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  1. nickrey


    My daughter, who estimates that she has made well over 100,000 coffees at work, showed me a new tamping method last weekend. Basically, you dose the basket as usual and then do a normal straight tamp (doesn't need to be high pressure). You then roll the edge of the tamper around the inside lip of the basket - I looked it up and this is called a nutating motion (think how a coin rolls around its edge before it settles flat). Then polish the top with a rotating tamp motion, brush off any residue, and start the pour. It seems to give a nice even pour, good crema and, if you drink ristretto, seems
  2. Coffee and tea has both been my favorite beverages over the many years. However, I still prefer the classic taste of tea, and I never fail to drink at least 3 cups of tea a day! I'm also aware that tea is a much healthier option to coffee. (Not Really Entirely Sure Of How Coffee Is Healthy, perhaps anyone can comment about this?) I enjoy drinking mainly green tea such as Matcha, or Longjing Green Tea. However, i truly enjoy the unique taste of rooibos tea as well. What about you? Do you prefer drinking coffee or tea?
  3. ElsieD

    Crio Bru

    I just came across this new-to-me-item while browsing the internet. Has anyone tried this? As far as I can tell from my browsing, the only place I can find this is from a supplier in Utah. Before I go out on a limb and order some (and pay the attending no doubt frightful S & H) I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has tried it and if so, how they liked it. It sounds like it tastes like a dark chocolate drink but is brewed like coffee. Thanks!
  4. Firstly, thank you for all the input in the other post, I am still reading the responses and digesting them. From the other post, I wanted to save some money in the long run by not buying coffees outside (not completely not buying out, but not EVERYDAY lol). But I still wanted good coffees, I am willing to buy some reasonable priced equipment to make good coffees at home, and then possibly pour it into a thermo and bring to work or something.... ***** Now....speaking of making of good coffees, I guess I have to go back to the basics.... that is: How to make coffee out of those coffee beans? I
  5. Japanese Pan-fired teas? Japanese Oolongs? Really? Japanese Kamairicha tea - what's that? Miyazaki - where's that? Patience Grasshopper, all will be revealed. Dan at yuuki-cha.com is providing three fascinating organic Japanese teas for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. The featured teas are grown in Miyazaki on the island of Kyushu, one of the traditional pan-firing regions of Japan. Organic Miyazaki Oolong Tea Kuchinashi Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Sakimidori Organic Miyazaki Kamairicha Okumidori More details soon on each of these rare Japanese teas in the next three posts. How This Tea Tas
  6. Hi people! I am in a hurry, so I make this quick =) I always buy coffee outside => costing me so much money overall. My goal is to save some money, but still trying to have good coffee, so I decided to make at home. My equipments: Filter paper, cooking pot, and cups...... how do I do it??? cheers
  7. I am really starting to appreciate a good cup of coffee. I didn't like it in the past because I was introduced to coffee through crap like Taster's Choice. I have started tasting my coffee to see if it needs sugar or milk. Its like adding salt to a dish, taste before seasoning. I only add sugar if I find it too bitter when drunk black. I do not fully understand the purpose of milk in coffee, except for flavor. Does it serve a specific function or purpose?
  8. I have been using a coffee press for a while now and have been happy with the flavor... much better than a drip machine. I have also seen the rather funky vacuum pot. What differences will I see in the coffee between the two methods? Thanks!
  9. Kyle Stewart, co-owner of The Cultured Cup, has contributed samples of two interesting red/black teas for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. The first is a Nepal Chiyabari Estate Black, and the second is a Yunnan Golden Tips. Sets of the samples will go to up to three eG members active in the forums: if you have at least 50 posts anywhere in the eG Forums in the past 12 months, or if you have at least 10 posts in the Coffee & Tea Forum, and are interested in receiving the free samples and participating in this TT&D, please read on (this post and the three following soon) and then PM me
  10. Hi, I purchased some tea recently from either Walmart or another small grocery store. I think it was the best tea I have ever had but can't for the life of me remember what brand it is. I was hoping someone here could help identify the brand. Description: It is a decaffeinated tea. I have one of the tea bags tags and on it it says on one side, "Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black TEA" in green letters with a white background. On the other side it says " Decaffeinated Tea" and has a picture of a tea/coffee cup with a backwards looking "S" representing steam coming out of the cup also in green with
  11. Hi there! I am most often found in the pastry section, but i have a small chocolate shop in iowa and am having a hard time coping with what to offer in the summer. besides chocolates and desserts we offer a small traditional coffee bar menu (white, dk choc and caramel for hot or cold lattes) (capps, americano, red eye, mighty leaf teas, brewed coffee, chai, "real" hot chocolate and a blended hot chocolate (what we call an arctic chocolate, or frozen hot choc) well, we don't want to have to get into gelato (or lord, the start up with that!) but thought about going the route of frozen fruit sm
  12. Greetings, Prepare for a long post. I have been searching all over the internet for an answer to a question and it's starting to appear that I may have to do my own experimenting. Still, I thought to ask someone (you all) who have MUCH more experience with tea than me. I have a doctorate in chiropractic and always got an A in Lab which, like cooking, I love. I also have the equivalent of a doctorate in coffee, yet not for tea....yet. For coffee I use a digital scale, a digital thermometer, stellar water (properly mineralized), make single variations every day over many weeks and record data o
  13. A friend of mine who is a researcher at the University of Guelph is currently embarking on a research project regarding Robusta coffee. As part of it, he's hoping to collect photos of packaging to see how it is marketed and sold, anywhere in the world. If any of you find it, could you please take some pics and DM me for contact info? Thanks very much!
  14. Our daughter gave us a Cuisinart coffee maker DCC-120 for Christmas and it came with a little filter doohickey. We have unfiltered, untreated, hard lime water to drink straight from our well...the rest of our water is salt treated or we'd be cleaning and replacing everything constantly, but to drink we have the real stuff. Needless to say, the little filter bit the dust quite early. Is it worth trying to find replacements? Order on line? Fuggadaboutit? Your take? (Right. We are fussy about HOW STRONG we make our coffee, and not about what it's made in. Right. Completely unsophisticat
  15. eGullet Society member Greg Glancy at norbutea.com is contributing free 10 gram samples of each of three interesting Japanese teas for this Tea Tasting & Discussion (TT&D). Sets of the samples will go to up to three eG members active in the forums: if you have at least 50 posts anywhere in the eG Forums in the past 12 months, or if you have at least 10 posts in the Coffee & Tea Forum, and are interested in receiving the free samples and participating in this TT&D, please read on (this post and the three following soon) and then PM me. The first Japanese tea is a Sunpu Boucha -
  16. So lately I've been noticing the price of coffee is going up, up, up. At the specialty shop where I buy my freshly roasted beans, we're talking $16 for 12 ounces of Stumptown, in a lot of cases. Is there a point where you'll just switch to tea? And, what kind of prices are you all seeing?
  17. I saw something today I'd never seen before. A student at Johnson and Wales brought back coffee and iced tea for several people in the bread classroom (including yours truly -- more on that visit later), along with straws for all the cold drinks. However, one of the iced tea drinkers was short a straw, and when we looked around to see why, one visitor was drinking the hot coffee through a straw stuck into the little hole in the cover. I have never seen this before. Does it have some meaning of which I'm unaware?
  18. We have a Keurig coffee machine at work. However, I think the K-cups are way too expensive, so I was happy when I found a reusable filter like this at a local store for $5.00. When I was reading the directions, it suggested to use a French press grind, and NOT to use a fine grind like an espresso grind so as not to under-extract. I used some French Market coffee, which is pre-ground for drip, for my first cup, and it turned out ok, but a bit weak. Am I wrong to think that the Keurig brews too quickly to get good extraction out of anything more coarse than drip? It seems to me that the direc
  19. So I was at a tea shop at the mall today and looking for a nice decaf black tea for my father, who is trying to cut down on his caffeine intake. The woman at the shop said that if I steeped the (caffeinated) tea in hot water for 30 seconds, then took it out and steeped in a different cup of hot water for the correct brewing time, the resulting cup of tea would have no caffeine, but I'm not buying it...has anyone heard this? Have I just missed out on some well-known fact by spending most of my time drinking coffee? Or was she just trying to make a sale?
  20. My wife bought me a Chemex 3 cups coffeemaker and I was wondering how to make the best out of it. I have to wait 9 more days before I get to use it. My current set up is either an Hario V-60 dripper or a Melitta dripper. I am seeking the opinion of daily Chemex users. What is your favorite grind? etc. Cheers
  21. I bet we'd learn a lot about culture and caffeine if everyone shared a photo and brief description of their coffee or tea set-up at work. After all, the Society is international, and surely we can learn something from the works we all use to satisfy our addictions. You game? Lousy phone photos will do the trick here. Nothing fancy needed.
  22. http://www.chinchinjobs.com/news/Article/america-looks-to-ban-non-alcoholic-energy-drinks-including-red-bull-1075 This proposed law sounds ridiculous to me. It's up to adults to decide what they put in their bodies. How can you ban caffeinated energy drinks when there are plenty of other incredibly unhealthy food and drinks on the shelves? And where would this leave really strong coffees, like double/ triple espressos?
  23. I am visiting my in-laws who have a Francis Francis X1 espresso machine solely for the purpose of countertop art. To the annoyance of my FIL, I plan to make use of it while I am here and teach myself how to make espresso. I have found 95% of the parts for the machine and have purchased 1/4 lbs of espresso beans had them ground fine. I think the only thing I am missing is the tamper. As I understand it, here is the process for making a cup of espresso with a few questions. 1. Remove the filter holder which has the 1 cup filter disc inside and fill with ground beans... How much do I add for 1 cu
  24. Experienced puerh drinker? Never tried puerh? Had a bad experience with puerh? Read on, because this Tea Tasting & Discussion may offer something for everyone. The purpose of this Tea Tasting & Discussion is to introduce members to puerh, as well as to give us the opportunity to compare the differences in three new 2010 sheng (raw) puerhs from different villages in the Yunnan province of China. David Collen at www.essenceoftea.co.uk is providing the three puerh tea samples. Essence of Tea 2010 Bangwai Village Essence of Tea 2010 Manmai Village Essence of Tea 2010 Mansai Village Sets o
  25. I tied to make it once by roasting in the oven -- set the whole oven on fire. I have been forbidden to ever attempt it again, and sadly I couldn't salvage the first attempt. Anyone tried this successfully?
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