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  1. I was hoping to get a little help from the coffee experts. My wife is from the Dominican Republic and we like to try and to find dominican products (rum, sugar, produce etc) as often as possible here in NY. We can get Cafe Santo Domingo beans in NY or ground from my in-laws in DR (they taste like two very different coffees) and Cafe Mama Inez in the can and like and use both regularly. On this site there is a Cafe Bueno and Induban Gormet. Has anyone tried these two or know of any other Dominican grown coffee? We currently use a stovetop moka and grind beans in a krups. -Mike
  2. John Hornall, well known barista and former co-owner of Hines Public Market Coffee in Seattle, has moved east and now runs the coffeee and espresso operation for Chestnut Hill Cafe Have you been there, tried it and can report on your experience? Hines was a legendary Seattle institution but lost its lease when the building they were housed in was demolished in the name of "progress". They have a street cart open and are working on a new space but John Hornall has landed in Philadelphia (score one for the east coast!). Reports will be appreciated.
  3. Anyone have any experience with this company? They offer a free coffee maker and biscotti if you try a pound of their coffee - much like Gevalia. offer
  4. I think I just made the most disgusting coffee drink in existence. I wasn't paying attention, and had my melitta one-cup sitting on top of my breakfast/lunch mug (read: never-washed, oatmeal and ramen mug), and in my caffeine-reduced haze, I poured my hot water over my fresh grounds, and mixed my coffee into all of the detritus sitting in that dirty mug. I'm a little frightened to try my coffee. I have a second one, too. One morning, after a particularly rough night, I got some coffee from the store across the street from where the party ended, and as the coffee was bad, burnt, etc, I dumped
  5. So, I'm catering a wedding for 60 people out of my home kitchen (more details available in the special occasions forum). Anyway, they want coffee. I know that those huge percolator urns are cheap and easy, but how's the coffee they make? I am a bit of a coffee geek and I don't want to serve crappy coffee. So far I have no plans to cater any other large parties, so I don't want to invest a lot of money in equipment. Is there any other way?
  6. Can anyone tell me if Caribou coffee is a Muslim owned company? I have an arguement to settle.
  7. We are looking for a new drip coffee machine with a thermal carafe. Here's the problem - it looks like the best of the easily-available models is the Capresso MT500. However, nearly every review I've read says that if you do not line things up exactly between the filter and the carafe, you'll have coffee all over the counter. Being caffeine junkies, I don't know that that kind of precision is possible before actually getting a cup or two in the system..... So is the problem really that bad? The others we were considering was the newer Capresso ST600, and the Bunn 10-cup thermal model. The T
  8. A couple of months ago, I got a Rancilio Silvia (and a Gaggia grinder). It took me about a day to get a good double espresso out of it, but I've never been able to get the same quality in a single, except of course, but splitting the double. The single usually tastes a little over-extracted, and the top layer is always thin and pale. (FYI, this is using slightly more coffee than half of that for the double, at a somewhat finer grind). Anyone have any thoughts? Help? Ridicule? Andrew
  9. Here's Chow Magazine's list of 5 of the best US independent roasters. [i don't see the article online.] Intellegentsia Gimme Coffee Counter Culture Flying Goat Blue Bottle I was sorry to see my roaster of choice not listed, Terroir, though it was nice to see a discussion on purchasing direct as opposed to purchasing from a broker. On a related note, I'm curious to see how much y'all are willing to pay for coffee. I was selling Terroir's coffee retail but I stopped because customers weren't willing to pay the price - starting at $10 for 12 ounces. (I still serve it by the cup in my cafe.) I
  10. Well, it has happened again. We went to Amsterdam, had amazing coffee everyday, even good on the plane and now I'm back again and my coffee is just not as good. I love the coffee we had in Amsterdam. I've also had really good coffee in Provence, Italy (of course), and Switzerland. Although the styles were all different, they were all similar in terms of not being bitter, overroasted, and too hot. They were instead rich, flavorful, and incredibably aromatic. Why, oh why, can't I get this effect at home? At home I have a Grind and Brew, a percolater, and a Krups espresso maker. Should I p
  11. Hey eGullet, Are there real coffeeshops in your city? To start things off, I humbly submit Coffee Exchange, in Providence. They roast their own beans. They have ibriks (Turkish coffeepots) for sale, hanging hanging from the rafters. They are hard-core. What news? By the way, a few guidelines; ignore them happily. Please no "Starbucks; I love their Frappucinos." What I'm talking about is a totally different animal. A serious, independant coffeeshop run by artisan-level roasters and baristas, or those who aspire to be on that level. Purists. It really helps if they roast their own bean
  12. Fortune Elkins is a coffee and espresso aficionado in the NYC area and tireless volunteer for the SCAA consumer outreach program. Among her many activities has been spearheading efforts to get a group together for regular coffee related meetings and activites in NY. They have some cool donated door prizes at many of their functions and offer a chance to get exposure to such things as coffee cuppings etc. New York City Coffee Meetup Group If there's no such organization in your metro area it might be worth starting one (hint hint). The NYC group has a fun event coming up on March 9th that
  13. PPX


    Is anyone familiar with this brand from Jersey City? I haven't been happy with the coffee I've been getting from Starbuck's & local markets, so I was thinking of ordering a few pounds from Kobrick's. According to the website, they sell to restaurants, but also do retail. Is there anyone here who's sipped a cuppa or has any feedback? Thanks!
  14. Hey there..... I'm kinda new to this forum, but not eGullet. I frequently make a pest out of myself in the Pastry and Baking forum, but I felt like bothering another forum, so here I am. I did a coupla searches and read some of the pinned topics on Coffee and Tea, particularly milk foaming techniques for creating latte art. There's still some things I didn't really find info on regarding this topic. I make Lattes and coffee drinks for my friends at work.....we have 6 year old Faema that seems to chug along ok, but by NO MEANS would I call myself a barista. In fact, I think I probably pull some
  15. I am getting ready to head out for the Thanksgiving holiday in a couple days and just realized that the home we are going to does not drink any caffiene. I am planning on bringing tea for myself but my boyfriend is a big coffee drinker. As there are not really any places near where we are to grab a latte in the morning I was wondering if anyone knows of any "instant" coffee / expresso that is not absolutely horrible? I know about Nescafe but am not sure if it is vile or not. Are there any other brands out there that anyone knows about? Tomorrow I am going to head out to Whole Foods and the Me
  16. I bought their espresso training video. I think by now you guys/gals know I barely have a clue when it comes to all things espresso. After watching the video, which is all of a bit over 1 hour, I'm not exactly the junior barista I thought I'd be. Actually, I didn't pick up a single bit of useful info. They covered a zillion areas including commercial and home brewing and roasting in like a heartbeat. It's really absurd. I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't cost $59.95 + tax (jeez, they have no stores in NJ) + shipping which translated to $70+. And to think - Owen would've travelled 4 ho
  17. http://www.manhattanspecial.com/products_i...fee_drinks.html Manhattan Special is perhaps one of my favorite soft drinks -- this Brooklyn NY company, in business since 1895, produces one of the finest coffee sodas in the entire industry. Like any quality soft drink company they only use cane sugar in their products. Their signature espresso soda is made out of pure coffee, carbonated water, cane sugar and some caramel coloring, thats it. While perusing their site I noticed they launched a new line of iced coffee drinks. Anyone try these yet?
  18. as i drank this kind of sweet coffee in san francisco the first time i totally forgot to buy a few of those filters as they are a nice optical treat to invited friends and of course myself! did i say that the coffee is good too!?! i am located in germany but there might be a chance to buy them? yes or no?
  19. On the back of the can of fine grind (red label) illy coffee it says "caffeine content less than 1.5%" Does anyone know what this means or how it compares to other coffees? The illy rep says that their coffee has less caffeine.
  20. The Canadian navy says it will serve Tim Horton's coffee at Canadian Forces base Halifax and in the galleys of the ships that sail from there, because because that is what sailors prefer:
  21. "It happened frequently that I would carry a café con leche two blocks, climb up a flight of stairs to my apartment and set the coffee on the table while I did the dishes and made some phone calls. Then I'd take the lid off. And it was still hot. Really hot. That’s how hot you want this coffee . . . " Discover how Margaret Menge developed a craving for the the hot stuff
  22. I did a coffee cupping today in order to choose a roaster for my cafe. Maybe I did something wrong, like too much at once (?) - my palette started to deteriorate to the point that by the end, all the beans started to taste the same. I tried 4 vendors who gave me samples of 3 to 5 roasts each. I did my best to limit myself to 2 sips of each one. Anyone else have this problem? I made sure to drink water in between coffee tasting - any other tips? I've still got one more vendor to try (Hi Owen!), but I was able to easily rule out 2 of the 4 vendors. It boils down to Gimme Coffee and Terroi
  23. This cropped up in one of my other coffee forums. Basically this guy Chris Tacy chopped off the bottom part of his portafilter, allowing the espresso to flow directy from the basket. The results (from those who tasted it) were pretty much unanimous - everyone who tatsed the shots from the chopped portafilter pretty much liked it over the ones pulled from a 'crotched' one. Take a look at his blog at http://godshot.blogspot.com/ I'm sure you'll find it interesting. It makes me want to go out and look for a spare portafilter that I can play with for my Gaggia Classic.....
  24. I recently had Turkish coffee, capping off an excellent meal at a Turkish restaurant. What makes "Turkish" coffee different from a regular cup o' joe, or even espresso? Is this something I can make for myself?
  25. I am going to be roasting with a popcorn popper. What kinds of green beans should I use for a french press (coarse grind), Mokka fine grind), and Vietnamese Iced Coffee (fine grind). Should I start out experimenting with an inexpensive green bean, then graduate to something better? And how about sources for green beans. I can get a few pounds of Columbian from a commercial roaster here through a friend, but I don't think he routinely sells his green beans.
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