assured me it was what they knew as coffee. It tasted like they'd brewed up Postum with Marmite--absolutely unrecognizable as being in the same family with any coffee I'd had anywhere else in the world. Where did you experience truly, memorably terrible coffee?
  18. Welcome to the new forum and new moderator. I've had a long standing compaint. When dining in many restaurants, even those considered high end, there is a distinct difference between the coffee and tea service. The coffee drinker might get a caraffe( at brunch, for example) or at a minimum, a refill. There is usually a selection of types of coffee as well. A tea drinker gets a cup of hot water, and a tea bag in it. A higher end place might have a selection of tea bags in a pretentious wooden box, and will serve tea in a glorified creamer with a lid. Oh, there are a hanful of places that d
  19. Nothing warms me up in the winter like a cup of coffee w/ a shot of bourbon, or sometimes Irish whiskey. My wife likes it with 1/2 shot of Baileys and 1/2 shot of Kahlua
  20. Interesting article from Washington Monthly on how American's bad taste in coffee is hurting the growers, and insight into the economics of it all. A good read.
  21. Market research for a major Canadian coffeehouse chain indicates that their customers believe people who go to Starbucks are pretentious, stuck-up, etc. etc. In your experience, do people choose or avoid a coffee place based on their personality type?
  22. My Bunn Pour-Omatic is about shot; it leaks when I add water. I am considering replacing it with a Braun Flavor Select model. I am spoiled by the instantaneous coffee the Bunn makes but I don't make coffee at home during the week so it is not necessary. Any comments on the Braun or others?? Thanks!
  23. glenn


    I basically just want it to boil water for coffee (press) and occasionally tea and cocoa. I'm tired of ugly looking monstrosities that you have to remove from the stove when your mother-in-law comes to visit, handles that you need 3 towels to grab on to so you don't get a 1st degree burn and water that tastes of metallic particles. The All-Clad LTD kettle looks like it'll fit the bill, though it costs a small fortune. Anyone have experience with the all-clad? What's the best place to buy all-clad stuff? other recommendations? Thanks! [if this topic has come up I promise to go stand in th
  24. My Krupps is ten years old and on its last perks. I'd like your recommendations. I need an automatic shut-off (I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally pushed something up against the switch and turned on the pot without knowing it) and a timer start would be nice. (Any thoughts on leaving the grounds in the pot overnight?) I'd also be interested in a good, reasonably priced Coffee/espresso combo. Do these make decent espresso?
  25. I received a pound of the beans as a present and have made several pots of coffee with it. It disappoints me. I expected a much more aromatic, winey flavor than I am getting. Could it be the beans are stale? What are the flavor characteristics of well made coffe with these beans?
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