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  1. I've been drinking coffee recently from Peets and Starbucks and find that the coffee they serve seems to be brewed super strong. Is it me or does anyone else find this to be the case? Is this a conspiracy by the coffee chains to get their customer addicted?
  2. Who has tried the new McD's coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters? I just tried it and find it quite good; somewhat comparable to Dunkin' Donuts. Don't be bashful. You don't have to admit eating at Mickey D's, just that you've had the coffee.
  3. So here is a potentially contentious question - which shops make the best espresso, capuccino, lattes and related drinks? Private homes don't count - this is about commercial establishments where anybody can buy a coffee. The very best is an elusive topic of course, and personal preference enters in at some point. However, I am sure that people have their own opinions, and even if we can't agree on the "very best" we ought to have a lot of overlap in the top 10 or 20. I live in Seattle, so there is plenty of coffee in the area. A friend playing with the GPS navigation system in my car tu
  4. I found this auction on eBay and thought I'd pass it along to the coffee fanatics. Personally, I want to have sex with this machine, it is that beautiful. http://cgi.ebay.com/Atomic-Espresso-Maker-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  5. clickety Edit to fix dual protocol header.
  6. I wanted to show everyone my first photos of the Simplehuman unit we got in for evaluation: I'm going to have a more formalized review in a few days -- but my first impressions are that this is a really nice machine, that makes really good pod coffee, and is really easy to use, albeit with a quirk (that I was able to resolve) which I will initally toss up as bad luck -- the reservoir tank that came with the unit had a defective plastic part which holds the water sensor down, that fell off in shipping (obviously due to lack of adhesive -- which is probably a manufacturing line screw up) and
  7. The Brown Camel (UPS) arrived at my door today with a large box sent by one of my gadgeteer buddies. He tests small appliances for some publication and often sends me the "extras" he gets because the company doesn't want them back and he has only a finite amount of room. I opened the box and found one of the new Senseo pressure brewing coffee machines made by Phillips/Douwe Egberts. He said he had tried it with all three of the coffee types (Dark Roast, Medium Roast and Light Roast) and found it made a pretty decent cup of coffee and came very close to making a very fair substitute for espre
  8. You will earn mad cosmic karma points if you can answer this one for me. So my 95 year-old grandmother makes coffee with this big contraption she bought from Abercrombie & Fitch back in the 1940s when they were still a camping store. How to describe? A large white jar-like thing which she balances over a large mason jar and into which she places a filter, which feels something like a tightly compressed sponge. Fills the white chamber with an entire 1lb can of supermarket coffee and then cold water, leaves it to drip overnight. The result is a mason jar full of very concentrated coffee whic
  9. I was reading the glossary thread, and was reminded of a little terminology issue I had last summer in Rome. I went to the corner coffee place and ordered a cappuccino for breakfast. The woman was looking out for me, and asked if I wanted it 'con crema'--or at least that's what I thought she said, but I don't really speak Italian. In addition to a little foamed milk, she got out a big lexan full of brown fluff, and ladled on a gooey spoonful. She explained it was crema beaten up with sugar. It had the consistency of a not-yet-baked meringue, all glossy, and tasted like a coffee macaroon. So
  10. Okay, so this morning I decide to work at home, so I french-pressed some Joe and cozied up with my laptop, with a big ol' wide-mouthed Campbell's Soup cup and my cell phone. I poured some coffee into the cup, turned on my laptop, reached for the cellphone to check my messages, and dropped the damned thing into my cup of coffee. Desperate, I began trying to fish the phone out of the mug, spilling coffee on my clean sheets, and scalding my thigh in the process. And then I find out about two minutes later that these things are not waterproof, as the "service needed" message appeared on the scr
  11. Consumer espresso machines in this day and age are rarely executed with the intent of making design statements - they tend to be focused primarily on functionality (some, such as the Francis Francis series and the new Isomac Rotary are exceptions to that rule. The golden era of commercial espresso machine development was integrally involved with the culture of industrial design that has permeated so many Italian products. It occurred to me to mention a book from my collection: "Espresso Made In Italy - 1901 through 1962". The web site includes some of the beautiful photographs included in
  12. Home Roasting Green Coffee Beans Buying Co-op Fat Guy's Home Roasting Part 1 Fat Guy's Home Roasting Part 2 Fat Guy's Home Roasting Part 3 Fat Guy's Home Roasting Part 4 Fat Guy's Home Roasting Part 5 Dog Bowl - Heat Gun Roasting General Discussion of Home Roasting Blending beans Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  13. Brewing Techniques Drip Makers Least expensive machine for decent espresso? French Press brewing Moka Pots Vacuum Brewing Return to Coffee Topics Master Index
  14. I don't know why it took me so long to discover the wonderful electric kettles that are out there. I use one made by Black & Decker (of all companies!) and it's perfect for the office. The base plugs in but the kettle itself detaches from the base so you're not encumbered. I got mine at Target but I'm sure they're widely available. Before, we had a spare coffeemaker that a couple of us tea drinkers (I drink loose-leaf green tea from MellowMonk) were using to heat water for tea, but it never got the water hot enough. We even have one of those 180-degree spigots that dispenses extra hot wate
  15. cdh


    I'm visiting a friend who has been singing the praises of his Nespresso machine to me for a while. At home I have the grinder and pump machine and had been a little skeptical that little plastic capsules could come close. My skepticism was a little irrational since I'd gotten a pod accepting machine for use at the office and had no problems with the coffee that came out of the Illy pods. So now I'm here, and so is the Nespresso machine and a half dozen different varieties of the little plastic pods. I'm actually somewhat impressed. The espresso comes out with a beautiful crema, and tastes
  16. Yes.. Yours will close. And yours too.. http://www.starbucks.com/aboutus/pressdesc.asp?id=833 Little surprised I didn't see this already in this forum. Will this help the troubled franchise? Do you even CARE? Will the streets of the United States be littered with people unable to get their "fix"?
  17. Here's a brief, but important caveat in the Times. Coffee consumption is something I always ask clients about if they are having symptoms of anxiety or insomnia. Richard A. Friedman, M.D. on caffeine intoxication.
  18. This discussion was split from the THE BEST: NYC Espresso topic in the New York Forum. As quality independent coffee houses and espresso bars become more widespread it's likely that more people will begin hearing terms like "ristretto". It refers to a "restricted pull" espresso shot - one with reduced fluid volume (relative to a regular shot). If properly made it will have an intensified flavor profile that may be denser and "sweeter" than a standard shot. The restricted pull is accomplished by using a finer grinder setting than one would use for a standard 26 - 28 second shot under the s
  19. I want to learn how to cold brew coffee. Thanks for any help.
  20. article from Food Navigator This of interest to you coffee drinkers out there? Or will you continue to drink your java pretty much as you already do now?
  21. Following a (too) brief trip to Portugal this past summer, I became hopefully addicted to Delta coffee. It's not particularly special, but the taste balance works perfectly for my taste buds. Now, I've since given up caffeine (it's health related, as prescribed by a doctor, so no yelling), and I've become again addicted to this coffee, particularly, the Delta Café Lights - Café Descafeinado. My question to you is, does anyone know where I can purchase this coffee, along with other Delta coffees, online? (I also really liked the East Timor coffee I purchased to bring home while in Oporto.)
  22. My local coffee suppliers all have instructions on the bag not to freeze the beans, but Harold McGee's latest book says you can. I've got a feeling I've got to go with McGee. Beuller?
  23. I was reading a Japanese book about coffee when I spotted an illustration of the cover of the Women's Petition Against Coffee, 1674 and was fascinated to find the whole text on the internet. I thought that cocoa was regarded as something of an aphrodisiac, and was surprised to find coffee given such a limp reception...
  24. Hi, Any idea what coffee is used at the Cafe Danton in Paris? It is located off St.Germain about opposite the Odeon metro. We've been trying to duplicate the thick, sweetish, taste and consistancy at home with mixed results. Jim
  25. Warm weather is finally here again in the northeast (although it will plummet into the 20's tonight!). After countless experiments in the past trying to duplicate but also do better than the Starbucks frozen frappuccino drinks... I'm trying a new approach. The clone of a frozen frappuccino involved use of extra strong coffee and/or espresso mixed with some sugar. A bit of pure vanilla extract, a small amount of chocolate syrup (not enough to really be tasted as chocolate) and a dash of salt were then added along with milk. Just before blending with ice, a tiny bit of carageenan was added as
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