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  1. Hello - I am working on compiling a series of recipes that all use coffee. This project is for a presentation to be made at the next Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Boston. I wanted to be sure to give egullet members an opportunity to submit their favorite recipes for publication. I already have completed my research and have many, many recipes to select from, but wanted to include any other "personal" recipes that my internet friends may have. I am looking for food recipes, either savory or sweet, but no drink recipes as this will be a seminar on culinary topics. Sho
  2. If getting a good cup of Joe is hard, what are the odds of ever finding a good cup of iced coffee or any of the variations, i.e., iced espresso, etc?? Even those places that have a decent cup of Joe fall short when it comes to the iced version. Dilution seems to be the major problem, though an easy solution would be to use ice coffee cubes. Has anyone found a place that makes a respectable iced caffeine?
  3. Today I would like to share with you the recipe for swift autumn cookies with French pastry and a sweet ginger-cinnamon-pear stuffing. Served with afternoon coffee they warm us up brilliantly and dispel the foul autumn weather. Ingredients (8 cookies) 1 pack of chilled French pastry 1 big pear 1 flat teaspoon of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger 2 tablespoons of brown sugar 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar 2 tablespoons of milk Heat the oven up to 190C. Cover a baking sheet with some baking paper. Wash the pear, peel and cube it. Add the grated ginger, cinnamon, vanil
  4. INSTEAD OF COFFEE? - MORNING GREEN COCKTAIL After waking up, most of us head towards the kitchen for the most welcome morning drink. Coffee opens our eyes, gets us up and motivates us to act. Today I would like to offer you a healthy alternative to daily morning coffee. I don't want to turn you off coffee completely. After all, it has an excellent aroma and fantastic flavor. There isn't anything more relaxing during a busy day than a coffee break with friends. In spite of the weather outside, change your kitchen for a while and try something new. My green cocktail is also an
  5. Just the smell of freshly brewed coffee can help relieve stress, say Korean researchers who studied the effects of coffee aroma on sleep-deprived rats. Interesting, no? Link
  6. While I have been drinking more tea these days, I still have coffee first thing in the morning. And use an I-Roast 2 each week to keep supplied. Most of my green beans come from Sweet Maria's plus some from a local Dunn Brothers francisee. I like to buy only a pound or two of each of several green beans. That gives me enough of each to experiment with 150 g at a time, but keeps me from getting into a "favorite bean" rut. I would rather continue to explore than to go for a single type I like a lot. Of course one person's rut is another person's perfect cup of coffee. For me this week it's a caf
  7. Hi everybody- Where can I find a recipe for mit schlage? I would like to make some coffee drinks for the holidays and top them with it. I havent been able to find anything other than a basic whipped cream recipe. Thanks for all of your help.
  8. I'm putting together a gift basket for a couple of people who enjoy cheese. I took my first trip to a real cheese shop last night, and spent over an hour tasting cheeses to get the right ones. I ended up getting five different, strong cheeses: - Cashel Blue - Trou du Cru - L'Ami du Chambertin (tastes like shellfish) - Leyden - Carré du Berry - sweet, with golden raisins instead of herbs Now I'm thinking that, in addition to the cheeses, crackers, and other accompaniments, it would be nice to get some coffee that would go well with the cheese. These people aren't wine drinkers, and they also en
  9. We're not serious coffee drinkers, but occasionally we buy whole beans. We're currently using a small blade grinder. Will a burr grinder make a difference or should we stick with the blade? Is it possible to find a decent burr grinder on a budget in the $50 range?
  10. A couple of posts in the Coffee and Tea forum have raised the issue of the importance of water quality to getting the best cup. One by naftal and this by andiesenji. I use a simple Britta filter jug and also have started experimenting with bottled mineral water for my best teas, but am not far enough along to report on that yet. How important is the water you use to your coffee and tea brewing? What do you use to get the best out of your beans and leaves?
  11. I recently dined at a local Indian restaurant and ended the meal with what was titled "Madras Coffee." We all loved it, but had no idea about what it contained. Does anyone have any idea how its made? And can anyone explain the relationship between this and madras curry, which i know to be fairly spicy?
  12. Anyone familiar with this little joint in the Village? I assume some Brazilian roots because of items like pao de queijo and brigadeiros on the menu. I would love to know about the coffee in the latte my husband brought me--such a bright flavor, not at all like typical espresso of my experience. At home in CT we have access to a pretty great local roaster with quite a range of coffees. I wish I knew about the coffee in that O Cafe latte so I could try for something similar from Willoughby's.
  13. I'm not a gourmet coffee drinker. I drink Yuban brewed in a Hamilton Beach Brew Station. But I have noticed something that puzzles me. When I brew a fresh carafe of coffee it tastes ok. However, the next day when reheated in the microwave it is smoother and a little more flavorful. I'm curious if anyone can tell me why this is.
  14. Dan at yuuki-cha.com in Japan is contributing an Organic Kumamato Yabe Supreme for this Tea Tasting & Discussion. Yuuki-cha.com is the leading on-line purveyor of organic Japanese teas. I will mail free samples of 15 grams each of this 2009 mid-steamed organic sencha composed of a blend of Saemidori & Okumidori varietals to up to three eG Society members. More information on this organic sencha from the yuuki-cha.com website. Text and photo used with permission. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least ten substantive posts (questions, answers, comments that
  15. SO, I'm a little uninspired...I need to do a tasting tomorrow morning, pairing different styles/blends/roasts of coffee (which, exactly, will be a surprise to me) with different liquors/liqueurs for interesting/unusual/exciting taste sensations and all that. Everyone knows the basics, but I'm working with a very well-stocked bar, and they're expecting new and unusual combinations. What are your favorite/most interesting coffee-liquor combinations or cocktails?
  16. eG Society member Kyle Stewart at The Cultured Cup is contributing three Japanese green teas for tastings here in the Coffee & Tea forum. This, the second one, is a Houjicha Select. Kyle has provided four samples of 10 grams each, and I will mail three of them to the eG Society members participating in this tasting. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least ten substantive posts in the Coffee and Tea forum, preference will be given until midnight (EDST) Wednesday, June 24th to those who have not yet participated in any of the last three tastings. As always, everyone
  17. I had a recent impromptu trip to San Francisco for the weekend and found myself eating breakfast in a rather nice cafe. Great pastries, and a selection of the most frou frou fruity teas I have ever seen. The closest to a tea I would want for breakfast was the earl grey. They made it to my surprise from water from the steamer on the espresso machine.... what a brilliant idea! the water was hot enough! Much more than when it is made with water from the coffee machine which is just too cold. I found myself really enjoying it. IT was a great earl Grey, with the black tea strong enough to shine thr
  18. Our office coffee is about like that of most offices - not good, and the longer it sits on the burner, the worse it gets. I just need a cup or two in the morning; I don't drink coffee all day long. I don't want to bring in my own coffee maker, and I don't have room for one in my office, anyway. I saw a box of the K-cups on the grocery shelf the other day and it occurred to me that it MIGHT be possible to simply dump the contents of one into a cup, add hot water, and have a pretty good cup of coffee. Obviously, one would have to try it to know for sure; but my question is: Is there somethin
  19. The Cultured Cup is providing 10 mg samples for another Tea Tasting Discussion. This time a tea blend they have developed for iced tea. Their Yin Yang blend incudes Japanese green tea, Chinese black tea, orange, pineapple, safflower & strawberries. The Cultured Cup has provided four samples of 10 grams each, and I will mail three of them to the eG Society members participating in this tasting. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least ten substantive posts in the Coffee and Tea forum, preference will be given until midnight (EDST) Friday, August 14th to those who ha
  20. Recently I bought some dark roasted coffee, but it turned out the roast wasn't dark enpough for my taste. While sipping the insipid brew, I asked myself, "Why can't I take these beans and roast them some more?" Now I'm asking you, the coffee mavens. Can this be done? And how might be the best way to do it? Thanks!
  21. Hi there! I am most often found in the pastry section, but i have a small chocolate shop in iowa and am having a hard time coping with what to offer in the summer. besides chocolates and desserts we offer a small traditional coffee bar menu (white, dk choc and caramel for hot or cold lattes) (capps, americano, red eye, mighty leaf teas, brewed coffee, chai, "real" hot chocolate and a blended hot chocolate (what we call an arctic chocolate, or frozen hot choc) well, we don't want to have to get into gelato (or lord, the start up with that!) but thought about going the route of frozen fruit sm
  22. Greetings, Prepare for a long post. I have been searching all over the internet for an answer to a question and it's starting to appear that I may have to do my own experimenting. Still, I thought to ask someone (you all) who have MUCH more experience with tea than me. I have a doctorate in chiropractic and always got an A in Lab which, like cooking, I love. I also have the equivalent of a doctorate in coffee, yet not for tea....yet. For coffee I use a digital scale, a digital thermometer, stellar water (properly mineralized), make single variations every day over many weeks and record data o
  23. I have searched the forums and can't find anything on these coffee makers. I am redoing the kitchen and need to replace my Kitchen Aid Professional series coffee maker. I grind my beans each day and like a hot, strong cup of coffee. I have narrowed by search down to the Techinvorm and a Bunn, but I'm not sure which is best. Does anyone have any information on this? Also, I know a thermal is preferred for keeping coffee fresh, but it does not make it hot enough. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  24. does anyone else besides me like to wisk their coffee? initially i got the idea from a TV program about coffee graders. when sampling the different cups a vigorous slurping was used to aerate each taste. this got me thinking of using my hand-held blender to wisk my coffee at home. the taste is much brighter and is very satisfying. so every morning i have a nice mug of foamy coffee: hence my user name for this board cheers
  25. I thought that after three or four years, I should change both top and bottom burrs on my original maestro. (Not the plus.) Anyway, after I worked through the oversize-gasket issue, cleaned out all the old miscellaneous bean parts and got the whole thing back together again, the grind settings were way off. Even at the smallest setting I couldn't grind coffee fine enough for espresso. Before the change, I ground espresso at the 5 or 6 setting. Anyway, I took the whole thing apart and put the old parts back in, but that did not change or the fix the problem. It seems as if I'm missing some
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